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  1. 2 hours ago, danntheman said:

    Hello all it has some time since I posted due to illness, so may I present my 1/72 Arma Hobby Iskra finished as one based at 7th Special Aviation Regiment Polish Navy,Siemirowice 1994.Hope you like all comments welcome.




    Good job! This plane was nicknamed "attention police" because of its painting.

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  2. On 11/8/2021 at 1:50 AM, socjo1 said:


    Some old models or guide-book for modelers. But exactly?... I think I could see these pictures '80s in Poland. So maybe Novo models or polish producer ZTS Plastyk (Yak-1, RWD-5 PZL-37 Los and another) or maybe in these book:



    (Plastic airplanes models building) published 1984 @GrzeM or @hadzi could you help?

    Best regards,



    You are right, similar drawings were in the manuals of many models from this period, including the ZTS and the included book.

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  3. So it is done. Project Polish Yaks-1b are closed 🙂 , have one from Brengun stashed, but don't be sure I will build it or I buy next Arma Hobby kit. This is an other story😈
    After marked parts I used are: exhaust from SBS Hungary and instrument panels from Yahu Poland, for fuel gauge - custom decals from a previous Yak 3/7/9 project. I missed this part in AH decals. Paints: for green Yak I used Bilmodelmakers Poland paints AMT-4 and AMT-7, for wartime Yak: AMT-11/12 comes from Mr. Paint Slovakia, in my opinion AMT-4 from MRP is too bright, also here I used Bilmodel.

    Short history behind: http://armahobbynews.pl/en/blog/2020/07/28/yak-1b-the-1st-fighter-aviation-regiment-warszawa-1943-45/

    WIP - cockpit pictures


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  4. 12 minutes ago, Properjob56 said:



    Just 1 question. How on earth do you model the aerial wires to that configuration?

    Thank you.

    My previous method is a bit to complicated, so I try something different.

    This method use the properties of elastic (rubber) material:

    - glue one "wire" from vertical fin to the wing

    - than glue in the "right" distance a part of "wire" to the other one and stretch it  it to the other point on wing, so that a part of "wire" from the contact point to fin go straight in the axis of fuselage

    - when it is fixed, glue a straight plastic wire from the connection point to the fixing point on fuselage

    that the idea behind



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  5. So it is done, it can be better, but this year quantity is before quality :oops: 
    IBG kit is very nice, and the kit decals printed by Techmod don't make problem (111 and 152 FS), but I also used Techmod printed leftovers from ARMA HOBBY kit (121 and 122 FS), here the quality was not so nice (two years difference can be see by Techmod products). No after market parts are used.
    For aerials I used two different products EZ - Line by 152 FS kit and Uschi Van Rosten for the other, you can see the difference :oops:
    bonus: Polski Fiat 621 from "First to Fight" and fuel trailer from MARS resin in 1/72. Decals for FIAT are custom made.
    Now is time for holidays and other project (wings already finished), something what I haven't made since years - but still aeroplane models :malin1: 

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  6. Hello friends!

    My COVID build no.32 in this year is the prototype of Turkish P.24G.
    This plane - serial number 2136 was built by KTF in Turkey as a P.24C with Gnome - Rhone 14Kfs, than got the engine version 14N 07 and become prototype of Turkish P.24G in 1939.
    You know that IBG kit is very nice, I replaced canopy with a self made vacu part, because the front windows in the moving part are without glass. Only point which I will point out is that decal for engine cover is to long ca.1,2mm, to place it on kit like in manual, it have to be shorted. 
    PS. PZL P.11c going slowly forward, it is to hot in my workshop.


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  7. 16 hours ago, 28ZComeback said:

    Outstanding build and finish.  What did you use for the rigging?  I thought it was a 1/48 kit!

    Thank you. For the rigging I use TRANSPARENTE MONOFILM DARK, from ACKERMANN Germany

    15 hours ago, Spitfire31 said:

    Superb Bulldog – I took it for a Pyro 1/48th at first glance!


    Are the tailplanes from the kit? I don't remember them being so thick and clumsy looking, especially compared with the fin/rudder.


    An enviable effort!


    Kind regards,



    Thank you Joachim, yes tail-plane is from kit and you're right it is to thick, sorry for that.

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  8. Today I present my 3rd Bristol Bulldog from Airfix kit in 1/72 scale. Now I'm finish with this plane.
    This time it shows a Finnish Bulldog in 1942, this plane was a gif from Sweden, it was used only for training. I will thank Fabien Bauduin fot this kit from the 80's edition (I think), it need a bit more work then the 70's edition but is much better then all what comes after...
    Airfix made a mistake with propeller blades, they are reversed in the kit :venere: 
    I have engraved the panel lines, add a machine gun cover on the left side under the cockpit and make some cockpit details from scratch, dash board comes from YAHU Poland - nice thing. Decals are mix from TECHMOD registration and GALDECAL swastikas. Painted yellow and grey FS26440 from Gunze, olive green from Modelmaster FS34096.


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  9. On 6/1/2021 at 12:26 AM, sgr said:

    I'm in the finishing mode atm - trying to close projects I've started some time ago (weeks, months or years ;) ). Below another done - Arma Hobby P7a in 1/72 scale. Not their best model, but overall nice build. Painted mostly with Hataka and Mig Ammo with a little bit of Vallejo, Tamiya, GW and Kimera. I've attached group picture of my whole Arma collection as well (2 more still in the boxes - Hurricane and Fokker, will buy P51 for sure, Wildcat is very tempting, but I'm trying to paint as many planes as possible in Polish markings, couldn't find any Polish Wildcats).











    Polish Air Force don't used Wildcat, possibly you can find an American pilot of Polish descent flying Wildcat.

  10. I finished this kit today. It is easy to built, fits well. For plane I choose some points are important, spider emblem is yellow, IBG give us one yellow and one red (in the past it is red on all drawings I know, but look at pictures, looks brighter then red), Greek modellers reported that emblem is on both sides of fuselage. Second point is that P.24 have no glass in first segment of the moving part of canopy. The third point is an element of unknown purpose in the rear of the cabin, visible only on Greek P.24. I made it from a strip of photo-etched sheet.
    For painting, I used RAF colours Dark Green, Dark Earth and Sky Blue (in this case RLM78 match good). Afterwords I think it will be better to use Light Earth instead of Dark Earth.

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  11. On 5/19/2021 at 2:03 AM, fishplanebeer said:

    I think Tornhill is Tern Hill but when you can make models this good who really cares about a caption.


    Of the two my favourite is the 306 squadron example but both are superb builds with exquisite finish and could easily pass for 48th or 32nd scale with flying colours.




    Thank you, and your all!

    Station name I copied from a book, I used for reference. Sorry for mistake.

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  12. Today I present my Hurricane MK.I served in Polish Squadron 303 and 306.
    The kit from AH is nice but not perfect, I used "overtree set" without instruction, decals and PE parts. From aftermarket I used: exhaust, control stick and for UZ-V propeller from Quickboost, instrument panel from Yahu and seat belts from Eduard. Some additional parts are from spare. Decals are from TECHMOD and XTRADECALS, for UZ-V on right side of fuselage I used SP-DECALS code letter because Techmod cracked and was useless.
    UZ-V served 1941 in 306 " Torunski" Squadron Polish Air Force flown many times by Stanislaw Skalski best Polish Ace.
    RF-F from 303 "Kosciuszko" Squadron Polish Air Force, show us 126 kills, that this unit made in Battle of Britain.
    Models no.27 and 28 this year, but now lockdown is over...

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  13. Hello Friends, years ago (ca. 2012/13) I bought Pavla's D.510 - because since my childhood I loved the "Walking Death" badge on this plane - my first kit was an SMER edition of HELLER, but the decals were so ugly that I built an Lithuanian D.501L one. Latter I saw markings with the French cock in the Dorawings D.500 1/32 scale kit and I must have it in 1/72! I bought Print Scale decal sheet and the KP kit for this project. After finished my T-33 I began both models without looking for documentation, I would have fun and quick result. I don't checked shape and length and any other details till I assembly the undercarriage. Pavla's was longer, KP looks like in fly. I asked my French Friends for help and they gave me many information - THANK YOU: Jean-Marc (Araman), Fabien Bauduin and Adrien Roy.
    Now I know that both kits are a thing for trash or for a long time project with many corrections to do. Safe you mony and work on Heller kits, that need also corrections but with raised panel lines you can make it much finer then Pavla or KP it did. In fact Pavla is a bad copy of Heller and KP is a copy of Pavla in very weak quality. Only thing what I did was to modified undercarriage, now it looks better then kit original. So sorry Friends for that, I hope you will not punish me too hard for my laziness - specially Jean-Marc, Adrien and Fabien.

    D.500 from KP with Print Scale decals

    D.510 is a mix from Pavla with KP fuselage (KP kit have 2 for D500/501/510), which is a improved copy of Pavla but still not correct. For "Walking Death" I modified a bit the decals with brush, think it looks better - thanks Araman for picture.

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