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  1. Afternoon All My first real proper job was a Motorcycle Courier for a medical samples company. You know the type of outfit. You have blood tests etc and the bike picks them up and takes them to the labs. Nice bunch of blokes but the day manager was an absolute A hole that took a disliking to me because I liked Heavy Metal. Did that for about a year until I could take the A hole no more and quit. Went for a coffee with a mate and no less than an hour later I was working for another bike courier firm, much better place, better pay and no more hospitals Did that for thr
  2. Hi Steve. AK Extreme Metals are excellent Have you thought of looking at the Tamiya Range? Their Acrylics are excellent and the quality is 100%. Always guaranteed that the colour you buy in 2 years time is the same as the one you are using now. Worth a look. Mad Steve
  3. Morning Chaps This all smells a bit like bullpoo doesn't it... I've been using Gravity Paints EU for about 4 years now, have ordered multiple times, they have all arrived within a week and have never had an issue with any of the colours. I've never had grainy paint, I've never had to thin it down and actually never had any of the issues that people are talking about, and I still have some of the first colours that they issued. In fact I'll go as far as to say that I still have yet to find someone that does have an issue(s) that have been mentioned. I had one small issue,

    The Weather,

    its a whopping 15.5 Degrees C Biggles That's the temp it was at 06h00 this morning here
  5. Afternoon Chaps To be quite honest, I use nothing but the 'chinese knockoffs'. I started on one of those badger single actions in the blister packs, which is ok, if you want a paint thrower (just my opinion) but it taught me the basics. The el cheapo's here are sold by a company called Air Craft. Spare parts are available and I have only had to change o rings on the trigger on one of them. They really do work just fine, perfect for me. I have four of them (all gravity feed) and the oldest I bought probably 8 years ago. I was also given an Iwata HP-M mini airbrush which is qu
  6. Morning Chaps Why scratch build when those awwwfully nice chaps at MBdesignart are going to make a kit of a Moke It just wouldn't be cricket would it....
  7. I do have that already thanks TGA. Looking more for a front, back & sides view with dimensions for scratchbuilding
  8. Ok, cannot for the like of me figure this out, but I type M o k e and Mike comes out (obviously It will work now and I will continue my proud run of looking like a complete prat ) Edit - what the hell, is M O K E a swear word now?
  9. Afternoon Everyone Does anyone know of a source for 1/24th scale Mini M o k e drawings, or maybe has a set that they wouldn't mind sharing Many thanks Steve

    The Weather,

    Well, half hour ago it was like 32degC and 90% humidity.... Now it looks like we are going to have a biblical downpour and rain forecast the whole weekend - woohoo Oddly tho, no snow forecast
  11. Morning Chaps Well I think all of you flying types just suck Its what I wanted to do from a very early age, but I didn't want to be a pilot, and I cant actually recall why I chose it, but I wanted to be a Flight Engineer. I did have a slight detour at one point, when I declared I wanted to be a tank driver, or even better still a tank gunner, until my dad pointed out tanks get blown up so maybe stick to the planes hey On the serious side, its actually quite a big downer in your life when you have wanted to do one thing all your young life, you go and try and sign up an
  12. You are spot on Spaddad! You get interviewed by someone half your age and you just do not understand half the crap that is coming out of their mouths. In the Quality Management job that I did, I takes time for you to build a reputation, and client engineers speak to each other and know of your reputation and want to use you, and if all goes well, you get letters of commendation at the end of a project. I have some from the biggest names in the industry in this country and I'm very proud of to have them, but when some spotty faced oik looks through them and says things like, we don't
  13. Hellooooo Chrissy, there is a Tamiya Racing Mini (green one on the box), that has wider racing wheels in it. As for a Transverse replacement, cant actually think of anything at the mo.... Golf engine too big?
  14. Always fascinated me that... You have the skills, you have the experience and the people that interview you are so dead keen on you, and then they come with that. sorry but you are just too old.... That happened on the last interview I went on late last year. Its already extremely hard to get a job down here and I actually asked the guy at the end, is it really that much of a big deal? If I'm not in the running, why interview me? Its not like I can say, okay, gimme a week and I'll lop off half a decade. You know what he said, its the vibe of the company... Like it just would
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