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  1. After a few weeks off thanks to life, I've managed to do a bit more. Looking at a photo I took at Beaulieu motor museum of their full size Mr. Bean Mini, it has a gloss black bonnet and a clasp and hasp lock on the door. While on the TV show, it has a matt black bonnet and a brenton bolt lock on the door. I've decided to follow the TV show for the bonnet, so I painted it in enamel matt black. I may give it another coat tomorrow depending on how it dries. I'll decide what style lock to do later. I've also made a start on the interior. On the TV show, the interior is blac
  2. Did you have any luck with the paint?
  3. I bought it under their custom paint mixing service a few years ago. They say they can mix almost any paint since 1970 All you need is the car, paint code and year. They give you access to the paint company they use to search for it. The paint bottle is labelled up as CITRON YELLOW/GREEN BLMC BLVC 73 (I think this is the paint code) I tried finding it on their supplier site, but with no luck for some reason. If you still have no luck there is always getting a touch up pen and thinning, or an aerosol can made up from a car paint supplier.
  4. It makes sense and that is what I was aiming to do, but unfortunately that was not the problem. My problem is that it is spraying paint when the lever part of the double action airbrush is at rest, but the button is down, so it should it should be spraying just air. I guess it is a set up issue but I've not used it for a while so I'm quite rusty with it all.
  5. After far too little sleep thanks to a night shift, I thought I'd quickly airbrush the zero paints Citroen Yellow that I had ordered for this a long time ago, back when my kids liked Mr Bean. Once all the body colour panels were painted and was dry enough, I noticed a few problems with the body that I did not see before. There were a few scratch marks that must have been caused by going to hard keying the plastic with a too course micromesh cloth, and the other problem being that parts of the external door hinges are still showing where I must not have cut enough of them ou
  6. I've had this kit in the stash for a few years now, along with the paint that I wanted to use with it, and I've finally got around to start building it. So I am going to paint the car as Mr Bean's Mini. The paint for the body is British Leyland Citroen Yellow from Zero Paints and the bonnet will be a gloss black. I've started with the body. There was a small amount of flash, so that was tidied up. As Mr Bean's car was a later model I removed the external door hinges The engine bay had some ejector marks, so I filled those in with some liquid green stuff
  7. They have just come through the door, so I can't fault the service. I ordered it at 1445 on Monday and it was delivered around 0920 on Thursday. I don't know if I'd regularly use them as zero paints has a far wider selections, but I'd happily buy from them again. I didn't get any customs charges. I've had a look and I'm not sure what they'd come under but it looks like it's 20% vat and 6% tariff, but as its under the duty free amount it may be that there is no charge.
  8. It's one of those things. It's different to look at (why I thought I'd have a go at painting it) , but to own one is another matter. Outside of 'wacky' children's entertainers I can't see a market for it. The polo version in europe sold around 4,500, where the golf in the US only sold 264, and some of those had their panels swapped back so they were one solid colour. There is one guy who had four of the golfs, one of each combination (surprisingly it was not done at random).
  9. Yep. Zero paints do a harlequin set, so I'm doing them both in the colours. The Golf was released as a harlequin in the states anyway, even if no one bought them, so thats legit. I'll just have to improve my non existant masking skills.
  10. I've just taken the plunge and made a small test order from gravity Spain. I chose 2 colours that I can't get from zero paints (well, the Nissan midnight purple is a stupid money ltd edition) So I'd have to suck up any other costs anyway. I meant to get their 2k clear as I've heard good things about it, but I forgot until it was too late
  11. No photos as they're all hidden in the loft... 1/24 Belkits metro 6R4 Rothmans 1/24 Belkits vw polo (white one) 1/24 Fujimi Mk3 VW Golf VR6 1/24 Tamiya Ferrari LaFerrari yellow 1/24 Tamiya full view lexus LFA 1/24 Tamiya R34 Nissan skyline GTR 1/24 Tamiya R35 Nissan GT-R 1/24 Tamiya Toyota Supra (modern) 1/24 Tamiya Mclaren Senna 1/16 Revell VW Samba bus The lexus is not staying clear, I just could not find a normal one at a reasonable price. Also I have a plan for a paint job on the Golf and the Polo. (I'd prefer a Mk3 po
  12. If you don't mind me asking, how much was the order for? I was looking into ordering a few colours from gravity Spain and I'm worried it will trip the customs charges and not be worthwhile. Jeff.
  13. Have you tried the heller website? They are usually quite good in providing the instructions online.
  14. I've seen that video before. It's mainly the flourescent light that shows the difference. In daylight and in the metal it is far less pronounced.
  15. Sorry for the 2 week gap in posts, I've been on the trip I mentioned in the first post which was to California. It also let me have a better look at the fuselage paint scheme, which is apparently a mica effect very light grey. Looking at it though, it just looks a slightly different white to the wings, not enough for me to worry too much about, I took a photo of the plane I was on on the way back from san francisco to show the point.(it was taken at 7pm so it is dark outside). I have decided that I am not going to be precious about the fuselage colour and I may just spray th
  16. Hopefully, but with my painting skills anything could happen. I liked the look of theHasewaga kit you are making, but it's twice the price of the Zvezda kit in the UK, so a smaller scale does not make sense. So first things first. The windows were glued in place. I tried a solvent free glue to begin with, but they just did not want to stay in place. So i reverted to normal polystyrene cement. As the windows would more than likely have the decal windows over them, I am not to worried about fogging and painting over them. As it happens the clear plastic Zvezda use is flexible an
  17. Hi, I know it's a late start, but I am going to be building the Zvesda 787-9. I have brought some aftermarket decals as I am going to be making it in Virgin Atlantic markings. I have chosen Virgin atlantic mainly for my son as I am making this for him because we are flying with Virgin Atlantic when we go away. the usual sprue shots. The box decals. And the aftermarket Virgin Atlantic ones. I brought these from drawdecal in the USA. I would have used 26Decal, but they were not in stock when I was after them. While I
  18. Maybe all of the potential and good condition long run moulds were all sent to be stored in China, then India to save on later transporting from the UK costs when production was moved there.
  19. The magazines that end up two months ahead tend to publish every 4 weeks so they have a 13th winter issue. With regards to the majority of magazines coming out at the end of the month, I guess it is because when a lot of people get paid and they are more likely to impulse purchase when they see a lot of money in the bank account.
  20. The kind postman delivered a 1/16 Revell Ferrari F40 to me the other day.
  21. While I don't doubt that airfix would be making a profit on these kits, I think the cost of getting these produced in the first place has been forgotten. Firstly there is the cost of getting the moulds up to a usable standard, if needed. Then there is the transportation of the moulds to the producer, followed up by the setting up of the moulds, test shots and the labour and energy costs. When it is going to be a short run, these costs are a lot more per kit than if the kit is being produced in the 10s of thousands. The only part that is cheap is the plastic. The kitstarter kits are bound to b
  22. Not to make a new mould blank for a relatively short run, no. If you were doing that, you might as well make a totally new tool using modern techniques and look to sell much more. Now when 3d printing gets much quicker, and cheaper for mass commercial use, then sacanning and copying becomes a decent possibility.
  23. You can paint it fluorescent yellow if you want to. Unless you are going to be showing it off to a load of routemaster experts, it will not matter if the roof is black like the rest as no one will know that the paint call out was different. why not add a small amount of white, or a shade of grey you do have to some black to get a small difference in the roof lining?
  24. I just used a paintbrush that I did not care too much about, picked off the worst of it with my fingers before it got dry and then soaked it in white spirit like I do with enamel paints. It worked fine for me.
  25. When I built my Lanc I used Humbrol Maskol. It turned out quite well in the end.
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