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  1. Where can I find the Delta Air 7c decals? Hannants only have the resin kits, by the way it looks. -Chris
  2. The Vindicator is a very interesting aircraft. I lived in Florida back in the late 90ies and saw the one they were restoring there in the Pensacola Naval Air Museum in its bare bones. It looked absolutely fantastic. Sadly I left FL before it was finished but I think it’s in the museum now. I’ve been wanting to get the Accurate Miniatures kit now for a long time. I’ll be watching this one closely. chris
  3. Hi All, I am building the Tamiya Swordfish and was wondering what those two parts are under the cockpit rim. They look like flare racks to me. Can anyone confirm and does anyone know the correct colour? TIA, Chris
  4. Thanks for that information, Joseph. I‘ve been to the Sovereign Hobbies website, to check their colours and wow! Would I have tone that Colour down? There are a few pictures of Iron Duke class battleships in the Mediterranean Fleet and they look almost white.
  5. Hello All, I‘m interested in building an interwar HMS Iron Duke in light paintwork (Mediterranean colours) when she was assigned to the Mediterranean Fleet in ca. 1919. Can anyone tell me what Colour that was, and maybe which paint company makes it these days? Thanks, Chris
  6. They should set up a webcam for those that can‘t be there
  7. A 1:24th scale Hawker Hind or a 1:24th scale Westland Wapiti
  8. Oops! Nasty typo. I'll have to correct that when I get home tonight. They are of course highly recommended
  9. I really like the postwar Snipe decals very much. The quality is excellent and the schemes chosen very interesting. I can highly recommend them. As I'm building an Airfix Hawker Hurricane right now, more or less to get back into the hobby after a break of a few years, I don't think I'll be starting the Ninack very soon. However, we'll have to see what happens when the postwar Brisfit arrives.
  10. Hi Pete, The Gotha is also in my stash but, to be honest, I bought it to hord it for when it sells out. And I've got the post war Snipe with the Pheon decals. I'm hoping decals for the postwar Ninack and the Brisfit will be released soon. We'll have to bombard Rowan with emails. I'm hoping someone will do the 'highback' conversion set for the Ninack, so much more to choose from then.
  11. I agree. Mine arrived a day before Christmas and I have been studying my references since. I have a soft spot for the interwar RAF period and have also ordered WNWs postwar Brisfit
  12. Thanks for tuning in Guys. I use the original Tamiya X-20A primer, mixed about 50/50 IIRC. I saw a Youtube tutorial which said that the consistency should be a bit like milk, which is about what I had. With my next project I will try priming. I've ordered some Gunze 500 primer with matching thinners. The reason I want to use acrylics in the first place is basically because of the weathering afterwards. So far I have mainly used oils for weathering and wanted to avoid that extra step of having to seal the enamels with acrylics beforehand. This is where I haven't been thinking (this can happen). The acrylics I will use all have a matt surface, so I'll have to prime anyway otherwise the oil weathering will turn out too heavy! Is there a thread somewhere here on weathering? Chris
  13. Excellent topic, just what I've been looking for. I'm thinking of getting back into plastic aircraft modelling, which I haven't done for about ten years now. I ordered a bunch of stuff for the last christmas holidays, when I started a Wingnut Wings DH9a, including Tamiya acrylics. This didn't turn out well. If I wasn't careful the acrylics would 'puddle' on larger surfaces which would be visible later as a glossy area and it would also wrinkle a bit as well. I'm not giving up yet, and have ordered the new Revell BF109 as a next project. I want to try acrylics again as I believe it is easier for weathering than when using enamels. Would you recommend priming all surfaces before spraying acrylics, maybe with an enamel primer? How do you go about weathering? I have tried diluted oils which worked well but take ages to dry. I saw a youtube on Flory Models weathering products which seems to work good. Has anyone tried them? Chris
  14. I there, new guy here. Brit Chris in Germany. Just wanted to show you my latest project, a Pocher 500K Mercedes. Still a long way to go yet. I have reworked the wings and the body quite a bit and scratch build a new bonnet. Thanks for looking. Chris
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