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  1. ...or the sole Swedish Air Force one.
  2. UN decals for UNOGIL in Lebanon 1958 would be nice...
  3. Matave

    Airfix 2019

    What the world really needs: Tiger Moth 1/48 and 1/24 DH Vampire 1/24 Gloster Gladiator 1/24
  4. Matave

    Fiat CR42 interior color

    Some pics from the original CR 42 in the Swedish Air Force Museum:
  5. Matave

    Junkers Ju 160

    In the book: A history of Chinese aviation - Encyclopedia of aircraft and aviation in China until 1949 by Lennart Andersson it says: No references to colouring or markings.
  6. Matave

    Tiger moth G-ACDC color

    Something like this?!...
  7. Matave

    Mosquito N.F. Mk. XIX

    Hi Stein It's available from here as well... http://mikaelforslundproduktion.com/galleri/bocker-just-nu/bocker/
  8. Matave

    Mosquito N.F. Mk. XIX

    Hi Stein Get the book about the Swedish J 30 (XIX) by Mikael Forslund. There are a lot of pics and drawings there...
  9. Matave

    SH48180 model 239 Buffalo - Finnish camo options

    Just remember that it was never called Buffalo in Finland!!! Just Brewster!
  10. Matave

    Seafire mk.45 cockpit colour?

    What about the Seafire FR.46? I have plans to build the demonstrator LA545...
  11. Both Airfix and Amodels Avro 504's have the early type of undercarriage with a central ski. After the WW I several Avro 504's (e.g Swedish ones) got a Siskin style undercarriage strut arrangement like in the Matchbox Siskin. Are there any aftermarket struts, plastic, resin or metal to get?
  12. Matave

    DH Mosquito B XVI in 1/72

    Are there any resin 6-stack exhaust for the Mosquito on the market, 1/72 and 1/48?
  13. Matave

    Grubby Decal Restoration

    If it's pure dirt it may come off in the water.Maybe using en soft dishcloth with warm water before putting it into water. The yellowness will disappear when exposing the decals in sunlight or UV-light.
  14. Matave

    SAAB S17BL cameras

    For the B 17BL you use the B-engine and the same colours as the B 17A i.e. the same colours as the still existing aircraft. The B 17BL was based at F 3 Wing so they should med marked with a black (before 1944) or yellow "3" (after 1944). The black/yellow Wing numbers in the kit are too narrow, and there are no number 3's. The large individual numbers where white before 1944, and yellow after 1944. See pics http://www.avrosys.nu/aircraft/Spaning/212S17-2.htm http://aircraftwalkaround.hobbyvista.com/saab17/saab17.htm http://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/awa01/601-700/awa652-B-17-Borjeson/00.shtm Her is a picture of the camera installation. There were three hatches. One for vertical shoots and one on either side for oblique shoots. You see all three in the picture. Mind you that this has nothing to do with the observers two windows that are shown on most drawings and pictures. https://digitaltmuseum.se/011013672694/kameramaterielens-placering-i-flygplan-s-17/media
  15. Matave

    Biggles's Camel

    Since this forum thread began I've reread most of the Biggles WW1 stories. There are very little in these stories that describe the Sopwith Camels in 266 Squadron. One thing though is mensioned quite often. The Camels had a Bentley rotary engine. In one story it's mensioned that the engine is a 150 hp Bentley, but in another story 300 hp is mensioned. In the story about the high flying German camera plane it says that the Camel normally had a 26 gallon tank. The tank is reduced to less than half (1 hour) and the upper wing tips are lengthened 18 inches to make the aircraft fly higher. Biggles was most of the time, except in the beginning, flight commander of C-flight. Mahoney was FC of A-flight and MacLaren of B-flight. I've counted that biggles made at least six crashes (totally destroyed beyond repair) and one capture/destroyed Camel. Once he switched Camel with Batson. When on leave in England he flies a Camel with number 9471. The professor has a Camel with number J-7743 on one occation. When it comes to colours it says that: Major Mullen have a red nosed Camel. It also says that Mahoneys Camel had "Streamers". Often Camels of other members of the Squadron are easy recognized which should mean that the have some markings for recognition. Btw Wilks flies an SE.5 with blue propeller boss...