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  1. Very belated I know, but Squadron Leader Neil Smith DFC crash landed X2, for which he was court martialled - and exonerated. Had the pleasure of working closely with him in has capacity as Mayor of the local Council. Many of the thrilling action stills extant in numerous publications were taken from his aircraft on ops. A wonderful man who could still don his RAAF uniform for ANZAC Day commemorations until his death.
  2. Thanks for that info Ross. Greatly appreciated. That gives me a starting point for my next Tamiya Beau. (And apologies for my regrettable lapse into Arabic numerals rather than the correct Roman - dunno what came over me.)
  3. Hi all. On 17 April 1943 604 Squadron lost its commander, S/Leader Vernon Wood. I wonder if anyone can help with:- - the Beaufighter mark operated by 604 at the time (1f or 6f possibly); - possible squadron codes and a/c serial; - likely camouflage scheme (I believe the squadron was in the process of converting from the overall night scheme to msg/dg.
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