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  1. Yes, we do. They will be available for sale towards the end of January. Mike Belcher, Belcher Bits PS Also coming are RCN markings for AS3 / TBM in 1/72. The new Sword kits look pretty good, and the decals included don't look too bad either. However, this set will allow you to depict the earlier all blue TBMs in RCN service as well.
  2. out of stock at all online sources, which is why I posted a link to an actual source.
  3. Tamiya mix for 501-109 I tried the mix listed earlier and found it pretty good for colour, but too dark. Once you have gone too dark, you need a lot of white to lighten things up. I doubled the white and even a bit more, and it is still slightly too dark. I would suggest tripling the amount of white. I would recommend the following: 5 parts Tamiya XF-12 JN Grey 9 parts Tamiya XF-02 Gloss White 1 part Tamiya XF-18 Medium Blue This was compared to an actual paint chip (not a printed one) liberated from work when they were throwing these things out. Mike B
  4. More on the Argus book. Spoke to the author, Cary Baker about where to order. He replied "For some reason the web site tabs don't scroll down far enough to show the publication tab. You have to go into Tactical Equipment. Then you'll see another scroll down menu for everything in that section to include publications. The Argus book is the last item listed on page 5. Here is the link if you want to pass it around: https://www.istcshop.ca/product-category/tactical-equipment/publications/page/5/ Unfortunately the online shop only accepts orders within Canada.
  5. Oh yes, not wanting to forget about Patrick Martin's books on markings, which are the bibles as far as I am concerned. Couldn't have made the decals without them. Mike B
  6. I have been in correspondence with the author, and that was what he said to do. I have raised this problem with him and when hw responds, I will post the correct link here. Sorry about that. Mike
  7. I note that a few people have asked for references for the Argus. There is a very good hard cover book called 'The Canadair Argus', published by Bryler Publications in 2012. Hard to find these days, I have just spoken to the author, Cary Baker and he still has lots of stock. They are available through his shop (http://www.istcshop.ca/ ... look in the publications area) at a price of $Can 59.99 plus postage (which may vary depending on where you are). This is an excellent reference with lots of photos and markings information. I used this as a reference in the production of my decal sheet for t
  8. Tip Tanks et al Just a clarification. I do not like to speak ill of other manufacturers, so I won't here, but let me be clear. When it says those tip tanks were licensed from Belcher Bits, it means the original masters were supplied by Belcher bits. All casting is done by Alley Cat, so I'm not taking any responsibility for the bubbly castings illustrated here Mike Belcher, Belcher Bits
  9. A belated incursion into the tip tank discussion. When I got into this a number of years ago, it was because the Classic Airframes Canberra tanks were too small in diameter. Airfix Canberra tanks were a funny shape. The Classic Airframes B-57 tanks were just the right size. So I brought out a resin replacement set, with a bit of added detail to the nose. However, if you have the Classic Airframes B-57 kit, you're golden Mike Belcher
  10. MDC did a conversion years ago. Worth hunting one up.
  11. The Lancaster decals are sold out but the drone decals are still available, if that's of any help. Contact me at info@belcherbits.com Mike Belcher
  12. You get two sheets with this set. All the markings you need.
  13. John Thanks very much, very useful. Mike
  14. John Where, pray tell? I have searched in Cold War for buccaneer, markings, even 'canberra kid'. I get nothin'. Mike
  15. Thanks, gents. That confirms my measurements off of some relatively small drawings.
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