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  1. Beautiful work as usual Russ and excellent photography too! Love the way you have handled the panel lines and weathering. Cheers Malcolm
  2. Lovely build and finish! Now you just need a 1/48 Belfast to pose it next to! Cheers Malcolm
  3. Lovely! One of Airfix's best kits I Think. Certainly captures the shape of the Meatbox very well. Nice colour scheme too! Cheers Malcolm
  4. A simply wonderful little collection of RN gems. Beautiful! Cheers Malcolm
  5. Lovely result on a tricky kit. Very nice airbrush work. Cheers Malcolm
  6. You have done a great job on that old kit - fantastic result! Cheers Malcolm
  7. Many negative things have been written about the KittyHawk 1/48 Jaguar GR.1/GR.3 kit and I have to report that I have nothing to add to change any of them. With the exception of the Tailerons and the under fuselage strakes which both fitted beautifully, every other component required some sort of adjustment. Anyway, I managed to get the thing together and my assessment was that I would get a better result than using the Airfix kit which was sitting forlornly in my stash. I did however resort to a number of modifications and additions as follows: Replaced the misshapen pylons with Airfix ones. Used part of the Neomega cockpit. Used a Flighpath fuel tank. Used Flightpath missile rails on Airfix mount. Used part of SAC main undercarriage legs (experience with the KH Fitter taught me that the legs would sag and distort with time) - embedded in Araldite Used Reskit exhausts (mainly because they were with the kit when I bought it). Used Flightpath AN/ALQ-101 and Eduard Phimat pods Used Eduard CB-87s Scratchbuilt AN/ARC-164 aerial (shown on boxtop but not included in kit), new larger anti-collision light and replaced a number of aerials and probes with resin replacements. Added Master nose probe. Used replacement wheels (Also Reskit I think) which were in the box when I bought it. I'm sure there are more - it's a dog! Perhaps I should have just built the Airfix kit after all! I was determined to eradicate the wing joints which was trying, and succeeded reasonably well in closing all of the panels which don't fit too well here and there. I wanted to model XX725 "Johnny Fartpants" because when I visited Coltishall in June 1991, this was the one I saw most and got the best pictures of - and I am an ex Viz fan tee hee. Decals came from Kits World 48050 and were excellent but I couldn't quite get the artwork to sit at quite the right angle - probably because the panels and panel lines are not quite in the correct places? After a few trials with various mixes and manufacturers attempts at the ARTF Desert Sand I settled on the Mil Spec version, lightened a little. Weathering was with oils. Anyway - it was a struggle and I'm glad it's finished. We desperately need a new Jag kit and the way things are going it won't be by the woeful Airfix thankfully so come on ICM or Modelsvit - I'll buy a few for sure! Cheers Malcolm And finally one of my shots of the real thing some 3 Months after returning.....
  8. Lovely Rhino Brad - as said above, it looks like a 1/48 model. Great build and finish. Cheers Malcolm
  9. Beautifully done Antoine - the changes you have made have made this an exceptional model. Very good build quality and super paintwork and weathering. Cheers Malcolm
  10. Yeah - Simply wonderful sums it up for me too! Just when I think I'm getting a little better at this modelling game, something like this turns up to put me in my place! Very very nicely done. Cheers Malcolm
  11. Lovely! Not my genre normally but that really is beautiful! And like Corsairsfoxfouruncle above - I applaud the kits you produce and I may well buy one of these. Cheers Malcolm
  12. Nice result despite the troubles and a very interesting and unusual subject. I'd love to know what they are doing in the picture with the pilots - looks like one of them has a hammer!? Cheers Malcolm
  13. Absolutely fantastic build and stunning finish and weathering! Cheers Malcolm
  14. Thanks - that is what I thought but just wondered. Many of the pictures published either on-line or in magazines/books have a serious magenta/red cast which also makes the "desert pink" look more pink than it really was. Cheers Malcolm Thank Jabba Cheers Malcolm
  15. Thanks Richard - that is what I thought they should be but they look a lot brighter green in some pictures. Cheers Malcolm
  16. A couple of questions that hopefully someone could help with. The 12 Jaguars which replaced the original deployment, and which took part in "Desert Storm" itself were equipped with AN/ARC-164 Have Quick radios and the distinctive T shaped blade aerial, replacing the normal twin blade aerials. Was this aerial offset to Starboard similar to those seen on the later GR.3? I have looked a a number of pictures and videos but cannot make out exactly where it was placed. In the well known picture below, (linked to dstorm.eu) the sidewinder appears to be painted in Desert Sand ARTF - is this a trick of the light or how common was this? The picture was obviously taken fairly late in the conflict judging by the mission totals displayed. Has anyone got suggested green colour for the CBU-87s? Thank you Cheers Malcolm
  17. Beautifully built and finished! Love the scheme and love your painting and weathering style. Cheers Malcolm
  18. Absolutely superb Sophie! Love your weathering techniques - it really does look the part. You have clearly done your research too. Love it! Cheers Malcolm
  19. Lovely build and an interesting scheme very well done. I like the subtle differences in tone achieved. Cheers Malcolm
  20. It looks absolutely superb Patrick! Lovely build and superb camouflage painting. I like the weathering too - just enough to look well used but not overdone. This is a much maligned kit with many citing shape issues around the nose but yours looks great and shows what can be don! Cheers Malcolm
  21. Looks great - but I agree - it deserves better pictures. Hope you are recovering OK. Cheers Malcolm
  22. Utterly astounding work Brad - I have no idea how you can achieve that result from that kit! Beautiful, stunning - not much else to say - I'll get my coat! that's me done. Start the car! Cheers Malcolm
  23. Super model Chris - smart, neat build and excellent paint finish and weathering. Cheers Malcolm
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