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  1. Hello all, so got quite a bit done over the weekend. wings on and started filling landing gear on and tail on
  2. Ok what I have done is mix filler with poly cement, and stuff in strips of sprue. Big gaps going away! Thank guys, will update with some photos later.
  3. thanks i will have to try that, never used plastic strip before. live and learn!
  4. thank you, i had a look, but the vulcans body is alreadybuilt so filler and many cuss words it is!
  5. hello, Not sure where to ask, but the fit of the wings to the body is very bad, big gaps, my mistake modeling skills or bad kit? Whats the best way to get the wings on? cheers
  6. Hello all, My first V bomber XH558 Cockpit thanks for looking
  7. Very nice, I have been building a little bit of XH558 today! thank you for the great photos.
  8. Got some more done today! I build about 3 models at a time, so if i get a bit board with one, i go to the next one. This is a great kit!
  9. I am building the revell B-17 at the moment, if you look in the work in progress you can see my build, and there are other revell b-17 there as well. its a very nice kit. I also have the Revell Lancaster to build too, it looks a nice kit as well.
  10. I get the airfix mag so I have something to read in the bath. But not ever issue.
  11. Thats a fun project! Are youGoing to put a blue led in for the lamp on top?
  12. very nice! so many redtails around must start my one!
  13. thats looking very nice. thats a good idea to use fish weights.
  14. Hello again, so belly paint: and top nose,exhaust and decals and stand to go!
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