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    All things Mirage and derived from the Mirage family. Post WWII French Air Forces. Jags, Buccs, Lightnings, Hunters, Meteors and V Bombers. Italian WWII fighters. De Havilland Military Aircraft, namely Mossies, Hornets, Vampires, Venoms and Vixens.

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  1. That is a very nice collection. The Revell kit gives a fine looking Mirage. Superb work. This quartet of Mirage would look great on the Mirage60@2021 big display at SMW2021 (if SMW is possible this year !!) Thanks for sharing them Zhizhou
  2. Simply superb. Lovely subject. represented by the best of modelling. Zhizhou
  3. I have to agree with all the previous comments, the work undertaken for your build Patrick has resulted in a first class replica of the Mirage IIIB. Well done, you have set the bar high for those us still making this model. Cheers, Zhizhou
  4. Nice to see the Kfir in this ATAC scheme. You have built a fine looking Kfir. cheers Zhizhou
  5. That is one stunning Thud. An superb paint finish. Great work Cheers Zhizhou
  6. Two lovely Lightnings. The 74 sqdn Tiger is stunning. Thanks for sharing them with us. Zhizhou
  7. Thanks for sharing your build with us, it is a cracking finish you have achieved. Might have to buy one of these kits. cheers Zhizhou
  8. That is a cracking Drakken, nice to see it wearing Finnish markings too. A great model. Zhizhou
  9. Very nicely done. The ESCI/Italeri Mirage 3 turns out a good looking Mirage. Thanks for sharing it with us. Cheers Zhizhou
  10. @Work in Progress, one French and one Israeli NMF scheme. Lets hope the decal sheet suppliers see an opportunity to produce a sheet or two for this kit. The original SAAF NMF 816 with the red flash down the fuselage and red tail spring to mind. Cheers, Zhizhou
  11. Excellent Mirage 2000. You have done a great job with the Kinetic kit. The Taiwanese colours look great. Thanks for sharing your build with us. Zhizhou
  12. Thanks for sharing your Mosquito with us. You have produced a great build and a marvellous Mossie, the PRU Blue scheme suits the Mosquito. Cheers, Zhizhou
  13. Very nicely done Chris148. Your Mirage looks great..
  14. Thanks for sharing your terrific trio Heather. The camouflage schemes on all three looks great. Zhizhou
  15. Hi Work In Progress, I have used the IIIB decal set twice with no problems whatsoever. I made 13-PN too with the Heller kit. I was pleased with the resulting model. It often gets displayed at UK model shows (although not this year) on the French Air Forces SIG displays. I also used the set to make a camo EC 02/02 Cote D'Or aircraft, 207 2-FJ. I can't share any images as my models as the photos went down the drain when PhotoBucket pulled their stunt a few years back. I have seen IIIB models at French model shows which have used the Berna set. In all cases, these m
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