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    All things Mirage and derived from the Mirage family. Post WWII French Air Forces. Jags, Buccs, Lightnings, Hunters, Meteors and V Bombers. Italian WWII fighters. De Havilland Military Aircraft, namely Mossies, Hornets, Vampires, Venoms and Vixens.

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  1. That is one superb looking Dagger. Lovely paint finish and subtle weathering. Well done Malcolm, your time and effort have been rewarded with a superb model. Cheers, Zhizhou
  2. Thanks for sharing these future releases Eclipse. The UAE two seater will be most welcome. Do you have any plans for decal sets that cover the Armee De L'Air 2000B ? Of all the 2000 variants the 2000B is often overlooked. Cheers Zhizhou
  3. Nice to see a Magister on this site. Even better when it is a very nice example such as this one. Nice finish with the NMF and Dayglo. Well done Martin and thanks for sharing it with us.
  4. Really nice Mirage IIICJ, lovely paint finish and subtle weathering. Thanks for sharing 745 with us. Zhizhou
  5. What a fantastic Mirage 2000B and the Xtracolor paints look a good match. Well done your build is great. I think the SAM MDF book has photos of 115-OR wearing the black fin tip. Thanks for sharing 527 with us. Zhizhou
  6. G'day Dunny Welcome to the forum. I look forward to seeing your first RFI. Please say hello to the good folk in Tea Tree Gully and Golden Grove. cheers Zhizhou aka Mark
  7. Nice to see a Jag in the early camo scheme. Your T2 is a stunner. Well done Zhizhou
  8. Many thanks to the Abingdon team for putting on another enjoyable show. The Mirage SIG had a great time in Hall 1 for the first time. Well done guys look forward to next October. Cheers Zhizhou
  9. That is a great looking Voodoo. Thanks for sharing it with us. Zhizhou
  10. Scaleworx of South Africa do conversion sets for the Mirage IIIB with the Kinetic IIID as the donor kit. They also do a conversion set for the two seat Pantera. Google Scaleworx will bring you their contact details, cheers, Zizhou
  11. Very nicely done Alain. Lovely finish with the metallic tones. cheers, Zhiz
  12. Thanks for the news update Amaru. Some really good work being done by the Antarki Models team. I am making the 1/48 Pantera with your conversion set at present. Going really well so far. I look forward to the release of the 1/48 5MA/Elkan conversion and the 1/32 Pantera set. Do Antarki Models also plan to release 1/32nd decals sets to go with the new conversions ? 1/32nd decal subjects tend to be limited to French, Swiss, Israeli and Brazilian Air Forces subjects just now. Cheers, Zhizhou
  13. There is also the Earley Risers model club in the Reading district. They are an IPMS branch too. Cheers, Zhizhou
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