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  1. Matave

    Hornet moth interior color

    Here is one picture of the interior of the ex Swedish SE-AGE, now in Australia. https://abpic.co.uk/pictures/view/1330939
  2. Matave

    1/72 SAAB (MFI) Safari

    Jepp, made by Munin Models and later by Flugzeug.
  3. Matave

    Luftwaffe book pic request

    I have no opinion of the colours. That's what is suggested in the book. I'll hope the author Kjetil Aakra wil respond to my message and come with his view. Here is one model builders version on the Norwegian IPMS forum. (only in Norwegian I'm afraid) You may follow the thread her: https://forum.ipmsnorge.org/topic/15826-gustav-fra-sørlandet-eduard-109g-14/ /Mats
  4. Matave

    Luftwaffe book pic request

    Since I'm the one supplying the picture for the book, I can therefore show it to you here: Please enjoy. Please note the number 13 on the right wheel leg. The aircraft is of JG5 at Lista, Norway may 1945, photographed at Kjevik, Norway just after the war. The colours are probably RLM 75/82/76.
  5. Matave

    Searching for reliable Canberra scale drawings

    Hello neighbour Antti. Beautyful ! What decals did you use?
  6. Is that the same basic kit as this one? www.marivoxmodels.net/9-products/16-sk2-contents
  7. The (almost) complete history with profiles of all F 19 aircraft markings are described together with a lot of pictures in this book: Gloster Gladiator and Hawker Hart : In Combat with the Swedish Voluntary Wing F19, Finland 1940 by Mikael Forslund
  8. Matave

    1/72 Viggen Question

    Sprue G is for the JA 37 version which means that you shouldn't use any of those parts for an AJ 37. However, the fin is only appropriate for the JA 37 or SK 37. So you'll have to find another one. If you have built a Heller Viggen JA or SK you may have a spare... You should also use the external fuel tank with three fins.
  9. Matave

    Hannants using my Sage 2 model is this normal for them?

    They can't use your picture without permission. Your picture is copyright by you. Suggest that you send a bill to them of at least £80, or ask them kindly to remove your picture from their page. What's making it even worse is that they are using it commercially to sell a product.
  10. Matave

    1/72 - Fokker D.VII - by Eduard

    I built the old, but nice, Revell one but inserted a surplus engine from a Roden D VII. Now I'm searching for a branch pipe that fits the engine...
  11. Matave

    1/72 Cmr models grumman goose

    What's wrong with the Sword one?
  12. Matave

    Bristol Bloodhound Missile

    Out of service
  13. Matave

    Austrian Draken

    You don't have to do much more than follow the instructions of the Austrian version.
  14. Matave

    Airfix Short Skyvan

    Aha, thanks. Does anyone knows the diameter? Airfix Skyvan props are about 36 mm. Btw I'll make a Skyvan 3, Swedish civilian.
  15. Matave

    Liberator tail