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  1. I see the 1/32 kit is out... When can we expect the 1/48 kit? Hopefully soon
  2. I don't know why Dora refuses to do a S.55X changes would be minimal. Decals, engine detail and floats.
  3. Yes. I wonder how long it will take!? Hopefully not too long.
  4. Looks nice. Where's the 1/48. It was announced 6 years ago.
  5. I bought the Clear Prop! 1/48 XA2D-1 a couple of months ago from a Ukrainian vendor. Just to support a heroic people.
  6. I wonder if revell re tooled the cockpit; instrument panel was incorrect on the earlier version.
  7. Breda Ba-65 A80 Hopefully the re issue is the single seater.
  8. Nice work sir. I used to build mostly CA kits about 25 years ago. Some were OK others went into the circular file; MS 406 for one!
  9. Wow! I'm the same! That's why I want one! There's the B variant at Model hobbies. Wanted the A. Just bought the Dora J9 and the XA2D Skyshark! The wife won't like another 80USD purchase!
  10. I was referring to this article: https://www.kitreviewsonline.de/saab-b-17b-in-148-von-tarangus-ta-4810/
  11. Has any one built this? Is there a build review? Heard detail is lacking for such an expense kit.
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