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  1. I was thinking of getting the GPM control tower and integrating it into the diorama but then it would be getting a little too big. Great cheap little kits mind. Dan
  2. Thanks for the kind words folks! I need a tractor tug and towing bar for the aircraft if anyone can point me in the right direction? Dan
  3. No they are fine, Ive had it running for a few hours and no issues.
  4. Hi all, Welcome to my hangar build. I noticed a build of this on this forum and decided to give one a go myself, given that I have space to accommodate it. The hangar is from GPM and is available in a few scales. The kit is laser cut cardboard. Firstly, here are the parts sheets: We then start cutting out the parts, starting with the roof. The general construction of the sheets appears to be a 3 ply system with card in the middle and a thin paper on each side. The laser cutter annoying hasn't quite managed to make it all the way through the card as I had to run th
  5. Thanks, i'll give it a go. Dan
  6. Well forgive me for it being only my 2nd model.... The paint is actually very smooth. Klear was applied and it went that way.
  7. thanks for the replies folks Dan
  8. Thanks for replies folks. The det cord thing is a fine balance as its easy to remove too much paint for the canopy and is the first time ive tried it. equally, its easy enough to patch up at the end. the tip is to put in very little.
  9. Came across this kit for cheap and thought I would give it a go. Kit manufacture: Airfix Scale: 1/48 Type: BAE Hawk Extras used: Eduard Cockpit Set, Eduard RBF etch Paints and colours used: Tamiya This kit is part of an overall diorama I am in the process of making and thought I would attempt to do a tiger like camo pattern (privately owned jet and then re-painted etc) Heres a few pictures of the build itself... The resin cockpit and seats were assembled and then detailed with the brush and correct colours. Nose weights added Canopy time. The explosive white th
  10. Wow this is looking good, I have one of these will all extras except the flaps to build! Plenty of pics please! Dan
  11. just ordered one of these direct from source and it says out of stock! Darn it! Looking good though, cant wait to get my hands on this kit. Dan
  12. Lol i never had the knack to start with. Just using brushes and far too thick paint and slapping it all over the model. So first time for everything really Thanks
  13. Im sorry to burden you all with yet another PR XIX as I know the spit builds get old fast. This is my first 'proper' attempt at a kit since childhood and is my first time using an airbrush. The kit seemed to go together well with some filling required. Made a few mistakes but it all adds to the experience. Firstly the spue's The cockpit was pieced together and given a coat of xtracrylix interior green. The cockpit was then installed into the aircraft and the instrument panel is flat black tamiya and was dry brushed. Seat belts were made using some 2mm jammydog tape. And
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