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  1. Ahhh yes...those lumps... Both a blessing and a curse
  2. On a barely related note.... If this is the Moebius kit, and you're going to use the pilot figure, and you plan on using the supplied decals (geeze that's a lot of ifs!) I found that the instructions tell you to place the shoulder patches on the wrong shoulders, so switch their left and rights (check out a couple of screen grabs to see I'm not just a dribbling mad man) Thank you for your kind attention.
  3. Your work is exemplary sir...but whenever I see that ship I can't help remembering the general description of it at the time "...looks like a plucked parrot"
  4. Well, they can't spell "through" properly for a start!
  5. Awesome. Cheers for the coiled copper wire idea - just solved a dilemma I had on one of my builds (God, I'm such a noob!!)
  6. Haha! I hadn't actually noticed until you pointed it out. I once converted an old Stikfas figure into a Doc Savage - I wonder whatever happened to that.....
  7. That looks pretty awesome, and nice to see some slightly different subject matter too. Sounds like you have big plans for this puppy, love to see how you progress. What a fantastic wife you must have!
  8. The Bird of Prey truely is a thing of beauty and you've certainly done a bang up job - loving your work
  9. Thanks Arronax - having done a full dry run it does push the tail section/engine housings out so needs sorting Back to plan a - cut the bleeder off!!!
  10. Thanks for that Dan And your build is totally frakkin' awesome BTW Thanks for setting the bar so high!!
  11. Being a recent returnee to the wonderful world of plastic wrangling after many years in the wilderness I decided to hold off attempting my old Halcyon Aliens APC until having done something to test out what skills I did have "back in the day". Well hello you gorgeous little BSG MkII Viper from Moebius you Alas however, upon doing a dry run I discovered the cockpit rear/tail section support has suffered a mis-mould on one half of the main fuselage... This is clearly gonna make life difficult!! I've tried gently warming things up and pushing back into place but the thickness of the connecting plastic underneath is preventing this In my frustration my next course of action was to cut the bleeder off and re-seat it with added internal support for good measure - but before I do a total hatchet job are any of you out there proficient at correcting these sorts of manufacturing mistakes and/or familiar enough with the kit to offer possible solutions. Any and all suggestions gratefully received - I bow to your collective superior knowledge
  12. There, there oileanach - I did and it certainly gave me food for thought But I have to say, having taken time to go through the wip and finished articles threads here it's put my meager modelling abilities to shame. Perhaps before unleashing my sausage fingers on an expensive, out of production kit I should dust of what paltry skills I have on something cheaper and more readily replaced should it all go breasts skywards....
  13. Original series BSG Viper you say? Sign me up
  14. Wasn't expecting a dilemma so early on in my intended return to modeldom, but I also unearthed an old (but beautiful) DS9 Runabout kit. Decisions, decisions.....
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