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  1. Ops did I hit the enter key twice or is just hiccups?
  2. Ivan nice to see you over the other side of the pond, things are pretty quiet down south seems like. As usual giving us one of your masterpieces , just stunning , the paint job and weathering are off charts, the detail talks about hours and hours of painstaking work, and all this topped with great photography, cannot ask for more. Congrats and saludos Ivan nice to see you over the other side of the pond, things are pretty quiet down south seems like. As usual giving us one of your masterpieces , just stunning , the paint job and weathering are off charts, the detail talks about hours and hours of painstaking work, and all this topped with great photography, cannot ask for more. Congrats and saludos
  3. Ernest, your craftmanship, ingenuity ,attention to de detail are beyond charts, you are a renaissance artist.
  4. Really nice one Val, lot of detail and elbow grease . The chipping and weathering are superb. Now I have to agree with Vadim the pictures can be improved. Use more light, lots more, dont be shy about light. Go to the higher f stop possible to get a deeper field . Finally edit your shoots, play with different adjustments and crop your frame tighter.. Back to the model, congrats , well done mate Regards Vultur Gryphus
  5. Gents many thanks for your likes, even without the side windows, wich are now in place.
  6. Gents, glad to sign in again, as been a while Job is keeping me away from the hobby, my schedule doesn't gives me the time I wish I could spare but its what its. So anyways here's my attempt to represent this incredible plane. The Academy kit is ok, not at the level of Tamiya or Eduard, but allows you build a good model. I didn't like at all the way that the sidewalls on the wheel wells meet the sides of the fuselage, so I just filled the gap flush with the edge of the well, I don't know how accurate that will be. Also the canopy is Spartan and I followed the instructions ending having the instrument panel way to forward so it became invisible. I took the dull approach, corroded, dirty, weathered metal, not the shiny kind that you see on museums or factory pictures of brand new planes. I used a combination of the salt technique and Mig weathering wash, now the jury still out on the results, I have my personal doubts about. The only aftermarket were the decals, I used a beautiful sheet from Bombshell decals, the are just perfect all around, besides that, just the cooper wire for brake lines, a leftover decal of the seat harness glued over metal foil, nav. lights from a forgotten manufacturer, and a tiny piece of brass tubing on the end of the guns to make them look hollow. It was painted with Model Master Metalizers and Alclads. Thanks a lot for stopping by . Ohhhh I haven't glued yet the side windows
  7. Many thanks guys, pleased you liked it. Cammo is on the lighter side, I don't think they saw much combat, after all they went in service on the last months of war. Condor1
  8. Thanks a lot guys, glad you like it TRoy I'm in San Diego and there are just 3 hobby stores in town, I normally shop the one 2 blocks from work which happens to be the one with the bigger inventory. I get a Hobby Boss for 25 to 30 bucks, Tamiyas or Hases run from 35 up, so as you say save 10 green ones. I have ordered from East Coast shops but once you add shipping numbers go to the wrong side of the equations. What I do order from time to time are decals and accessories, usually from Ultracast in Canada. Well thanks a lot again, nite
  9. Hello gents, long time without posting, I have been just checking in daily and boy there have been some amazing post, kudos to the authors. I admit , I'm a fan of HobbyBoss, I really like the engraving the subtle details in panel lines, rivets and so on, very low or zero flash or ejection marks most of the time. Decals are good in register, the stick to the surfaces very well and I never have silvering. On top of that they are cheaper that the Tamigawas and others, yeah I'm a budget modeler. Now I cannot say about accuracy, I haven't checked dimensions or shapes against drawings, I hear on the grape vine that here lays the issue for the brand. Anyways, this particular kit is a beauty, even though is packaged as a trainer it includes the antennas, radar display and guns to make it a night fighter. There are some beautiful details included that once the halves and closed will be gone out of sight, so guess what, I didn't go for them. Build completely out of the box, just added the pitot made out hypodermic needles, the brake lines out copper wire and nav lights carved out of color acrylic. In regards the color scheme, uhmm, well I found this one over Wings Palette and instead of being red 12 I made it yellow 2, please forgive the heresy. Finishes with Model Master enamels and varnishes, weathered with acrylics and pastels. Hope you approve, thanks
  10. Thanks a lot, glad you approve. I tried to give the NMF a more realistic look, worn and dirty, I think I got it close to what I wanted. Not a contest winner but im satisfied. Again thanks a lot and merry Xmas to all of you
  11. Ok i know i know, wings are puttied, sanded, painted but i like them better with panel lines. Actually i tried to achieve the paint color but it didn't work Assembled pretty much out of the box, guns made of hypo needles, seat belts out of tape, brake lines out of Cooper wire, drilled the exhaust pipes, drilled the wheels spokes, made the rearview mirror from clear sprue, and that's it. Now don't be looking and researching for the unit, group etc etc, the markings correspond to a plane that exist only on my mind, i didn't want to take any chances with the decals so i discarded the Tamiya ones and i dove on my leftovers bin, and this is the outcome. Painted mainly with Alclad products and some Model Master Metalizer,did i mention is my first NMF?? So here goes Thanks for stopping by , comments and critique
  12. All over Alaska, like flies or mosquitoes
  13. Hi guys, some images of the San Diego air show, formerly Wings over Guillespie at Guillespie Field in sunny San Diego Ca. Hope you like
  14. Many thanks guys, glad that you approved. I forgot to mention that the engine received some improvement too, I added the spark plugs wires made out copper wire and I did the push rods tubes out of plastic rod, glad that 85th caught it. Again thanks a bunch
  15. I don't think there is anything to say about this kit, the quality and detail and well know. There were no surprises, the assembly was "a walk in the park", and yes the attach points for the wheels are weak to say the least, and yes the turret fits without much trouble. I did use stainless steel tubing for the exhaust pipes and brass for the flares chutes, guns muzzles received tiny bity pieces of hypodermic needle and the seat belts fashioned of masking tape with regular results. Also I cut off the cowl flaps and made them out of aluminum sheet. The only major upgrade was to drop the flaps, I noticed that the inner face of the lower half of the wings have the flaps ribbing and detail molded on, the upper face of the wings half in blank, I cut the flaps and made the upper part ribbing and detail out of plastruc. I also found by pure chance a resin torpedo on the local modelling store so I snatched it right away and mounted over the wood cradle that you will see on the images. Was finished with Model Master enamels and varnishes, the weathering was done with pastels and Tamiya powders. So, here it is, thanks a lot for stopping by and looking, as usual, critique, and advice and more than welcome. Cheers.
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