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    All things Mirage and derived from the Mirage family. Post WWII French Air Forces. Jags, Buccs, Lightnings, Hunters, Meteors and V Bombers. Italian WWII fighters. De Havilland Military Aircraft, namely Mossies, Hornets, Vampires, Venoms and Vixens.

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  1. Very nicely done Alain. Lovely finish with the metallic tones. cheers, Zhiz
  2. Thanks for the news update Amaru. Some really good work being done by the Antarki Models team. I am making the 1/48 Pantera with your conversion set at present. Going really well so far. I look forward to the release of the 1/48 5MA/Elkan conversion and the 1/32 Pantera set. Do Antarki Models also plan to release 1/32nd decals sets to go with the new conversions ? 1/32nd decal subjects tend to be limited to French, Swiss, Israeli and Brazilian Air Forces subjects just now. Cheers, Zhizhou
  3. There is also the Earley Risers model club in the Reading district. They are an IPMS branch too. Cheers, Zhizhou
  4. I made the original IIIC from Italeri. I did encounter problems fitting the nose and the rear fuselage pieces. Much filler was required to blend everything in. This was disappointing on a new kit and I thought at the time unnecessary. I spent an extra week filling and sanding. I did not have any problems joining the lower fuselage to the upper. One wing joined the fuselage combination with no issues. The other (I think it was the starboard) fouled on some structure inside the fuselage and I had to spend time do some tricky filing before I could obtain a decent fit. This could have been my fault when joining the fuselage components. I had no problems fitting the windshield, that went on no trouble. I fitted my canopy shut. That was a problem because the sides splayed out further than the cockpit sills. I did consider super glue but stuck with Krystal Klear and tape to hold it in place. I left it taped up for a week to ensure the Krystal had cured sufficiently to keep it place. I'm planning on building a IIIR or IIIRD next year for the Mirage SIG 60th Anniversary BigBuild. At least I'm better prepared and will try and avoid the problem with the wing. I was pleased with the end result and I did enjoy the build overall, I took my time and spent 10 elapsed months from start to finish, I have a nice bleu IIIC which needs a IIIE and a IIIR or maybe a IIIO to stand beside it. Hope this helps. Cheers Zhizhou
  5. Nice looking Hornet. Great finish. Thanks for sharing it with us Pelican. cheers, Zhizhou
  6. Big thank you to Special Hobby. What a superb announcement ! I guess these will arrive after the Viggens, Meteor Nightfighters, and two stage Mosquito's. Can SH look at the Mirage 2000 family too. I know there are less variants, but the old Heller kit can't go on forever, can it? cheers, Zhizhou
  7. Superb finish. A great miniature replication of the real thing. Zhiz
  8. Very nice work Dave, I love the paint finish and subtle weathering. Lovely job. Zhizhou
  9. Lovely finish, nice work, you got the very best out of that kit. cheers, Zhizhou
  10. Excellent build Patrick, a nice miniature replica of the F1 CR. Thanks for sharing your build Zhizhou
  11. Forgot to say Mathy, thanks for sharing another superb Mirage Build, another winner. Have you ever thought of joining the IPMS Mirage SIG ?
  12. Looking at the photo of 202, I would say that 202 is not a true Mirage IIIBE. To me it looks like a hybrid aircraft, built as a Mirage IIIB with the ventral pack taken from a IIIE with a IIIBE nose. The rear end of 202 has the ATAR 9B with the Mirage IIIC fuselage end. The cable conduits underneath the nose are from the IIIB. These were changed on the IIIBE. Hope this helps .... Zhizhou
  13. Hi Paul, Both my builds will be on the SIG stands. The PJ Production M5F is almost ready for painting and Mirage IVA fuselage is all together with much putty. Just added the air intakes last night. I must have learnt something as they went on a dream with very little to tidy them up. Windscreen and canopies on too. Just a bit more filler work to blend them in. Did you get those Spanish decals? Be good to see them if you have them. See you bright and early Sunday Morning Zhizhou
  14. Looking forward to seeing your build so far Paul. I hope I will learn much. I'll also bring my PJ Prod M5F and Heller Mirage IVA too for the SIG displays. See ya Sunday.
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