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  1. 1 hour ago, AeroNautique said:

    Beautiful model, Spitfires look stunning in NMF.


    I recently read Tom Neil's book 'The Silver Spitfire' and can recommend it (plenty of copies on evilBay). Incidentally, when this story was initially published by one of the UK's better known Aviation magazines in the 1980s, it was met with scepticism and derided as fiction by many - until later, when a Polish or Czech researcher (I forget which) traced the aircraft's history including movements after Neil had disposed of it and confirmed the story. 

    It was Wojtek Matusiak from Poland. He published it in a book about Polish Spitfires "Polish Wings vol.15 Spitfire IX", in this book we get a few pictures of this plane flown by Duryasz and one with the original codes 3W-K. Second source is the book from Duryasz himself "Moje podniebne boje" published last year in Poland.

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  2. For this kit I used: dash board from Yahu, seat belts, exhaust pipes from Eduard and custom made decals. References Stratus "Polish Wings vol.15. Polish Spitfire IX".
    Short story about this plane.
    After a combat mission, F/O Jan Jonker from 322 Dutch Squadron (3W-K) was force to land at Rennes (USAAF) due to engine trouble – 12 August 1944. This plan was never transfer to a repair. The RAF liaison officer by the 100th Fighter Wing USAAF W/Cdr Tom Nail get it running and used for communications flight. He let removed the painting, so become this Spitfire it’s NMF. In late 1944 Nail received a new posting and was forced to get rid of his unusual personal aeroplane. After a long search, he managed to find an officer who was not deter by the illegal way the machine was acquire. The officer was W/Cdr Marian Duryasz the Polish Liaison Officer at the HQ 2nd TAF. He painted the code M(arian) B(arbara his wife) – D(uryasz) on this plane. In February, he left this plane behind for S/Ldr Ludwik Martel.


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  3. Hi Friends, I finished 3 from 5 Spitfire Vb and will present they.
    I used from after market following parts:
    canon barrels from Master
    seat belts from Eduard
    decals for WX-C - Kager "Polish Spitfires2, for YO-A - Exito "Sexy Spitfires", JH-T diverse sets,
    RAF markings from Tamiya - Cocarde Typ C1 looks a bit to small
    propeller for WX-C from Sword kit, YO-A from Quickboost, JH-T OOB
    exhaust all kits from Quickboost is a bit to small
    mirror and IFF antennas  from scratch

    Happy Easter! Wesolych Swiat Wielkanocnych! Joyeuses Pâques! Frohe Ostern!

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  4. 8 hours ago, Bob C. said:

    So is that the famous 56 FG plum?  How did you do that?  It looks subtle, but with a nice color to it.  Also, was there a particular reason you went with the Tamiya D to get the P-47M, rather than the Revell P-47M?  I've got a few of both to work on. 

    Best wishes, 

    Bob C 

    Thank you Bob. Yes, it is my interpretation of 56th "plum". How I did it? I painted my kit black surfacer from Gunze first. I thought about using one of the three colors: Gunze H55 Midnight Blue or Humbrol RAF Roundel Blue, but I opted for H326 Thunderbird Blue from Gunze, why I did it? The H55 was not bleu enough for me and the Humbrol was oil paint.

    Why Tamiy and not Revell? Tamiya is in my opinion better in shape than Revell, additionally planning P-47D Razorback Pengie II and III, we do not have an equivalent from Revell. If I put the P-47D Tamiya or Academy next to the Revell P-47M, we would have too much contrast between them. I did also P-47M from Revell, see here: P-47M Revell/Hobby 2000 1/72 - Ready for Inspection - Aircraft - Britmodeller.com

    8 hours ago, socjo1 said:

    Jerzy, say me one thing please. Who likes penguins more: Bolesław Gładych or you? 


    Very nice collection!

    I hope Gladych, in the end he married she 😉

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  5. I present my last two kits from Gladych´s P-47 called Pengie II and Pengie V.
    Pilot's bio: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bolesław_Gładych some mistakes, but ok so far.
    Kits from Tamiya, extras: dash board from Yahu, seat belts Eduard, Pitot tube from Master, for M I used propellor from Quickboost. Decals are mix from AJ-Press/Hussar and Aero Master and Techmod.
    "Pengie II"
    "Pengie V"
    All P-47D/M from Gladych. In future I will make a Spitfire F MK.IXc "Pengie", Gladychs first plane with this nick name.

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  6. Hello Friends,

    I just finished my next project with in total 2xP-47D and 3xM.

    I will present you now two of them. Kit is a Hobby 2000 (Poland) reissue from Revell's P-47M,

    I bought it because of the decals, the are very nice printed by Cartograf Italy, but pin ups are printed in the new and worse technology using by Cartograf in pixels 😧

    I had an extra Revell kit so I used both markings from the Hobby 2000 box and added USAAF stars from Tamiya's leftovers.

    Revell is a nice kit but wrong in shapes, I sanded down the belly so it isn't looks so bad like original from kit. I don't used any aftermarket sets.

    I will posted my 3 Tamiya "Jugs" soon.






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  7. I present my first model completely made this year. Airfix Defiant straight OOB, I only exchanged the barrels for metal from the Polish company Master and the codes and serial number from the decal also from Polish manufacturer Model Maker. Both products are of very good quality, although the "roundel blue" from the decal seems too dark, I used the RAF signs from the Airfix kit.
    Unfortunately, I don't have a plastic sense, so my attempts to differentiate the black body of the plane are hardly visible, and certainly not very attractive.

    Markings shows a plane from 307th Night Fighter Squadron (Polish) based 1941 at Exeter Air Base.

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  8. 2 hours ago, socjo1 said:

    Very elegant model of beautiful aircraft! Many eyecatching details.

    Somewhat conservative paintig but I know it's your style. ;)

    How made you rigging?

    And wings - are they from Arma Hobby correcting set?


    Best regards,


    Thank you. Rigging is from sprue frames stretched over the flame. Wing, engine cover (modified) and stabilizers from Arma Hobby.

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  9. Gladych and Lanowski were formally members of the Polish Air Force in Great Britain, they took leave for fly at the invitation of Francis Gabreski in his unit. Gabreski had been friends with them since his practice in Polish fighter squadrons.

    I make a mistake using the Techmod decals for serial, the right one is 223600
    Decals a mix from Techmod and Tamiya, resin propeller from Quickboost, resin wheels Pavla - will replace it later with Eduard resin wheels, dashboard from Yahu, seat belts from Eduard.
    Decals from Techmod, resin propeller and tail from Quickboost, resin wheels Eduard, dashboard from Yahu, seat belts from Eduard, sliding canopy Falcon vacu.

    Pitot in all models are from Master, gun barrels from injection needles.

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