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  1. Now those look nice Jorgen. But I love the A106. Always good to see something different
  2. Gorby Firstly, commiserations for you loss, sad thing that. Some lovely models there man, but I absolutely love your BOB diorama
  3. Those are some excellent builds Martin, really like the Whirlwinds
  4. Admiral Sah ! I'm in the same boat, but I've purchased the IBG R100 version to do a civilian one, but there's even less piccies of them. Think I'll do it in something like a Heavy equipment yellowish colour. Going back into the dark recesses of my memory,(usually a dangerous endeavor), I seem to recall a few years back that one of the die-cast manufacturers did a pioneer, i think it was like a blue & red colour. I think even Oxford do some too.
  5. Very nice indeed sir, some excellent models there My favourites are the two JGSDF vehicles
  6. Yaaaaaaay... more wheelie things All excellent builds but I love the Faun
  7. Those are excellent Steve, love the skin tones on the female figure
  8. very nice indeed, love the cannon
  9. The Airacobra is simply stunning... excellent work sir
  10. Very nice Sir Love the T62, looks excellent
  11. Morning Chaps As far as I know Matt, there is only a 43rd scale Resin kit available of the Vulcan. Pity. Mad Steve
  12. Very nice indeed DAG. Especially like the Marder, very nicely done
  13. Ach Roy you are right, its a 12th scale The problem with 8th scale kits for me is, although I have quite a large modelling room, I don't have the space to have the Bugatti on the bench all the time, and have the odd tinker which eventually leads to it being finished. it will be finished though
  14. They really are excellently presented And such a brilliant idea. Love the models, Cropduster is my favorite Well done man
  15. I think that Grief looks brilliant Duncan Sucks when the mojo doesn't keep up with the hamster on a wheel in our heads, but i think you did a brilliant job on the Hienkel. Better luck next year Mad Steve
  16. Morning Chaps Wow I didn't even know half of those even existed! We are unlucky down here in Africa's Bottom that we don't see a tenth of those that are actually available in part works. My all time No1 1/8th scale is the Pocher Bugatti T50. It took me years to find one at a decent price, and i'm building it (albiet very slowly) Two others I have in my stash, The Monogram E Type and 57 Chevy that will be built some day. Very nice list Roy Mad Steve
  17. Very nice indeed Gaz Love the X3, always liked the X planes
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