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  1. Morning chaps Well winter is coming, leaves are starting to turn brown and fall all over the place (and in the pool ), birds flying off for their summer hols, that palpable chilliness in the air in the mornings and evenings and last night we even had a fire going But, That's not why I'm happy Couple of months ago I started weaning myself off the smokes, and just having the odd couple of puffs of the Ecig. Today I can report that this is now my 7th week without a cigarette and surviving on just a couple of puffs a day on the Ecig. Considering I have zero willpowe
  2. Morning Chaps First, a little background blurb... Every year at our Nationals we set each other little Challenges for the following years competition. These could be anything from build a Heller Car Kit, or an F1 car, Mclaren, you name it. You basically have a whole year to get your challenge built, (but still some fail ) Last years Nationals was no different, and a challenge was laid down with this... The Instructions were simple, Go Ape! So, what do you do with a 12th scale Monkey Bike? One idea smacked me around the head and shoulders quite vigo
  3. Afternoon Chaps Well, tomorrow is my darling Wifes 50th Birthday... I'm sure most of you are within my realms of undertanding when I say, I just don't know what to buy her anymore. She's generally a simple soul, doesn't really want much... (but when she does... ) Thankfully, she also has a good sense of humour, so when she says 'surprise me' I do, for example,couple of years ago I bought her a Darth Vader figure and 9 Imperial Stromtroopers Anyhoo, This morning she pipes up, before she went to work, she wants one of those really posh(?) Microwave/convection

    The Weather,

    I know, its terrible man, TERRIBLE... Had to put a cardie on today, couldn't go for a swimmies.... Edit - ok actually thats a lie, i just couldnt be bothered to go out the back and switch the pool heater on

    The Weather,

    Not again Gorbs, didnt you just have one the other week

    The Weather,

    Afternoon Chaps Its actually quite cool here in Joburg, barely hitting 16 Deg C and its been raining most the day... Can tell the seasons are beginning to change down here in the sarf part of the globe
  7. Morning Maybe the wheels & tyres from a Tamiya beetle?
  8. Hi Rodders I normally paint the inside area black, or if needed, whatever the body colour is. The window bits normally fit over these areas and quite honestly you cant really see them that much so no, I dont mask them off.
  9. Afternoon Chaps They just go in under the air intakes John, like such...
  10. Afternoon Chaps (Yeeees, I'm one of those pesky non aircraft modeller's that waste your precious bandwidth ) Well now, in a word, CARS!!!!!!. I know I have more chance of meeting a Klingon, but it would be nice to see all the 32nd scale cars retooled. And while they are at it, maybe they can get a wiggle on doing the 16th and 8th scale Motorbikes as well. Harking back to my yufe... the 1/600 scale ships would be quite nice too. I used to love building them. Oh and the 72nd scale Scorpion too
  11. Afternoon All Ahhh man I would love one of those Land Rovers again I recently started looking at getting kits I had when I was a kid, and have purchased the Quad & 25 Pounder and SAS jeep so far, that Land Rover, the 88mm gun and the Hamomag are the rest. As for oldest kits, I saw the Schwimmwagen, Kubelwagen and 6pdr in a shop the other day, and I believe they are still producing some of the figures from the first ten releases. Mad Steve
  12. Evening Chaps I have decided, In a momentary lapse of joyous rapture.... I will like Pete's Owl for the whoooooole day tomorrow
  13. We're on the upside down bit to you Gorbs, we are slowly going into winter down sarf here. Been raining on and off for a week, forecast for another week, but its still 25 deg C My god Beard, Ian Dury and the Blockheads, man that takes me waaaaaaaaaay back, I had all his singles ( singles, for all the non oldies were big black cd like things that we used to play with sabre tooth tiger needles on wind up record players )
  14. Afternoon Chaps Tamiya are to release the new 2018 Toyota Supra in the next few months. The real one hasn't even been officially launched yet It really is a stunning stunning car. Mad Steve
  15. Morning Chaps Well just a little report back. I've now tried them out a couple of times. Basically what you have is decanted Tamiya paint without the hoohah of decanting They are exactly the same as the TS paint, and apart from the fineness of the finish, it is difficult to tell the TS and LP colours apart. I used mine straight from the bottle with no thinning and they worked just fine, (that was spraying at 18Psi) and I cleaned them out with my usual Acetone. I think we might be onto a winner here I haven't had a chance yet to try out the Clear, but
  16. Afternoon Chaps I have found the little bottles of Tamiya Panel Line colour are very good. Use them over clear, apply with a small paintbrush and wipe the excess off with Artists Turpentine.
  17. Very nice indeed, especially the cars
  18. yes but they only come in 7cm ones, (just so happens to be the size of a jamjar )
  19. Morning Chris There are a couple about, Matchbox and Revell copy, Aoshima and a couple of others in 12th scale. You should still be able to find them on ebay.
  20. Hi Bolosun Molotov also do a Black pen as well
  21. short and too the point.... but I'll bet everyone read it and went, yeaah!
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