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    Grump Britain.

    Good Morning Chaps Today's Grump is Car Service Centres.... My daughter has a little ford, had it for 3 years, and being the daddy, I'm the one that makes sure that its always hunkey dorey and wont fail her. It was a demo, had about a 1000k's on the clock when I bought it. 2 months ago it had new tyres fitted and at the same time, new brakes done. I normally take the car for a service, but time for her was a premium so she dropped it off at ford herself. Half ten yesterday morning, I get a phone call, my daughter in a blind panic, the service will be xx amount, but the car is apparently in a very dangerous state, the brakes need replacing and the clutch is on the way out, and that's an extra R10000 (roughly 600GBP)... So, off I go, 65k's away to the service centre with my little folder... Needless to say after a nice little 'chat' with the service manager, it was found that the brakes and clutch would be fine still (gosh) and they proceeded with the service and gave her a 10% discount too.... Why is it that when the girls or my wife take their cars in, there's always, as if by magic, some major things wrong that they weren't aware off.... (Fiat told my wife when she took her car in to have the aircon fixed that the brakes were shot, had about 1500k's on the clock, obviously not covered by the service plan) Do they pick on women because they think they don't know enough about cars and will just say yes? I think it is deplorable....

    Grump Britain.

    Morning Chaps I do like the sunshine, its nice when its warm, just yer normal hot, no humidity and all that, plus its fun to wear shorts and Tshirts all the time Most of the houses here though are geared for the heat, no carpets, just tiles, single glazing windows, smart roof insulation that only works in winter.... Very few houses actually have aircon's fitted. But I prefer the cold, coming from the West Midlands originally, i'm happiest in winter (which is now here) You can add a few more layers, get the fire lit and get all cozy. Ive been here nigh on 30 years and I'm still not used to temperatures above 30 on christmas day, thats why we evacuate normally in summer to glorious wet and cold Nuneaton over christmas

    The Weather,


    The Weather,

    We have a natty invention down here for stopping that. Large brick building like a big box with a foldy uppy door on one end that, what for it, your car sleeps in Don't know if they will ever take off though, it seems most cars are like hormonal teenagers and leave their bedrooms in terrible states full to the brim with junk and then they just have to sleep wherever there is space I know its reaaally funny someone in South Africa telling a chap in the wild and hairys of Scotland how to combat the heat but failing all else, if you put a large bath towel over the windscreen Beardie the inside wont get hot.

    Grump Britain.

    Yes i did enjoy lunch, a rather tasty Pot Pie... Bribe was delivered upon yes, My lovely wifey purchased the Big Bank Building to add to my Lego modular street Socks!!!! OMG man, whoever thought of those stupid things. Its like, They WANT you to put your foot in the hole, Its mind control maaaaan.... Its kinda sad, but I did actually behave myself for like a whole afternoon.... Im getting old But the car drives nice

    Who wants to live forever?

    Picture the scene,,,, March 2053... your computer is in your eye or something equally silly... You sit down to eat your Walkers Vintage range of Real Crisps made from recycled polystyrene and house bricks... You move your fingers to get onto Britmodeller... And there, on top of the list of new topics... Airfix 2054... Yes, It will still blasted be running on BM

    Free Spray Booth ?

    Firstly WOW!, you have computers in Australia... Wonders shall never cease But seriously, that is actually a damn good idea, two thumbs up

    Grump Britain.

    Yep. They actually 'make' them here. I believe they go all over the colonial bits of the world from here, whilst the motherland suffers with the ex communist tractors

    Grump Britain.

    Actually the Renault badged versions aren't that bad, they are a big seller here. The Series 2 has a Renault engine, interior has been redone, (yer actual seats, not ex communist potato boxes) and sat nav and that screen thingie. Quite economical too, Mrs chose the diesel one for that reason, we don't have the we hate diesels campaign over here.

    Grump Britain.

    I have been informed that I WILL be on my best behaviour today Madam has decided to finally get rid of her wheezing asthmatic Fiat 500L and purchased a brand spankly new Renault Duster (I'm informed it is actually a car, and not a French branded house cleaning implement ) The Fiat really was a dog to drive and struggled up anything that was 2cm or higher. She said it served its purpose getting her to work and back for the last 5 years, but as you might have gathered, I was not really impressed with it. (I did suggest we turn it into a ride on mower, but it probably wouldn't be able to get over the curbs ) Renault had informed Madam the car will be ready Tuesday next, but by some miracle, it will be ready today According to the orders received, I am to be on my best behaviour (I hate car dealeships), I am to dress like an adult (No! Metallica T-shirts and underpants are not suitable for going out), and even worse, act like an adult! as we shall be going to the Mall next door to the Car Dealers afterwards to have a bite to eat, and should all the orders have been followed, she will purchase me another of my favourite Lego Buildings (my wife suffers from some silly buyers guilt thing, in that she feels that when she buys herself something expensive, she needs to buy me something expensive, bless her ) Right then, guess i should go figure out how socks work then Mad Steve

    Grump Britain.

    Wow! One and a half days and no one had anything to Grump about, was it Happy Pills refill day

    Who wants to live forever?

    We are of course all missing out on two VERY important points regarding our Stashes..... Let us assume we choose the 200 year package. (good health, good money etc) 1- what about all the models that will be released from today 200 years forward... ? 2- Its a sad fact, and one that we will have to face, but WingNuts will probably run out of subjects to produce in the next 200 years, then what

    How many kits of one subject equals an obsession?

    SEVEN THOUSAND...... Ok, I have just replicated my 172 kits and the space that takes into 7000 kits. It takes up basically my whole house. (There's a bit of space left in the walk in wardrobe, I think the Mrs will be fine in there)

    Who wants to live forever?

    As Modellers, I'm assuming the final trip on the great up & down escalator will be somewhat different.... As one passes through the great light, one is faced with two small signs.... Pointing up says Wingnutwings build retreat... Pointing down says Series 1 Spitfire build loop...

    How many kits of one subject equals an obsession?

    (panning right to gaze over the stash.....) The only multiples I have are two Ford Transits and two bottles of glue..... Oh wait, I have a box with 3 Lotus Cortina's in So, I'm either going to turn into Dagenham Dave or get REALLY goofed Ohhhhhh, I have just noticed hiding away in the corner I have two Airfix RAF BE 2c's (oh the shame, the shame!!!!) Mad Steve