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  1. Hi, thanks all, the build was very easy, and the surface details are so nice, that you can't miss the wheatering.... the building and painting are really, piece of cake ... thanks again, and see you for my next build.... cheers Yoyoal.
  2. Hi, Here's my Eduard's BF-109 G6 in hungarian version, schem's present in the "Royal Class" box... Cheers Yoyoal
  3. Hi, for the sand colour I try to use a mix to match the FS who was notified on the notice... Tamiya's XF59 with some drop of yellow...but not enough maybe... Cheers...
  4. Hi, Here is my last model, the all new Fokker D-23 from RS Models in 1/48... this model is a short run, but a good one... no real problem with the construction.... paint are from tamiya and the decals are really thin...and feet well... Cheers a+ Yoyoal.
  5. Hi, very nice job ..... I like it ... cheers Yoyoal
  6. Oupss voui en effet....... corrected, mister english teacher.... (my english lessons are fareaway from here....) Thanx, cheers....
  7. Hi, here's my latest two build... one is the Italeri's Sea hurricane and the other is the ICM's Spitfire Mk XVIe, both are in 1/48 scale... The italeri's Sea hurricane... no problemes with construction, all fitt very well....painted with gunze acrylics (personnal mix for the Dark Slate Grey) the spitifre really easy to built (some putty on the karman) and the addition of eduard's mk IX wheels and underrcariage trapdoor...paint with tamiya acrylics Cheers Yoyoal
  8. Hi, thanks tonyot... I have already found that picture too, but it was not the plane I wanted to build, so I decided to follow the instructions from the xtradecals notice, and not to apply the serial number under the tail... but it would be very interresting to see a picture of th MJ216 Spitfire...
  9. Hi, Thanks for all this compliments, I have to say that the Eduard kit, is so easy to build, that you can spend lot more time to paint and wheatering it... @tonyot, thanks for your research ( I dont have "Aeroplane Monthly magazine" ) cheers all. Yoyoal.
  10. Hi Here is my next one, The Spitfire MkIXc From Eduard... Decals Xtradecal... I used Gunze Acrylics ....end put on Brassin wheels from Eduard to.... This is the MJ216 Spitfire MkIXc from the Empire Flying School based at Hullavington between 1946 and 1949... I'm wondering about the serial numbers, Xtradecal don't have it one decals sheet...is that because the plane don't have it in real ? ...if anyone know more about that.... Cheers Yoyoal.
  11. Hi, thanks @Paramedic : as I was saying, the figures are from ICM and they're very nice, nothing to do with... just paint it.... Cheers.
  12. Here's my Tamiya P-47D in "eileen" marking, seen in Duxford 1944.... paint are Tamiya and Gunze and the decals are from Microscale figures are from ICM, and jeep is tamiya's one... Cheers... Yoyoal.
  13. thanks all, this are some of my 1/72 kits, Actually I do 1/48 kits, but I have to try this new airfix's serie.... Cheers.... Yoyoal
  14. Hi all, HAPPY NEW YEAR.... Here's my serie of 1/72 aircraft from airfix..... this kits are really easy and fun, I really enjoy built them... Spitfire PR19 Spitfire mk22 Hawk 81 A they're built "out of the box".... Cheers... a+ Yoyoal
  15. Hi, Thanks all, I try to do german planes of WW2 (the most famous) in different nationality, so I had some american FW190 and a french HE 162, got some british 109 to.... Yoyoal.
  16. Hi, Here's my BF108 Taifun under British camo... the eduard kit is really easy to build it comes from the "Weekend Edition" box and the decals are from my own ... here's a picture of the real one... Th e story of this aircraft is available here Cheers Yoyoal.
  17. Hi, Thanks all, Yes, there's a lot of captured one's to do, and theire is also... BF109, Me262, He162, and lot more who was captured and colorfull repainted by there new owner.... so I hope to have the time to do a lot more.... this one's are my 3th and 4th fw190, I also have 3 BF109, and 2 me262... thanks again, Cheers Yoyoal.
  18. Two version of the FW190, 1/48° Eduard Fw190 A5: Captured in 1943 by the american in Tunisie, Slave machine of the 65th FS of the 57th FG training unit at Constantine , Algeria. 1/48° Tamiya FW190 F8: aicraft of the "kommando Seydlitz", spring 1945, somewhere in russia ... See "Captured Butchebirds" and "FW190 in Foreign service" from polish editor WWW.KECAY.com Decals are from KARAYA D4807 Cheers, Yoyoal.
  19. Hi, thanks all, so, interior green, may be the best choice, not motivated to paint the bar with a thin brush...so ....interior green .... Cheers, Yoyoal.
  20. Hi Everybody, Looking for the color of the bar on the spitfire access panel, is it green, black, or red ? Thanks, Yoyoal
  21. yoyoal

    Some of my kits

    OK, thanks Fernando I will mind it for my next Hurricane kit... Cheers Yoyoal
  22. Hi, It's very impressive, and nice off course I really like the way you paint it.... Guess I will be able to do this kind of things one day.... Cheers Yoyoal.
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