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  1. Yup, not too far away from fuselage closure. Today I used some of my Mike Grant "Cockpit Details" decals on the instruments as well as some oddments from the decal spares box and a bit of dry brushing to bring some life to the IP: I then fitted the IP and during the process of threading the instrument wires into their awaiting hole was somewhat upset to find that one of the foot rests had detached. A quick search found nothing so I made a new replacement: Here is a general view of the pretty much finished cockpit:
  2. I did consider removing the armour plating but decided it was not worth the the effort. Your observation did not spoil my dinner which was a marinara pizza but I could not face just tomatoes so added a goodly amount of Mozzarella: The first job of the day was to brush paint the grey on the cabin seat framing: Next I added all the belts to the seating: I was glad to get that done without mishap as I had no spares. Next I tried to fit the pilots seat but they had always been a tight fit and some sc
  3. Last night I did get a bit more done after dinner. First I removed all the masking: Then it was back to the exhausts, trimmed to length I positioned the ducting over the opening like so: Then marked up with pencil I got ready to remove the surplus material with my mini motor tool and a burr: That was then finished off with these rifflers and a glaze of Humbrol liquid poly: I was about to glue that in place but thought I had better check the externals again first. It turns out there are these me
  4. I had the same problem with pictures in last night's post, I had to repost them three times before they worked. I suspect it's something to do with the new site.
  5. I actually got a bit more done last night. Upon inspecting the primed parts I spotted that this 0.5mm longitudinal had snapped. I had made it using some old plastic which was brittle with age - I was aware of this but though I would get away with it: Never mind, it was not much trouble to replace it with some new, tougher plastic, I also applied some PPP filer to the ribs where there had been some small holes: I also got all the parts ready for their top coats so this morning I was straight into applying them using my set up in the garden. The
  6. No, I've just got the seal that came with the brush. I will have a think about the investment. This afternoon I retrieved my brush from the celulose bath and started to give it a deep clean. The nozzle assembly had been locked solid but came apart with minimal effort after it's week long immersion. I have never cleaned the back trigger area of my brush and was amazed at the amount of junk that came out That explains why the trigger was not springing back properly. I even got some use out of a set of cleaning brushes that I have had for years but
  7. This is looking like a nice solid bit of modelling, great skills on show.
  8. Agreed, this is a little bit of a worry bead. There is one O ring in there and I am hoping it comes out OK. If not I do have two replacements...
  9. That is one superb looking model and yes, the rear view mirrors are impressive. Your hosting of this GB has also been excellent, it is appreciated.
  10. I did not make an update yesterday as frankly I was busy doing other stuff but I am pleased to report that the paints I had ordered for this build arrived just two days after they had been ordered from the Scale Model Shop: My go to EMA Plastic Weld was also getting a bit low so I got some more of that too. I also wanted to order some Humbrol LIquid Poly as that's getting a bit low as well but they were out of stock so I got the Tamiya Extra Thin which I haven't used before. The two jars of orange are an ordering mistake on my part, I already had a jar but wanted to get
  11. It's comforting to know that someone in this GB is actually less advanced than me, no doubt you will be overtaking me soon. The replacement control column is impressive.
  12. For the various cable runs in the cabin I used part of the kits runners to jig up a couple of different sizes of lead wire ready for painting I have also done a bit more on the lower side door, adding a tiny piece of 0.3mm nickel silver steel tube to the top right hand corner and wrapping the treads with some bare metal foil for later weathering purposes (bringing the final parts count to 23): Here is that little tube I spotted on the door - no idea what it's for: I also added a bit of bare metal foil to the ramp as well a
  13. I am pleased to report that good progress has been made today, best day so far I think. I made a start on the cyclic controls, the kit offerings are not terribly realistic, here is one of the main reference shots that I used to scratch build some replacements: Here is another version with a different end shape to the control which is what I based my efforts on: My starting point was to sleeve some 0.6mm brass rod with some 0.8mm aluminium tube, leaving just a small portion exposed: The method I am using can be found here.
  14. Nice to have you back on board, I was starting to wonder where you were.
  15. Today I am pleased to report that my postie came bearing modelling related items. First we have the pre-painted seat belts for this build: Not strictly accurate but they were the nearest I could find. Then we have some more Archer rivets which I bought from them directly: These are not strictly intended for this build but they may come into play. I also popped out to collect the masking sets Anil has made for my on his vinyl cutter along with some clear green film I intend to use on the landing lights and instrument panel:
  16. If only such a thing was available I would definitely be making use of it. Sadly it's not. Not the greatest photo but to make the guide tracks for the upper side door I started by flattening some 0.5mm diameter lead wire using one of my bigger punches as a roller: That was then progressively installed using extra thin superglue: The track for the other side will only be fitted once the fuselage has been closed up. I have also finished adding the instrument mechanisms to the back of the IP: I ran out
  17. This is looking superb after the panel line wash. The rotor head and additional detailing are also really nice.
  18. Having been away visiting my cousin on Friday and Saturday, today is the first chance I have had to get any more done on this. First let's have a closer look at the instrument panel: Here is a good set of photos of the real thing, or at least one of it's versions: Hmm, bit of clever html manipulation going on there - quite pleased with myself. Like @milktrip I want to add some substance and wiring to the back of the IP so marked out in pencil where the instruments should be: Next I drilled through
  19. Ah yes, his own tin island. I was wondering what that meant till I met him.
  20. I for one can't wait to see this slightly dirty bird, sounds a bit kinky. I'm always in for that.
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