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  1. Jaguar was released in October 2021, SM.79 (#1412) has been announced since 2018.
  2. Kit #2714 was announced in 2012 as "100% new tool", with "Super Decals" sheet with RAF and IAF markings. One of few dozen kits announced and still not released. Yep, set #2511 "NATO Pilots, Ground Crew and Accessories" was announced in 2017 together with #2506 (F-35A) and #2513 (Tornado GR.4) and is still missing in action.
  3. And you would have lost. Eduard has already announced that they will not be reboxing any Mustang from AH, although their own Mustangs will probably not appear until a few years from now.
  4. True. I'll wait for Eduard to be scaled down to 1/72, they have a habit of repeating the camouflage options, so that one will probably get there too.
  5. Unfortunately, not my scale, but I'm a bit envious of the 1/48 modellers. The choice of schemes is great and I don't know if you can limit yourself to just one. That South Korean one is really interesting.
  6. This is a translation of what Russian and Ukrainian modellers wrote on the Greenmats Club forum...
  7. Nothing special, TBH: • What's that biplane on the New Year's Eve greeting shining through, not the Polikarpov R-1 by any chance? • [They] didn't specify the details, as it's not really my thing. Precisely - early Soviets. • It's not just the R-1, but DH.9a as well. The planes are different, but the general details are [the same]. • R-1 was built (copied, creatively reworked) on the basis of DH-9. I will be waiting for two! I have already started putting money away!
  8. ICM released 1/48 LaGG-3 in 2008 (#48091). I'm not sure how about accuracy but parts look nice: https://ipmsdeutschland.de/archiv/FirstLook/ICM/ICM_LaGG-3_serie1/ICM_LaGG-3_serie1.html
  9. Trumpeter from 2005 is still available and quite good. Special Hobby released new 1/72 kit in 2009. Special Hobby announced new tool kit last year, IIRC. Trumpeter released AS.1/AS.4 and T.2 in 2006, Sword released AEW.3 in 2015. Italeri released Wessex in 1/72, both HAS.3 and HU.5. HAS.1, HMA.1 and HC.3 were released by Italeri in 1/72, HMA.1 and HC.3 were reboxed by Revell.
  10. I see that regardless of the country we all have similar excuses and justifications for subsequent purchases
  11. Again, I suggest judging such details only in the kit you hold in your hands, and not by looking at photos taken with a digital camera, which distorts details far more than you may think.
  12. Apart from the first two, the others have already been announced - another UH-2/SH-2, Su-25, Hawk 75, MiG-23 (ML, I guess) and Super Frelon.
  13. Source: https://www.facebook.com/ibgmodels/posts/4831589893629283 PDF: http://www.ibgmodels.com/resources/Fw190Dvar.pdf
  14. I am afraid this is not the first time. This is what happens when you don't divide your text into clear paragraphs, separate for each scale.
  15. I hope this is more than just birthday wishes. I badly need I-16 Type 5, Luftwaffe had one (or at least one) captured with proper markings.
  16. Yep. Translators are far from perfect, especially when translating Slavic languages into English. That is why the construction of the original text should be taken into account. And the construction here is quite obvious - first the 1/72 scale is mentioned and it continues until the statement "Ve čtvrtce", with which the discussion of the 1/48 scale announcement begins.
  17. I'm sorry but what "evidence" are you talking about? Sentence, you are referring to, is part of Special Hobby's newsletter translated from Czech to English. When you look on Czech original, you can clearly see there is no single word about 1/48 Hudson. The phrase "Ve čtvrtce" means 1/48 scale, just as "Ve dvaatřicetině" means 1/32 scale. Here is original and where each scale is mentioned.
  18. Released under MPM label in 2006, reboxed by Classic Plane, Italeri and Revell. In the last 2-3 years on 50% sale in Special Hobby online shop. IIRC renders posted by Special Hobby, this should be whole family, nine (?) versions. As far as I know only Airfix in 1963 and MPM/Special Hobby in 2006 released new tool Hudsons in 1/72.
  19. Special Hobby prints in 3D more and more parts, I wouldn't be surprised if this kit had old resins replaced with much better 3D ones.
  20. Well, once again - nobody is talking about perfect cheap models. We are talking about old models that do not meet modern quality standards and are priced like they were just designed with all the bells and whistles. Contrary to popular belief, most buyers do not care about this. What buyers do care about is having some reasonable choice, that the model is reasonably cheap, that it is not complicated to build. People who need to complete the equipment of lesser-known air forces are few. If there were a lot of them, there would be no "will this project pay for itself" problem. The fact that Italeri is the only one with any proposals does not automatically mean that their pricing is right. The more the model deviates from modern standards, the less willing it will be to be bought even by those who lack it in their collection. Many of these proposals have not been on sale for years, so Italeri has a monopoly from which it makes no profit. And we are not talking about a cycle of "a model has been on the market for 40 years, so every 3-5 years we introduce a limited series into the catalogue for 1-2 years". We are talking about an actual absence from the market for several years.
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