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  1. I notice a number of aftermarket hobby suppliers taking a similar stance. Mark Proulx
  2. Yes, different markings would be nice, though aftermarket likely to step in. I would hope to see an optional nose perspex representing the more common gun configuration. Mark Proulx
  3. AIMS does a nice 32nd scale conversion. Mark Proulx
  4. I assume you mean "2". Mark Proulx
  5. The 109 photo in post #8 also appears to have a mid-fuselage demarcation point, not the bottom as per post #1. The rear fuselage band also much narrower. Mark Proulx
  6. Probably ensures that a prop strike wouldn't happen as the wheels absorbed the landing. Mark Proulx
  7. Sure would be nice to see ACCURATE 1/48th scale decals for the Trumpeter kit. Mark Proulx
  8. This is a great development for a kit long overdue.... Will it come with clear parts and decals? Is the Mach 2 kit readily available? I will be keeping a close eye on this conversion! Mark Proulx PS... if you need help at all I have lots of Argus material including photos/slides of every one built.
  9. In discussions I have with some 352nd FG "experts", they routinely polished some of their aircraft with shoe polish in the search for speed. That would certainly change the color on the aircraft after application. Mark Proulx
  10. Ummmm.... Eduard is 48th scale. This conversion set is in 32nd scale designed for the Dragon kit. Mark Proulx
  11. FWIW, 418 Sqn RCAF became part of 2nd TAF in November 1944. Mark Proulx
  12. Aviaeology does it in 72nd. Mark Proulx
  13. On May 3, 1944, Kipp/Huletsky claimed four Fw 190's in Black Rufe. Those four victories saw 418 achieve their 100th victory, air and ground combined. Hence, the 100 applied to the nose art of this Mosquito. HTH Mark Proulx
  14. This perhaps of interest?
  15. Does anyone provide aftermarket skirts for a 1/16th scale Panzer IV? Mark Proulx
  16. There is an extensive thread about this kit at LSP. On page 5, the gear door situation is discussed. http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=64104&hl= gear doors&page=5 HTH Mark Proulx
  17. FWIW, Ullmans opus Luftwaffe Colors 1935-1945 provides color chips. Among the choices is RLM 65 Hellblau (1938) which is more towards blue. Another chip, presented immediately beside is RLM 65 Hellblau (1941) which is more towards green. Note same RLM designator and name but in two different colors for different periods in time. Mark Proulx
  18. Additionally, when you look at surviving relic pieces, there are different shades of RLM 66 too... Mark Proulx
  19. I am away from my references at the moment. If my memory serves me correctly, discussed by Ullman. I also have documents at home discussing difficulties surrounding RLM 65. Additionlly, I have fragments oF Stuka airframe pieces clearly green in hue (the Stuka RLM 65 undersides) Mark Proulx
  20. Yes, there are different shades of RLM 65. Prior to late 1941, more of blue hue. After that, more of a green hue. Though two colors, it remained RLM 65. Mark Proulx
  21. The 190 pics have been published some time ago in the Luftwaffe Im Focus series.
  22. I understand a budget dilemma.... I have to comply with it too! I can assure you that you won't be disappointed with his books. I have the JaPo books too and consider them to compliment one another. Should you have any questions on the Dora, I know Jerry will assist where possible. Mark Proulx
  23. Have you tried ordering the two volume Dora series from Eagle Editions. They might be able to help you with getting the books. Though I am biased as I work closely with Jerry, they do come highly recommended. Mark Proulx
  24. Unfortunately, the color profile of Hartmann's G-6 misses the mark... His logbook does list the aircraft as a G-6 with tall tail. However, photos of this aircraft reveal no mast aft of the canopy and no loop for the FuG 16ZY radio aft of the canopy. Only the base was attached. The antenna wire entered the fuselage just aft of the Erla-Haube canopy (fitted with late headrest) on top of the fuselage. There are no ventilation scoops ahead of the windscreen. A battery box aft of the pilot. It is likely external trim tabs fitted to the rudder. Base colors RLM 74/75/76 with white camouflage. A pre
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