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  1. IBG Models 1/72 PlatzSchutzstaffel JV44 2 in 1 box with model kit of Fw 190D-9 and D-11 will include five painting schemes shown below. Coming soon! Source: IBG Models @ Facebook
  2. The model was announced barely 5 months ago, meanwhile Italeri has yet to release the 2511 — NATO Pilots, Ground Crew and Accessories set announced in 2016. At their rate of working on kits in 1/32 I would expect this Macchi somewhere in 2025 than in a month or two.
  3. Announced since 2019. Not so bad, especially when compared to the announcement of the reissue F-111A from ESCI, which has been announced since 2017. Or new tool NATO Pilots, Ground Crew and Accessories set, announced since 2016. I wouldn't say that, Italeri is releasing new kits. The problem is that even if you take the three popular aircraft scales together, the number of new releases from Italeri has been dropping for years. Below I insert a similar summary for 1/32 and 1/48 scale, and at the end a chart summarizing all Italeri aircraft novelties from 1997-2021. 1/32 2013 - 1 - Lockheed F-104G/S Starfighter (2502) 2014 - 0 2015 - 1 - Dassault Mirage IIIC (2505) 2016 - 0 2017 - 1 - Lockheed F-35A Lightning II (2506) 2018 - 0 2019 - 0 2020 - 1 - Panavia Tornado GR.4 (2513) 2021 - 0 1/48 1997 - 1 - Bell UH-1N Twin Huey Gunship (847) 1998 - 2 - Bell UH-1D Slick (849) | Bell OH-13S Sioux (857) 1999 - 2 - Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor (850) | Boeing RAH-66 Comanche (860) 2000 - 1 - Eurofighter EF-2000 Typhoon (862) 2001 - 2 - Boeing F/A-18E Super Hornet (2611) | Sikorsky MH-60G Pave Hawk (2612) 2002 - 1 - McDonnell Douglas F-15 A/C Eagle (2617) 2003 - 0 2004 - 0 2005 - 1 - Saab JAS 39 A Gripen (2638) 2006 - 3 - Fiat CR.42 LW (2640) | Boeing ACH-47A Armed Chinook (2647) | Fairchild-Republic A-10A Thunderbolt II (2655) 2007 - 0 2008 - 1 - BAe Hawk T.1 (2669) 2009 - 1 - Reggiane Re.2002 Ariete (2670) 2010 - 3 - Arado Ar 196A (2675) | Macchi C.200 Saetta (2676) | Junkers Ju 87B-2 (2690) 2011 - 2 - Bell OH-58D Kiowa (2704) | Hawker Hurricane I (2705) 2012 - 1 - Westland Wessex UH.5 (2720) 2013 - 0 2014 - 0 2015 - 0 2016 - 1 - Piasecki H-21C Shawnee "Flying Banana" (2733) 2017 - 0 2018 - 0 2019 - 0 2020 - 0 2021 - 0 Some people like to live in delusions, but the graph clearly shows that the golden era of Italeri is long behind us. Of course, someone can go even further into denial and claim that the graph is lying. In that case, below we have all the new tool kits from Italeri from 2020-2021: 2020 1/32 - 2513 - Panavia Tornado GR.4 1/56 - 15768 - Italian Tanks & Tank Destroyers (M13/40, M14/41, M40 da 75/18 mm, M41 da 75/18 mm) 1/72 - 7081 - T-55A 1/72 - 7082 - 15cm sFH 18 Field Howitzer / 10,5 cm sK 18 Field Gun 2021 1/12 - 4709 - Lancia Delta HF Integrale 16V 1/72 - 6198 - Montecassino Abbey 1944 Breaking the Gustav Line Of the four 2020 novelties, both in 1/72 scale are moulds bought from another company - if I remember correctly, Toxso Model. Of the two new releases from 2021, one is actually two sets of old ESCI figures plus Italeri vehicles from the Fast Assembly line, packed into one box with a laser-cut MDF building thrown in. That is, Italeri was only able to produce three novelties in two years. Three. Some might say that we had a pandemic, but it affected everyone. Other companies - how often considered small and insignificant - were able to release many more novelties at the same time: Eduard released 6 brand new kits, IBG Models released 11, ICM at least 16 brand new kits. Is Italeri able to produce more novelties per year? Perhaps, but for now it is hard to judge. Is Italeri able to match these companies in releasing brand new tool kits? In my opinion, no.
  4. Yes, and that would make the most sense. If this isn't some kind of printing error, it looks like the decals for the vertical stabilizer don't have yellow elements, only 65. The design of these decals doesn't look like the best thought out. The modeller has to match both yellow and red paint to the decals.
  5. On the other hand, the modeller applies the decal once and has all the parts properly fitted, and the film over the whole wing gives an even surface. Whether softeners can cope with these decals is a separate issue.
  6. It was the late 1970s (Heller) and 1980s (ZTS Plastyk). Literally a few comments above I wrote that this "market creation" is delusional and I showed it with the example of Czech model companies. Games Workshop is not a modelling company, it is a company that produces accessories for the battle games it has created. In exactly the same way First To Fight produces simplified models for its own battle game. Yes, in 1/72 scale, but nevertheless the entire production relates to this game, which is directly shown on the manufacturer's website. I do not want to write out once again why this is not viable and, above all, why it is unrealistic. I wrote about it both in this thread and in a thread from a year ago. Nothing has changed except that the cost of production has gone up, so the profitability is even lower.
  7. Someone has greatly exaggerated events. In fact, the Russians shelled the island and destroyed the mobile network relay, only then taking the Ukrainian soldiers prisoner. For the Ukrainian authorities, contact suddenly ceased and the soldiers simply 'disappeared'. Given the Russians' 'track record' so far, and the fact that they did not inform about the fate of the Ukrainian POWs, the worst option was assumed, which exceptionally did not happen in this case. Coming back to the "Spirit of Kiev" - we really have no idea where the Ukrainian Air Force is stationed, how many combat tasks it performs and what real achievements the Ukrainian pilots have. We are unlikely to find out until the end of the war, as any information threatens the security of either the pilots or the places of stationing. Videos from the front line show that the Ukrainian Air Force, which the Russians declared destroyed on the first day of the war, is still performing combat tasks. This includes even such large aircraft as the Su-24M.
  8. Ukrainian pilots have downed a number of Russian aircraft, but neither their names nor the number of kills are disclosed for obvious reasons. Is there an air ace among them? Nobody knows. Disclosure and verification will have to wait until the war is over, which will not be soon. On the other hand, I do not really understand questioning the events on Snake Island. The cruiser "Moskva" arrived, ordered the defenders to surrender, was sent нахуй by them, the defenders were fired upon and taken prisoner.
  9. One of the two Savoia-Marchetti SM.95s transport aircraft commandeered by the German at Guidonia’s Flying Test Center after the Italy’s Armistice, September 1943, and transferred in Germany. Many Italian planes captured by the German was tested both in Italy and in Germany, at Rechlin’s Luftwaffe test center. The test pilot Hans-Werner Lerche which evaluated most of Italian planes, tested also the SM.95. The Lerche’s judgment was good and the two four engines was assigned to Trasportfliegerstaffel 5 (Tr.St.5) at Muhldorf. One SM.95 was destroyed at Muhldorf on 4 September 1944 by an Allied air raid, the other disappeared during the Germany’s fall. Note in this photo, likely taken at Muhldorf during the winter, one of Savoia-Marchetti S.82 seized and employed by Luftwaffe. Source: https://www.ww2incolor.com/gallery/german-air-force/37828/luftwaffe's-sm.95 An article about Transportfliegerstaffel 5 was published in Avions 164 (2008 07-08) or Jet & Prop 2018/03.
  10. Noise? I don't understand why you are trying to belittle a perfectly valid and substantive criticism of the kit. I thought it was made clear enough that The Critic (@CarLos) had bought the model and was warning others, because if he himself had received such a warning he would not have bought the kit. No, it is not. And it is high time to stop making excuses for manufacturers who make mistakes of this magnitude. We're not talking about the "problem" that a designer shortened a panel line by half a millimetre, which can be fixed in less time than it takes to log on to BM. We are talking about mistakes that require making the fuselage and wings virtually from scratch. The manufacturer of the model did not sell us plans according to which we should make the model ourselves, but took money for a product that we should not improve to the extent of what is called "building from scratch". Sorry, but to me such a statement is very arrogant. It sounds like an announcement that criticism of a poor model is not allowed, because everyone should improve it themselves. This is 2022, not 1972, when a model roughly resembling the original was enough for everyone. Developments in technology today make it possible to turn good factory plans into a great 3D design that a short run company can print and make moulds based on. AZ Model are keen to claim to design their models in 3D, so perhaps it's time to start expecting 3D and CAD quality? If you like building models from something that only broadly resembles the original - fantastic, this is the kit for you. But most people in 2022 expect contemporary quality from the brand new kits, not a semi-finished product that is hard to achieve a satisfactory result from. And even a "short run" tag doesn't mean a "do all the details yourself, because we didn't give a poo-poo" set these days.
  11. ClearProp has so far announced ML, MLA, MLD and P variants. So far there is no MF or UB, but I think it is worth lobbying.
  12. The Foxbot masks were prepared for this particular paint job, not specifically for the IBG Models kit.
  13. Catalogue numbers: CP72023 - I-16 Type 5 In the Sky of Spain CP72024- I-16 Type 5 Early Version CP72025 - I-16 Type 5 1938-1941 Below box design for CP72023 and CP72024.
  14. Ukrainian modellers in this thread on Greenmats Club write about SRS-14 - they took it from Su-24MR from Zvezda, which is a reboxed Dragon. I think it's worth asking your friends if they'd like a couple of Trumpeter weapon sprues in exchange for that Dragon/Zvezda pod. There is no other way to get this pod, and the Shpil-2M is not produced at all. I had to buy Efir-1M from Amigo Models, but have no regrets - I bought quite a few sets, including engines and ejection seats.
  15. Piece of cake. 1. Take a few empty large kit boxes from colleagues. 2. Unfold them and somehow sneak them home. 3. Buy a new kit at your friend's address. 4. Assemble one empty box into normal form and take it out of the house saying "Darling, I'm going to swap models with a friend". 5. Throw the empty box away at a friend's house and take your new kit from him. 6. Come home and show your wife that you have traded one box for another box. The procedure can be repeated when necessary.
  16. It's good to know that their plans for WWII go beyond the Pacific and we can see some proposals from Europe.
  17. This is a very good comparison. A full interior T-55 tank from MiniArt can have over 1000 parts. For someone who likes interiors, details and learning about vehicle construction this is an excellent choice. But this model will not be done in a weekend or two, so if someone wants to glue quickly and effortlessly, they should choose Tamiya. Which doesn't have as much detail and has 1/5 the parts of the MiniArt kit. But you can't have MiniArt's level of detail and interior with Tamiya's parts count and assembly speed.
  18. As @HKR explained, this is made on purpose to show how to avoid some issues and how to fix them if they were made already. I'm posting this link because aside from fix hints the thread shows how to build this kit. Or maybe I should write: how the kit for intermediate modellers can be easy to build.
  19. Then I don't know what the problem is - you can assemble the kit without PE elements.
  20. I think it's worth seeing this build thread beforehand, where there are quite a few hints: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/72nd_aircraft/fw-190d-from-ibg-no-corrections-but-alterations-up-t12419.html I don't like PEs myself, but they are justified in this kit.
  21. Sooner than later, there is standard info "Coming Soon".
  22. Yes, I know, but I didn't want to list anymore who was where, especially since I had no reliable info about all the companies. I am very glad that you can get back to work and I hope that trade can be restored. Я також сподіваюся, що рашистів можна буде вигнати туди, де знаходиться їхній військовий корабель.
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