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  1. It certainly is which is one reason do have a penchant for Japanese helicopters. No, it's not just you, I have also noticed that effect - I have no idea why it's happening. I am still using Photobucket for most of my photo hosting, maybe it's something to do with that. Continuing with the masking for the black areas around the engine exhausts I took my rough sketching on the tape and then stuck it on yet more grease proof paper, flipping it over I applied some 19mm tape as appropriate: Flipping it over again I peeled of the sketching then app
  2. Today I started my masking the dayglo red orange on the sponsons, the chunky Blu Tack sausages are there to avoid a hard edge / step in the subsequent paint coats: I was then able to apply the Mr Color Orange Yellow No 58: Then after deciding on what to have for dinner tonight I popped out for an hour or two to get the necessary shopping. By that time the yellow was nicely dried so I started on masking for the dark green underside. A special piece of custom masking was required round the tail doors, after a few attempts I got a shape that looke
  3. Here's how it looked with the masking removed: The few bumps in the white paint were very gingerly sanded off and then the masking for the Insignia Yellow was applied: I don't think that I have mentioned that I have to get this build finished on Friday. It is my mum and dad's Diamond wedding anniversary on the second of June and it will occupy my entire weekend (hopefully in a good way). Feeling a bit under the cosh to get this completed would it be possible to have a one or two day extension to getting my finished phot
  4. I'm pretty sure it would, possibly better with a gloss coat on first. I have often relied on white primer (mainly Alclad) as a final white finishing coat. Take my Gotha P60 for example: I am pleased to report a productive day today where all targets were met or exceeded. With the polished aluminum dry I masked all the wheels with 4.2mm discs of punched out tape: I would have used 4.0mm discs but the UMM punch set I have for that turns out to be rubbish. I returned one set before and I think I really ought to give them a call and try to get a better
  5. Those mirrors look great, I think technically they are rear view mirrors rather than "wing" mirrors @wimbledon99 should know better . Great work on adapting the door surround decals.
  6. Just the last few bits to add before primer. The grill I made has also gone missing so I had to cut out another and then glued it in place with Humbrol liquid poly. I also drilled out a 0.5mm hole for the formation light, just below the APU exhaust: Here is the remade blade aerial, although technically a sticky-out bit I thought it was squat and robust enough to be added now: I was just about to apply some white primer and in the nick of time remembered to airbrush the grey interior colour on all the glazing: That was s
  7. Next when trying to apply the first bit of cabin masking disaster strikes and this glazing pops out: Rats, double rats and mega rats, a most unwelcome development. I searched out my window replacement tool, slightly modified it and did what I probably should have done in the first place and roughened up the joining surfaces then mounted it up with a small blob of Blu Tack: Well the first attempt was a failure, it was a race against time of course but I managed to remove the 2k epoxy from the glazing before it completely cured. It wa
  8. Despite my hopes of getting some primer applied today that sadly didn't happen - I've just been working more on the added details. I felt the aerial mast would look better with a more tapered profile so sanded it down accordingly: Next for the red light on the rear pylon I added a base punched out at 2mm with a 1.2mm hole: Here is a picture of what I was aiming at: Next the tie down loops on the sponsons which look like this: I made this out of 0.4mm brass rod soldered on to a loop like this:
  9. A very tidily finished model, excellent work on the folded blades and weathering.
  10. Here is the late night update, again shamelessly copying from the work of @modelling minion I started to make the fairings for the front aerials by shaping some 1.25mm rod: I'm sure MM won't mind but here is his photo I am mainly using for this: With a second one created this is how they looked attached: I have drilled them with 0.4mm holes which you can just about make out. Next another MM tribute, I drilled out some slots and holes for the aerial wire as indicated with the arrows here:
  11. Time for today's tea time update. With the fuselage together and canopy fitted a host of jobs require attention. The first was to colour some PPP grey with black pastel chalk and then fill some gaps around the canopy: There was some left over so I used that round the sponson joints and some of the seams around the transmission and engine covers. I have been around all the filled fuselage seams once and have identified a few areas requiring further work. To give some contrast I like to use Squadron White on top of the green: Next the
  12. Wow, that looks exceptional. Very nice work with the folded rotors. The canopy masking is also excellent, I hope I can get mine looking half as good.
  13. That is an extremely fine looking model. All Canadian's would be proud of that and as my grandad was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba I count myself in that number.
  14. I would like to add that Craig has been an exemplary host, his words of encouragement have been most appreciated. And the technical guidance has been very good too. But please no more pokes with that nasty cattle prod. (that's supposed to be a cow face but you would hardly know it).
  15. Before I close off the side door let's have a look what can be seen in there: The seat, as expected is just a barely glimpsed thing: But well worth the effort I think. The winch and cabling is there but difficult to photograph, in reality it is a little more obvious: I was quite pleased with how the first rib treatment came out but again difficult to get a good photo: And at least we have decent ceiling in there, not a gaping hole up into the front pylon. For the m
  16. Continuing with the the theme of closing up areas to prevent sanding dust / paint ingress I blocked off the oil tank slot with a combination of foam and tape: A fit check with the canopy revealed that my addition of the landing light assembly had created a foul condition, this was relieved by filing away some of the console floor area: With things almost ready for adding the canopy I thought I would take a shot of the cockpit before most of it's detail is lost forever: The last job was to retouch some of the matt black
  17. Not at all, your work looks excellent to my eye and it has given me ideas for a few more added details that I need to attend to.
  18. I agree, it's always a worry bead that things won't come out as hoped, however this one has come up well after a liberal application of Micromesh: Often a coat of Klear is called for but seems unnecessary in this case. The first job on the now polished canopy was to drill a 0.4mm hole in the central paine for this rod probe thing: The next job was to get the canopy masked up using a combination of Anil's efforts, some of the aftermarket set and some made by me. Then I added a little rectangle of the clear green film (al
  19. Ok, a bit more done before bed time. Whilst going round filling the seams I came across these bumps which are supposed to represent lamps: Well done to Hobby Boss for having a go but I think these will be better represented with some clear red painted sprue. With those bumps removed the whole seam could be filled: I filled up to the big gap on the underside: Some stretched sprue nicely sorted out the worst of that, I also removed the bumps here as I think they can be better represented:
  20. The gap won't cause any serious issues, maybe a bit of stretched sprue to bridge the worst of it and then some Milliput I think. I intend that to be the last job I do today so it can all harden up overnight. From what I can work out the "Madonna's bra" on my machine should look like this, a conical mesh affair: I have an idea that they could be fabricated from some more superfine tea bag mesh. Could be tricky and I will have a further ponder on that concept. So, I think the truncated cones provided by the kit are meant to represent mesh over th
  21. Please let me take you off the tenterhooks. The first job of the day was to apply a nice coat of W&N Galeria matt varnish: The RHS exhaust pipe partially detached somewhere in the process hence the fresh super glue. After removing all the masking the fuselage halves were united. Liquid cement in the pin locators and between the bulkheads, super glue on the bulkheads, floors and ribs, finishing off with progressive application of liquid poly round the external seams - you know the routine: Fuselage close up is always a bit fraug
  22. Indeed. This afternoon I thought: get the drop down seat installed and those broken ribs sorted, no problem. It was all going to be so easy. When I got home from work I set about fitting the seat, after many frustrating efforts and about four hours I gave up on it being a working feature and superglued the darn thing in place. I also (quickly) got the broken ribs sorted: After a few minor paint touch ups everything is now ready for that coat of matt varnish so I will be able to (finally) close up the fuselage in the morning. Bye for now,
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