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  1. Does anyone know if this is still available and if so where I can buy it in the UK? A website or phone number would be a great help.
  2. Thanks for the tip, I have worked out that this must be Microscale Industries' Liquid Decal Film product - I was not aware of this stuff. I have looked at their website and it states that it can't be shipped overseas (I am in the UK). Any idea where I can get it in the UK? I guess this requires a new post...
  3. This kit is about 25 years old. I have just tried to apply the roundel decals and experieced a problem with them completely disintegrating after a 20 second soak. I then tried applying Micro Sol thinking this might soften them before trying to remove from the backing paper but there was no difference. I presume the problem is because of the extreme age of the decals and they are irretrievable, however I thought it might be worth asking the community if they have had similar problems and found a solution. Otherwise I need to find a source for a set of replacement decals.
  4. Thanks gents, I had spotted the book and was in two minds about ordering it. Anyway, I just tried to order it and got an error message (server error) - any suggestions as to how I can order it?
  5. Not sure this is the right forum as this little aircraft operated before, during and well after WWII (indeed it is still flying commercially) plus it has had military and civil versions. Anyway, I am about to start building this kit after it has sat in my stash for nearly thirty years. I have searched for any aftermarket bits but appart from some decal sheets and a resin radial engine I can't find anything. Is there anything out there? The kit was reissued by Revell a couple of years back so I thought there might be something. A couple of ladders would be a good starting point - otherwise it'l
  6. Looks like RLM02 is fine, will proceed on this basis. Thanks guys!
  7. I am currently making a Revell Fw 190 F-8 in 1/72 scale which carries an SC250 bomb. The instructions specify Revell's matt 45, light olive as its colour which is basically RLM 02 (grey / green). However, most of the images I can find of it on the web appear to be a quite dark green colour. Is it correct to paint it in RLM02 or should I try to match the dark green? Any help appreciated.
  8. "I've been using EZ-Line for about a year .03 for 1/48 and 06 for 1/32 I don't have to worry about breaking it as it will stretch about 700 times it own length." I think this should be 7 times its own length or it stretches 700%, otherwise this is some sort of supermaterial. Anyway I have ordered some EZ Line and I'll see how I get on with it. Thanks for all the replies. Nigel
  9. I have looked at previous posts on this topic but still have a question on what is the best material to use to simulate ariel wires. I have use stretched sprue in the past but find it breaks too easily. I have aslo purchased some nylon fishing fillament but the finest my local fishing tackle shop had was 0.15 or 0.2mm diameter which looks too thick for 1/72 scale. Aeroclub Lycra thread is recommended in prior posts but this does not seam to be available anymore. EZ Line is also a recommendation but from what I can gather this has a flat rather than circular profile which surely is not right. I
  10. Thanks to all for the advice. I think I will give 'Mr Hobby Mr Masking Sol R' a try, just placed my order with MDC. Nigel
  11. I would like to know what members preferred liquid masking product was. I have Humbrol's Maskol but find it quite tricky to use, when it starts to dry out while being applied and further brushing removes what you have just applied. Brushes are also difficult to wash out.... Thanks, Nigel
  12. The pictures don't appear for me which is a shame as I've just about finished this model as well and would like to compare efforts. Any chance of reattaching them? Nigel
  13. I have just restarted modelling after leaving the hobby for some twenty years. Most of my paints and materials are still intact after their protracted storage but I seam to have hit a problem with an old bottle of Micro Mask. I have used it a couple of times now on matt painted surfaces and have experienced problems when trying to remove it. If painted on in a thin single layer it has proved a nightmare to demask. It will come off if painted on thickly or if several coats are appled. I don't remember having to use it like this before which is a bit of a pain. I much prefer Micro Mask to Humbro
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