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  1. Afternoon Chaps Shaun, Yep quite correct, they are the same paint as the TS colours, just in bottles. I was led to believe that they are actually airbrush Ready, but as I said, haven't had a chance to test them yet. (and my japanese isn't good enough to read what it says on the bottle ) Steve, Didn't buy them in the UK, But if we have them down here in Africa's bottom, you should have them up there.
  2. One lives is Dar and one did not even mention the beautiful beaches..... You are truely a local (Might have something to do with the 473657 people on said beaches )
  3. Morning Chaps Anybody had a chance to try out the new Lacquer paints from Tamiya yet? I purchased them at the weekend but haven't got around to trying them yet.
  4. Afternoon Chaps Nothing makes me happier than sitting on a veranda somewhere down by the coast, couple of books or magazines, sitting there listening too and watching the sea.... Even though I have been accused of being a grumpy old fart, (namely by the other residents of Chez Mad) there are those odd days where that little ray of sunshine pokes through the clouds of old fartydom and makes one smile and feel contented. Moreover it'll be my kids... They are imports (step daughters) as Mad Mrs 1.0 wasn't forthcoming in the child department, so the day that they we
  5. They do tend to have that effect on people. They aren't bad kits, pretty basic but not bad for 30+ year old kits.
  6. Heller actually did quite a few in 43rd scale, The Rover 3500, 'Leyland' Princess (as they call it), Jag XJS, Mini & Range Rover. That 43rd scale range is often overlooked and if you are a classics fan, had some really nice little kits in it.
  7. Hi Hans As Stu said, there isnt one, but there is a 1/43rd scale one from VF models (dont know if they are still around though)
  8. I agree 100% Gavin. The sad fact is that the people that are saying that, are the people that are bringing kits in, and if they decide there's no market, then buggery, that's it. You know, I have never quite understood why, given the range of vehicles that were produced, that models of British cars are so few on the ground. Just take this for example. How many kits of British car models can you name, from the late 40's to the early 60's? in 1/24th scale. French, German and Italian on the other hand you can basically have your pick. 60 odd years into plastic mod
  9. Morning Chaps I must say, I think that a classics range would be an excellent idea, both Airfix and Hornby kits. There always has been the argument that car modelling is not that big in the UK, and this, I believe is where the conversation always gets a bit squiffy. Airfix don't just sell to the UK, they sell to the rest of the world too, and when you add all those people to the mix, it is a very large car modellers market indeed. True, maybe there aren't a lot of US modellers, or Japanese modellers that will what a Sunbeam or a Victor, and it seems the presiding
  10. The Pagani is an EPIC kit Shaun, its the best Aoshima have done
  11. Afternoon Chaps Update on recent acquisitions I've built about 6 of these already, but its nice to have one in a shiny new box Always wanted an old Suburban, I just love the shape I'm not a huge fan of Mclarens, but hey, its a model, had to buy it This was just a lucky find and one I've been after a while Another of my favourites, Love El Camino's so it was adopted Now this was indeed a lucky find.... Yet another lambo to add to the growing number parking in t
  12. I.....cant....hold....it.....in.....any.....longer...... CARS!!!...(please)
  13. Hiya Keith Thanks for that The Merak is painted with Tamiya TS 47 Chrome Yellow, then Tamiya Clear and then a quick wipe over with Tamiya Modelling Wax to get out all the fingerprints. Mad Steve
  14. Thanks Man... It has subsequently been stuck back on Seems to have fell off
  15. Morning Chaps I had an urge to kick off some of the inhabitants of the shelf of doom over the Christmas break, and actually managed to make some progress... AIRFIX MINI COUNTRYMAN 32nd Scale. I love these Airfix 32nd scale kits. This one is quite a challenge with all the masking and that's where it stalled on the shelf. Really the only thing wrong with the kit is the horrible tyres, but at least with this one you are able to drill out the suspension to make the front wheels positionable. Add a good dollop of mud and weh hey Was very peeved to notice that t
  16. You build models as well Mike? Oh... I thought you were just the tech bloke (now before profile 'mysterious' disappears... Mike, you are a Star! Keeping this site going and all the ruffians there within, dealing with life as well and running that strip club, its no wonder you didn't build anything ) May your knives be sharp and your glue sticky in 2018
  17. Dennis I applaud you for sticking to your guns with this. It is not easy to get a GB off the ground, and when you do, there will always be quite a lot of people that say why don't you add this, or that or everything. I think you should stick to the original idea, British MBT's, and run the group build on the 4 tanks mentioned and I'm quite sure you will get the numbers you need. Sign me up, and If you are still looking for a co host, then i'd be happy to help out. Mad Steve
  18. You hit the nail on the head there Andy. It does seem that no one is as yet looking at the Veyron, or even the Chiron for that matter, yet Airfix popped one out as a Quickbuild kit, along with the other one that doesn't look as being kitted soon either, the Mclaren P1. I think the car modellers are less grumpier than their wingy thing cousins because so many releases come from left field that they are just happy at whats being released The Aoshima Pagani is a good example....
  19. Will, I love your style and you certainly have the knack for figures, Fantastic man, really
  20. I think its a bit of a Catch 22 situation with the 32nd Scale cars. The recent rally and race cars that Airfix produced are really quite nice little kits. Yes they have their flaws (the wheels), and some might say their detail is too simplified, but they filled a hole in the model car market, with some wonderful, never seen marques. Yes, they were 32nd scale, which historically is what Airfix cars are about, (originally, taken from slot car scale) but they took a gamble on releasing them, and maybe they didn't reach the targets they wanted, but they certainly filled a void in the mo
  21. Oh my god... Its that new Yeti isnt it, its slowly turning you into a speed freak Well, as a distinct non builder of wingy things, that little dio has inspired me no end to build the 48th scale Defiant that somehow followed me home and plop it on a nice little base too. Good idea though for a German one as well, sure that one will look just as good. and who knows...... maybe a car will be on next years yearbook
  22. Hi Racetrack I don't think there is a 4 Door Super Sport in 24th scale. There is a Die Cast tho, I think its the company is called Greenlight...
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