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  1. Afternoon All My first real proper job was a Motorcycle Courier for a medical samples company. You know the type of outfit. You have blood tests etc and the bike picks them up and takes them to the labs. Nice bunch of blokes but the day manager was an absolute A hole that took a disliking to me because I liked Heavy Metal. Did that for about a year until I could take the A hole no more and quit. Went for a coffee with a mate and no less than an hour later I was working for another bike courier firm, much better place, better pay and no more hospitals Did that for three years, and the last six months was as the day controller until the company was taken over by a big courier chain and our 'safe' positions weren't..... Wasn't it just so much easier in those days. You had money left when the month ran out


    Morning Chaps I can see speed limiters as a good thing, especially in built up area's, to stop people tearing around like loonys, but I think on freeways etc its a different matter. Your speed is constantly changing, up and down, merging, overtaking etc. What is not a good idea and I think totally unnecessary is the black box. I'm sure it will be a good idea that the police can use it to prove you were going X km/h over the speed limit when they have too, but its the last part of the statement that I think is the most worrying, Insurance Companies can use it..... If insurance companies can use anything, they will, and they will use it to drive up your premiums and will have their usual 'we really DON'T' care attitudes to nail you at every chance they get. Honestly, how are they going to police it, will you have to submit your whole years driving data?, will it be relayed to them in real time?. If you were a REALLY good motorist and you only broke the speed limit once in a whole year overtaking some wally in a combine harvester on a country lane, will you still be punished? I think the nightmare this is going to cause will actually far outweigh its actual intended purpose. The black box will be an absolute administrative nightmare for insurance companies and you and me, will be the ones ending up paying for that it. But there are 3 things that seemed to have slipped past all these clever people in Nanny State Headquarters... 1- Humans are clever little things and it wont be long before someone finds a way around it. 2- From just reading the articles, the complexity of these devices suggests that they will only be fitted to new builds. So what happens if the majority of people decide to keep hold of their current car for another couple of years?, and, at the same time you could ask, is this added technology going to push cars prices up? 3- and finally, if everyone is going to be driving at the speed limit all the time, then what are the police going to do when they loose the Millions in income from the speed camera's? If you want to save lives on the road, then punish people. Make their transgressions impact their lives to such an extent that they will actually think twice before doing it again, (with regards to phones, drink/drug driving, speeding etc).


    I have seen that on a flight from Hong Kong to Singapore. Absolute chaos and in fact the flight was delayed 30 minutes trying to get everyone in there right seats.


    Afternoon... We aren't posh enough over here to have two types of trolleys, but then we don't have to put money or a token in to get one. But Supermarkets do fall into my remit as House Husband/General dogsbody/Slave... Why do they package stuff like meat in 3's... three steaks, or chops etc? Do they really think that their marketing ploy of only packing three items, or actually odd number items together, will automatically mean that people will buy 2 of those items, thus making them more money. I bet if they sat down and thunked reaaaaally hard about it, even number packing, in the long run, would probably bring in more revenue for them..... I try and stay away from the shops as much as possible. There seems to be a ongoing loony group that follows me around and leaps into action as soon as they see me walking in... A family of ten blocking the aisle having a right jolly chinwag with another family of 10, two lovely couples blocking the entrance with their trolleys having such a good laugh, oh how jolly. People that want to jump the queue because they only have one item, people that use two tills cos they have two big trolleys, then take twice as long to pay...., gormless souls that just walk out in front of your car, or even more gormless souls reverse out in front of you and proceed to do a 127 point turn...... Ahh the joys of shopping... But my absolute, absolute pet hate.... You find something you really want in the 50% off bin in the electronics area (2 dvd box sets) and then having to wait 25 minutes because they wont scan at the sale price, and the manager that does the stickers is on lunch, and they look at you as if its your fault but hey.... I can just waaaaaaalk away
  5. Hi Steve. AK Extreme Metals are excellent Have you thought of looking at the Tamiya Range? Their Acrylics are excellent and the quality is 100%. Always guaranteed that the colour you buy in 2 years time is the same as the one you are using now. Worth a look. Mad Steve
  6. Morning Chaps This all smells a bit like bullpoo doesn't it... I've been using Gravity Paints EU for about 4 years now, have ordered multiple times, they have all arrived within a week and have never had an issue with any of the colours. I've never had grainy paint, I've never had to thin it down and actually never had any of the issues that people are talking about, and I still have some of the first colours that they issued. In fact I'll go as far as to say that I still have yet to find someone that does have an issue(s) that have been mentioned. I had one small issue, and that was a broken lid, and a new bottle of paint and a small gift was sent as a replacement, again within a week. I do like using Zero paints, even tho they are hard to come by here, but I prefer using Gravity. They seem smoother, and as said before the flakes seem to be to scale and they just seem to be easier to use (my opinion) I'm sure this is not the last we have heard of this battle Mad Steve

    The Weather,

    its a whopping 15.5 Degrees C Biggles That's the temp it was at 06h00 this morning here
  8. Afternoon Chaps To be quite honest, I use nothing but the 'chinese knockoffs'. I started on one of those badger single actions in the blister packs, which is ok, if you want a paint thrower (just my opinion) but it taught me the basics. The el cheapo's here are sold by a company called Air Craft. Spare parts are available and I have only had to change o rings on the trigger on one of them. They really do work just fine, perfect for me. I have four of them (all gravity feed) and the oldest I bought probably 8 years ago. I was also given an Iwata HP-M mini airbrush which is quite natty, but only really use it for touch ups or 72nd scale as its a single action. The thing I like the most, If one does pack up, Its cheap enough to just buy a replacement. Mad Steve


    Evening chaps. Not a grump, but very sad. Wife and I took ourselves off to the coast for a nice relaxing weekend. My parents phoned me on saturday afternoon to tell me my labrador cross, Gizmo, had passed away. Shes been part of our family for 19 years and im just shattered. She went for her afternoon nap and just didnt wake up. My Border Collie seems a bit lost at the mo, but she is starting to settle. Feeling a bit lost honestly but hey, life goes on.
  10. Morning Chaps Why scratch build when those awwwfully nice chaps at MBdesignart are going to make a kit of a Moke It just wouldn't be cricket would it....
  11. I do have that already thanks TGA. Looking more for a front, back & sides view with dimensions for scratchbuilding
  12. Ok, cannot for the like of me figure this out, but I type M o k e and Mike comes out (obviously It will work now and I will continue my proud run of looking like a complete prat ) Edit - what the hell, is M O K E a swear word now?
  13. Afternoon Everyone Does anyone know of a source for 1/24th scale Mini M o k e drawings, or maybe has a set that they wouldn't mind sharing Many thanks Steve


    Morning Chaps This just irritates the seven shades of crap out of me..... You watch Sky News and people they interview all start with so...., reality tv shows (like Masterchef Aus) and they start...So You go out to the shops and ask a question about a product - So..... Obviously some giant celeb muppet spoke like that once for 5 seconds and now the whole world has to speak like them... Drew the line when the daughters started speaking like that, when they said So, I immediately said so what? interrupting them mid sentence. They soon got the point I just wonder what has happened to individuality.... When I was at school, you didn't want to be like everyone else, you wanted to be different, or at least I did. Now, everyone looks like clones over everyone else, the same hair, clothes etc. Surely society has now lost its way when you are judged by the kind of phone you have...
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