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  1. Zvezda, in their own 134, say light gray, the same as the underside of the fuselage.
  2. Thank you all so much for your nice comments. I hope I make the next one even better. They say that one can't stop on just two spits...
  3. Thought I should share this since most of the inspiration for this model originates in this forum. It's Eduard's 1/48th Supermarine Spitfire Mk IXc (Late) which is painted as the one flown by Jerry Billing, No.401 Squadron, Tangmere AB, June 7, 1944 The kit was excellent. My only complaint is that the provided canopy piece of the moving part is way too large. So I used the extra canopy piece from the Tamiya Mk I which fitted perfectly! A mistake I did had to do with the use of Vallejo's mat varnish which make the aircraft look dusty as you can see in the photos. If you want to take a look a the construction you may point your browser here. Unfortunately in Greek only. The model was awarded with Bronze metal at the last IPMS Hellas Exhibition/Competition which was held beginning of October in Athens.
  4. Good luck and sales with the new site. Although I looked around I couldn't find any information about the postage cost. How much would it be for Europe (Greece to be more accurate) ? Since we are talking about decals, I suspect it will be a simple registered envelope. Thanks.
  5. FYI, according to a current A320 pilot, they keep flaps at pos 1+F even during ground handling when temperature is over 30C. Don't know why but I can him. This might concern the specific airline only, but I can also find out... (Edit: Corrected flaps position and temperature. I confirmed with the pilot friend and it's exactly what XV571 describes below)
  6. Haven't seen this in this section, so I thought you might find it interesting... It seems that Revell is seeking ideas and wants to know what the modellers would like... So, please... Let's take some time and vote for some nice civil aircraft. http://ideas.revell.de/ideas/
  7. From what I know and have personally observed (photographs with different examples may well exist) I agree for the 707. Haven't seen any such case on a 747. Apart from the surfaces that can be moved from the wind, here are some cases I remember well. All airbus series have their inboard and outboard ailerons dropped. B737 series... Well... 85% of the planes I handled were 737s (classics to be honest -300/400) and many night stopped in Athens, I've never, ever seen any of them with any of the control surfaces out of position during a night stop... B767 series. Both inboard and outboard ailerons and elevators droop after about 30mins of hydraulics cut-off. B757... Solid as a rock, like the 737 mentioned above. B727... Classic inboard LE slats droop. Sometimes during normal turn around too! We had to be very careful walking under or near the LE of the wings. Tristar, Inboard and outboard ailerons. MD8x, As you said, especially the elevators would take any position you can imagine... Usually full up with the 3 trim tabs alternating down-up-down or v.v. Rudder was also sensitive to winds. It is in my plans to build an airline during ground handling... But for now I lack experience, resources and space to start such a project.
  8. Evelators and inner and outer ailerons are indeed drooping, for certain aircraft types, on cold and dark a/c on the ground after a while. But Flaps never droop on power off with only exception being the inner LE slats of the 727. As I worked at Hellinikon airport as ramp supervisor for 8 years I have been near planes daily...
  9. Slight textured plastic... Included base... Clear windows... Why does that smell like Zvezda? Don't wish to start an argument, just wondering. Revell usually doesn't provide such things.
  10. I found my notes! Underside RLM76 (H417), topside RLM75 (H69) and RLM74 (H68)
  11. Thank you for your kind comments! I used Gunze Aqueous colours using the relative RLM codes (Can't remember and didn't note them, sorry...)
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