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  1. 15 hours ago, JWM said:

     I am sorry for broken aileron. Just a detail, not hard to correct using debonder, and the model is really great!

    That was my feeling that we did not saw 44 of your great models here on Forum. My average rate from last 8 years is close to 18, and from last 30 years is lower, about 15. So I admire such number with high quality of them...

    Regards and Happy New Year!




    My average rate is normally ca. 12 per year. Szczesliwego Nowego Roku!

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  2. 1 hour ago, JWM said:

    Very nicely detailed RWD! Congrats1

    44 is very high score, especially in that kind of quality. Have you shown all of them on RFI? Or will you shown them all at "Yearbook 2020" section?

    If I may ask - what happened, that both ailerons are a bit down?




    Just before taking photos, I broke one aileron and glued it with CA without position control, that's my mistake. I also forgot the handles for lifting the fuselage, corrected it already, but did not take new photos.
    44 models, well this year I have to sit by force most of the time at home, normally I'm away 3-4 days a week on a business trip. Some models were shown here, some were not.

  3. So it's done! 44-th kit this year.
    Decals custom made, wing, rudder, propeller, engine cover (modified) from Arma Hobby, dashboard Yahu.
    Model shows a PWS built RWD-8a used in 2nd Air Regiment in Krakow in the 1939s.

    Bonne année 2021!
    Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku 2021!
    Happy New Year 2021! 
    Guten Rutsch ins 2021!


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  4. 2 hours ago, Dan Hayward said:

    Thanks for the info.  I've been meaning to try the Hataka paints so this will be a good color to start with.  Your thread sounds a lot like the smoke colored mono-poly invisible thread that I use from time to time. 



    Yes, it is monopoly invisible tread! Hataka paints series C you can be diluted with Gunze dark blue Mr.Color Thinner, it warks very good.

  5. 2 hours ago, Dan Hayward said:

    Beautiful!  There's nothing that gives away the fact that it is a 1/72 model.  May I ask what paint you used?  I need a good source for Polish khaki.  Would also like to know what you rigged it with, it is very impressive.



    Thank you.

    To answer you question, I used for this project HATAKA dark Polish khaki C010. For rigging I used "Unsichtbarer Nähgarn" - Polyamide sewing thread, translucent black - Ackermann Transfil 70 Made in Germany. Diameter is 0,1mm, on the roll is 200m. I drilled holes with a dental drill for root canal treatment, it is conical and has a max. 0.2mm diameter.

  6. 5 hours ago, Jackson Duvalier said:

    Wow.  And you say you've built 42 other models this year?  I'm hard pressed to get three over the line before the bell.


    I'm very impressed, Jerzy.  Any hints as to how you attain that build rate at this level of quality?  




    Thank you, but unfortunately I don't know what to advise you. Maybe it's to choose fairly easy-to-build models and use acrylic paints? Of course, I was only successful because of COVID business constraints, fewer business trips and less projects, it allowed me to spend more time than usual on building models.

  7. Today I finished my Potez XXV project, this are my 42 and 43 model built this year. It is a conversion from Azur Potez XXVA2 in to a Polish XXV B2, Azur/Special Hobby can did the struts for baldahim better - like Matchbox in his Fury or Gladiator kit it did, to set the geometrie in easy way, this ist my bigest critict point for this kit. My struts are broken few times be glueing the wing. Diference betwen French and Polish B2 were the bomb racks, in Polish planes they looks like Michelin at Br.XIVB2. Many of Polish Potez had not  installed navigations lights. 
    In the future I will installed machine guns of the observer from Gaspatch - Vickers. The pilot MG are replaced by Eduard Vickers from Fokker D.VII kit.

    First is the plane from 55th Squadron of the 5th Air Regiment in Lida (today in Belarus 😕 ) the squadron sign based of the emblem of Br.66 which come to Poland with the "Blue Army" from Gen. Jozef Haller, the army was organised in France in 1918.
    Second is a plane of 35th Squadron of the 3th Air Regiment based in Poznan-Lawica. This plane have a personal emblem from a unknown pilot.

    I take the pictures this evening, so excuse the quality of picture and of course of models as well :oops:

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  8. 11 hours ago, Vesa Jussila said:

    Very nice. There have been some speculation about this painting and what are real colors. My understanding is that there is no definite answer for that,

    Thank you. I based on references: "SUOMEN ILMAVOIMIENT MAALAUKSET JA MERKINNÄT - FINNISH AIR FORCE CAMUFLAGE AND MARKINGS" - K.Keskinen, K.Stenman, K.Niska - publischer is APALI

    8 hours ago, 2996 Victor said:

    Very nice model of an unusual subject - is it one of the kit options?



    Thank you. No, I used AML set with skies and decals.

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  9. I decided to do a quick project and build a Fokker D.VII in the colours of Finland. Eduard's model sticks together very nicely and quickly, in fact the project took 4 working days. The most difficult thing was with the selection of paints, but I managed to choose green from Bilmodel, navy blue from the MR Paint palette, blue is Gunze RLM65, only the black and brown one I had to mix myself up and somehow I also managed. This is my 41st model this year - straight out of the box and no weathering.
    So don't be too strict with your judgement.

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  10. 1 hour ago, 303sqn said:

    Any idea what the Bi Ba Bo character is? I have been trying to find out for years. Someone told me he was the Polish 'Homer Simpson' but the Bi Ba Bo cabarets seem to have been a Russian Empire thing, not just Łódź. The name can still be found in Russia and the Baltic states, -  picture houses, ten pin bowling alleys, night clubs. There was a company in Moscow that sold Bi Ba Bo glove puppets for children but the website is not there now. The Bi Ba Bo character was a white bear but I have seen photographs of Bi Ba Bo casts which have a woman in a white dress and and red cloak. I need a historian who is an expert on the history of Łódź.

    Poland was from 24.X.1795 to Oktober 1918 Poland was divaidet betwen Russian Empire, Prussia and Austro-Hungarian Empire. Adam Haber-Wlynski lived in the Russian Ocupated Part of Poland and got pilot licence 1910 in France by Farman, after that he flouw on air shows in Russia and worked as company test pilot for DUX in Moscow. So he knowed the "Bi Ba Bo" puppets, cabarets, etc. and this figure on his plane resultated from. Most of Polish pilots in Great War served in Russia and Austro-Hungarian Empire, only few in Prussia/Germany.

  11. 2 hours ago, Spitfire31 said:

    Beautiful bipes, all of them, with almost unbelievable detail for a 1:72nd model!


    Is that some sort of 'fabric weave' visible on the lozenge decals? If so, the decal maker must be remarkably ill informed, since even if you keep your nose inches away from a doped fabric covered 'scale 1:1' surface will you see any weave pattern… 😉


    Marvellous modelling, though!


    Kind regards,



    You are right it is the so. I saw a 1: 1 lozenge at the Berliner Technik Museum, something was visible there.😉

  12. 41 minutes ago, Harold55 said:

    Beautifully done!  I have built 2 of Roden's 1/48 Fokker D.VII and the plastic was great with only the decals being a problem.  It is possible the same is true for 1/72 so they might be salvaged with aftermarket but I assume you need aftermarket decals for these build anyway as they are quite unique.  Best of luck and I am looking forward to your next installment.

    Rodens 1/48 Fokker is much better than the one in 1/72. I also built a Fokker D.VII from Roden in 1/48 (Degelov), as well as started with the 1/72 kits and gave up for now.

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  13. I just finished my covid 38-40. The EDUARD's kit is very nice and better to build then RODEN's.
    I will built in future additional 2 Polish and one Finnish Fokker. I have 4 RODEN's kit too and meyby finish it some days in German WW1 markings - who know's. :oops:
    "Bi Ba Bo" flown by Adam Haber-Włyński civilian instructor in Flying School at Ławica air base next to Poznan 1920, after that servet at 15 Fighter Squadron in Polish - Bolshevik War 1919-21
    "Memento mori" - 13 Fighter Squadron Polish - Bolshevik war 1920.
    Flying school in Bydgoszcz 1922-25 - plane is disarmed as a training aircraft

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  14. Started at the end of last year, they finally got back to the workshop.
    Nice kit, fits better then the Roden's one.
    "Memento mori" - 13 Fighter Squadron Polish - Bolshevik war 1920.
    "Bi Ba Bo" flown by Adam Haber-Włyński civilian instructor in Flying School at Ławica air base next to Poznan 1920, after that servet at 15 Fighter Squadron in Polish - Bolshevik war.
    Flying school in Bydgoszcz 1922-25 - plane is disarmed as a training aircraft

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  15. On 3/12/2020 at 9:34 PM, Courageous said:

    Recently completed as part of the P-51 Mustang STGB is my interpretation of a Mustang III using the 1/72 KP kit. Built mainly OOB with the addition of some DIY belts and a DIY vac canopy as I like my subjects to have the canopy open. Painted with a mixture Tamiya, AK paints with the main scheme being Colourcoats enamels. Kit decals with the markings of 133 (Polish) Squadron, RAF, Coolham, 1944.

















    Build log here:



    It is the personal aircraft of w/cdr Stanislaw Skalski Ace with 22 kills, he used this plane as commanding oficer of the 133 Polish Fighter Wing in June 1944. Malcolm hood is correct for this plane, but Malcolm haven't any frames in front and rear of canopy, only sliding frames to move it.

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  16. 5 hours ago, socjo1 said:


    I hope your health gets better!

    (Our family has "hot nineteen" at home too...)


    Maybe polish khaki is boring camo scheme but I think our polish squadron's markings are really piece of good graphic design! I always like watch them on models.


    Best regards and have a lot of health!




    Thank you, I'm ok now. You are right, Polish squadron markings are a pice of art.

    3 hours ago, Vinnie said:

     I hope you're feeling better.

    Thank you!

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