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About Me

I live in Johannesburg but I am originally from Nuneaton in the Midlands.

I used to be a Quality Control Manager for a Construction Company, but after being retrenched from a life long career, I'm currently a stay at home dad going through a 3rd or 4th mid life crisis :)  

Started modelling at about 7 or 8 (77, 78) and started mostly on Airfix and Matchbox AFV's.

I mainly prefer building Cars, Bikes and Trucks, especially the more classical designs when you can find them. 

On the Armour side I'd like to say that my interests are British, JGSDF and Bundeswehr vehicles, but it seems my interests seem to 

be shiny boxes that follow me home from the model shop and those interests now seem to be basically anything from the first tanks onwards :) 

I really am not into Aircraft, but I do seem to have a soft spot for WW1 aircraft and they now seem to be taking over the stash. 

Same really with Ships, Not really a big fan and don't know why but 3 seem to have been snuck in when I wasn't looking. 

Other interests, errrrrmmmmm, Yes, I have been known to be interested in other things :) 

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