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  1. Nah, there's still a good few hundr couple (hello dear ) in there You need to stop playing around with those silly toy aeroplanes and go and buy the Krupp, plenty of places for it, (Kitchen counter top, dining room tables, bedside tables, hell, I bet there's even room in the kazi for it )
  2. Apologies but it appears the format went a bit wollobly on a couple of the entries and I don't know how to fix them. I have given myself a good talking too for being such a doosh at computery things and biscuit rations have been cut for the morning...
  3. Morning Chaps and Chapesess Well, there it was, gone! It wasn't until I started getting all the pictures together that I realised how much I had actually built this year.... 22! So, Are you all sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin. Tamiya Kawasaki H2R The best Tamiya bike I have ever built. The detail is incredible, the fit is fantastic, just a pity that there is no fork set for it really. If you've built the 1199 Panigale, this is better Took me 18 months to finally build it, but fantastic! Added the Studio 27 carbon decals, which is why it
  4. Hellooooo Try this out - https://tire-calc.com/# It'll give you the exact dimensions of, for eg, a 395/35-20 tyre, that you could then use to scale down Mad Steve
  5. Morning Chaps (Dusting off my opinion that's been sitting in the corner since last years Thread) .... More 32nd scale Cars, More 48th Scale Armour Eye thenk ewwwe... Returning opinion to corner until next year Mad Steve
  6. Good Afternoon Chaps Onward's and upwards Couple of things I remember from the last one of these I built, was that the interior frame was too tall and the round object on the rear deck was too far forward So rather than go thru all that crap again, I've cut down the top of the supports and that should do for that, plus I sliced off the round fitting off the rear deck Deck taped off and the white bits sprayed Flat White. I really hate hand painting white, so it was worth the effort of an hours masking for 5 minutes of spraying . It wa
  7. Morning Chaps Right then, I've sprayed the Red (X7), the Blue (X3), That's all come out nicely and thankfully I didn't have any paint creeping over onto the white waterline. I think the line is a tad wide maybe a mm or two? That line is very frustrating because it appears to bend because of the shape of the hull (well that's my excuse) A coat of Clear was sprayed over it and when dry, I masked off the top of the hull to spray the black bits At the same time, the deck was first sprayed Blue (X3) And then the same process was follo
  8. Afternoon Chaps Some new ones to squuueeeeeeeeeeze into the cupboard Toyota 86. Like the car, just haven't gotten to buying the kit, found one at a nice price Beemax Toyota 240RS BS110 + Detail up Set I recently got the Volvo 240 Turbo from Beemax and thought it might be lonely boarding in the cupboard all by itself Next we have the BMW 2002 Turbo from Hasegawa.... You just cant not buy a 2002 Turbo, I mean, it'd just be rude not too And finally, quite a big moment for me really... I have been
  9. Afternoon Chaps Well I can honestly say that I have never ventured into these waters before (see what I did there ) Yes, I know, my complete ignorance of all things nautical probably wont make me a good ship Modeler, but there is method behind my floaty thing madness (Its not actually the first ship I've built. As a kid I built the Airfix HMS Fearless, Matchbox HMS Tiger, and one of the Novo Ships but cant remember which one, but basically they were all Saturday afternoon stick togethers and weren't painted.) When the Severn Class Lifeboat was released ,I literally
  10. Afternoon Chaperinos Well I'm calling the H2R done. I think this is the longest I have ever worked on a Bike, just over a year. I think the reason for that is basically my fretting too much over the Carbon Fibre decals... (too much fretting and not enough doing!) Anyway, The kit is amazing, probably Tamiya's best bike kit, close call between the Panigale and the new Yamaha. Final colour decided upon was TS 52 Candy Lime Green. I'm not totally sold on the original black chrome colour and I'd probably have stuffed it up anyway, but I'm glad that I did it in th
  11. I think I read somewhere Spoly that that was one of their influences
  12. Afternoon Chaps First time I saw a H2R i thought, that is the evilest looking bike I have ever seen... As soon as Tamiya announced they were releasing one, It was over the moon and I had to have one... (ok, its now three, but who's counting ) I've actually been building this over the last couple of months, so this is sort of a catch up post This is a monster of a kit! It is extremely well detailed, goes together like a dream. The original comes in a polished chrome black finish, which to be honest I don't like and more than likely, a finish like that I

    The Weather,

    Agreed... Worked in Zambia for 2 years, average rainfall for the area of the Copperbelt (Solwezi) I was in was 1200+mm!, and it all falls in basically 2 months Exciting when you wake up in the morning and the water is half way up the side of your Pick Up
  14. Hi AR The short answer, Nope unfortunately not.

    The Weather,

    Morning Chaps Well we are now moving into spring here, we are currently experiencing a heat wave and I have the bloody flu Winter seems to have wheezed its last a couple of days ago with a sudden dip in temperatures, but we are back up to 30 Deg C again (currently 19) and I'm sitting in the house with puffy eyes and dribbling snot all over the keyboard. Mrs Mad admonished me last night, declaring I have to be special and get the flu when its not winter (its a talent ) and believes I just do it for sympathy I shall now go away and have Hobnobs for breakfast (Im si
  16. Morning Chaps Welcome and Howzit Andy Like the other chaps have mentioned, Vallejo will be fine for the frame and engine, you're just going to be using basically Aluminium, Silver and Semi Gloss Black, but I would use a white basecoat though. My usual MO is that I spray all the sprues with Tamiya Fine White basecoat and then clean the parts as I take them off the sprues. I've built a whole heap of Tamiya bikes and it's just the way I prefer doing it. What I would buy tho is a can of Tamiya TS7 Racing White and TS 13 Clear as well as some decal setting solution. All of t
  17. Great pictures Rich, thanks for posting Pete. that is a 1940 Cadillac La Salle
  18. Very nice indeed Galaxy Like the two tone colour and very nice engine detail.
  19. Afternoon Chaps Couple of new additions First up this newly released GMC pickup... I kind of like the new pickups etc that are coming out again like the Jeep Honcho and the Suburban. This one is suitably decked out with big tyres and a gun rack Something that's a bit on the naff side is that the camo scheme depicted on the box comes in the form of decals.... Clearly, they think car modellers cant paint their own camo Next up is this Volvo 240 from Beemax. Whats not to like And lastly this 73 Porsche RS from Fujimi I've been
  20. Yeah, Is a pity about the wheels, but I believe the Airfix one has the correct wheels so I'm havin a lookie for that
  21. Morning Chaps The second of my recent builds, The new Revell Chevy Suburban. This particular model has been on my wants list for decades and it was finally released just recently and I was over the moon It really is an excellent kit like all of the new Revell kits, but two things actually put me off when I started it. The amount of flash for a new kit was quite surprising as well as the quite think mould lines on the just about every single part, and, the chassis was quite warped and it took quite a bit of persuasion to get it all to sit straight.
  22. Morning Chaps Yep, bet ya nearly fell off your chair when you saw that title Monograms Triumph TR7!! The kit, according to the box, is from 1977, and the box art really is quite, well.... If you are one of those, I want super duper detail kits and all the add on bits and I want it NOW modeller, I have a feeling you might be a bit disappointed. But for me that loves the classics and am revisiting the kits built in my youth, its a joy to behold. Not a very difficult kit, its only got about 30 pieces, and its a typical monogram kit of the time.
  23. Morning Chaps Spad, Nakamura did an Espada in 1/24th moons ago, and is still available on evilbay if you have a shufti around. SMP24 also do one (did one) but its quite hard to find, resin and expensive
  24. Nothing really.... they drank lots of beer and watched neighbours on the telly, wehhey were Australian
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