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  1. I get your point, but i don't have a cooker, just a combination oven microwave. plus i eat out a lot :-)
  2. Thanks for your comment. Much appreciated. I would love to put in display cabinet, but i'm restricted by space in my new and smaller flat. They are safe up there and will only need dusting off now and then. I have a large model ship on the other side. Anyway thanks again. Hopefully I will get chance to do some more work on her soon.
  3. the only safe place to keep my builds........ Although My Trolley is still not completed
  4. I have no idea. I'm sure someone on here will know all :-)
  5. That is very impressive indeed. Great attention to detail. well done!
  6. Some subtle changes to the banding plus some comparison shots of the underside.
  7. I still haven't purchased this baby yet. Springtime I thinks.....
  8. Hi Karen Thanks for your comments. I assume you know that the link you sent me isn't a Routemaster? it's a Bristol Lodekker :-)
  9. When I get chance, I will take a current image showing the banding complete and rest of minor paint work alterations done.
  10. Sorry folks, but my Trolley work has really stalled at the moment. I have done very little work, worthy of note.
  11. Hi Steve. fabulous that you have been spending time reading my thread. It's been a great and challenging build. I still have plenty to do though. I am definately going ahead with a tram stop and overhead lines. This will require patience, space and time. Keep watching my friend and I look forward to seeing some of your possible "whatiffery" David.
  12. Sory folks My trolley build has halted completely due to work. I hope to do some on her this weekend. Keep checking my topic... David.
  13. Hi Nige I am seriously thinking of some overheads, frogs etc., but space is a premium in the flat... Keep an eye out again, I guess David.
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