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    Afternoon Chaps I don't know if this is funny or not, but it still made me a bit grumpy. Back in the late 90's I had a bike accident which was pretty bad, but as a result, I have had pains in my back, shoulders hands ever since. My back would decide, okay, its tuesday, lets have a spasm and they would range from owww to not being able to move. Have been to specialists, (can find anything wrong) nerve specialists (cant find anything wrong) etc You get the picture. It was actually my own GP that found the problem a couple of years ago. and that was I had trapped nerves at the base of my spine, and we started doing some physio to try and sort it.... Wizz forward to late 2018, my body decides to have a sugar spaz and I am diagnosed type 2 diabetes and prescribed Glucofage twice a day. From the day I started taking Glucofage, the pain in my back, shoulders and hands has gone. Not dulled down, gotten less.... GONE!. So now... I've spent the better part of 10 years thinking that all this pain and crap was in my head. People kept telling me there's nothing wrong and my wife looses it with them saying well how the hell then can he not move for 3 days...... and then I start taking 2 little white pills for something completely different and the pains gone... I just don't know whether to laugh or lose it Yeah, I'm a little bit overweight but not much, and we eat healthily because of my wife's condition, so I cant really say to myself, yes Steve, your back hurts because you're a fat git.... (I wasn't overweight for years after the accident) Just thought I'd share that with you, helps getting it out. Think Ill go have a drive and shout at stupid BMW drivers now, make me feel better (Oh, and btw, turns out, baked beans aren't that good for you and they are super loaded with sugar so there's a grump all in itself, I cant have beans on toast anymore )


    I always took you as a box half closed kind of chap ...


    We have a master of deceit and deception amogst us.... i prostrate myself before your omnipotent presence


    Heeey...... I have one to add to Spaddads list.... Airfix 2017/18/19/20 threads.... It doesnt matter what you want or what they release, it will be wrong, wrong everything, scale, markings, colours, mark and when you buy it'll be crap and unbuildable and the quality will be horrible and youll wonder why you paid so much for it Harumph !


    Give that man an Orange Oh wait, Grumpy... Sod it, Get yer own Orange


    Oh no its cool, they are imports (step daughters) Whenever they do something stupid I turn to my wife and say, Hey, you made them, not me (this is usually followed by some form of physical attack, but hey, one must get ones kicks and all that )


    Afternoon Chaps Now I have been trying really hard today.... I thought, Sunday, good day for a Grump Mrs started off the proceedings well by saying, lets pop off to Clearwater, (the nearest shopping mall to us) a place always guaranteed to raise the Grump Meter But no.... When we arrived she said, let me stick you for lunch.... And it was nice And the service was good... So we tootled around, eventually ended up in the newsagent, found the latest Airfix magazine and managed to find 4 back order copies of Classic Dinky Toy Collection Die Casts for half price! Went and did a bit of shopping and came home.... Well that's it then Clearly this is no way for the originator of a Grump Thread to be behaving,I mean, my god I was smiling and happy at one point... Fear not chaps, I have banished myself to the naughty corner, taken away all my privileges and grounded myself for the day. (obviously communications must still be allowed, duh). I have shouted at myself, slammed a couple of doors, told myself I'm a dinosaur and I just don't understand and I will probably eat something I shouldn't, have one bite then shout at myself because I don't make it like mom does!!!. Normal grumpy service will resume, in the morning (if I can find where my socks are, slam a few more doors, spend 37 minutes in the bathroom, not eat the toast because its 'tastes funny', shout at the dog because it touched me, realise I have 5 minutes till I have to leave and I'm still in my pj's, perform a miracle by getting ready in 3.5 of those minutes then lock us out of the house because 'i didn't hear you ask ME to bring the keys out......) (Yaaaaay, hands up if you have daughters )

    What's your day-job?

    Always fascinated me that... You have the skills, you have the experience and the people that interview you are so dead keen on you, and then they come with that. sorry but you are just too old.... That happened on the last interview I went on late last year. Its already extremely hard to get a job down here and I actually asked the guy at the end, is it really that much of a big deal? If I'm not in the running, why interview me? Its not like I can say, okay, gimme a week and I'll lop off half a decade. You know what he said, its the vibe of the company... Like it just would not do to have a 49 year old man in the building? Maybe next time I should say, I'm 49, but I Identify as 25


    That's okay, Mrs Gorby would be able to get you pills for that

    What's your day-job?

    Evening all I was retrenched last year and the job situation here is not good so my wife hired me as a stay at home dad/house husband/general slave Its actually quite cool and a lot less stress than my previous days being a Quality Control Manager for a construction company. My dream job was originally to be a flight engineer but my epilepsy put paid to that. Now? Maybe its time to give something back.....


    Something in Welsh


    I think I upset my GP today. Three month check up after putting me on Glucofage to control my Sugar. 3 month blood sugar test fine, perfect infact, I've lost weight and everything dunky hoary... Now, he says. Medical Aid (we have private medical cover over here) wants you to join their lifestyle audit scheme. Why, I say Well, they do all sorts of tests. measurements and weights to see how healthy you are and then see where they can help you improve. No thanks, says I But the benefits are.... Doc, with respect, they are going to throw a battery of tests at me, until they actually find something that they can then turn into me paying more money for... Well, I don't see it like that, its important too.... Yes Doc, its important... I understand. Do I have to do it? No you don't HAVE too... Well there you go then. nuff said, case closed. I then got a 5 minute lecture on how people 'my age' should start looking after themselves etc blah blah. After the enthusiastic mini lecture, So, can we sign you up.... No, thank you but not interested.... He really genuinely seemed quite let down about the whole thing Oh well, I'm sure he'll try again in 6 months when I go back


    They are more similar anatomically to weasels yes, but they are actually Badgers. Very bad tempered ones mind... Watched a program a while ago about them, they are literally fearless and this little chap attacked a hyena because it was tuesday


    The food here is not bad Gorb's, once its stopped wriggling and screaming It reminds me of a chap that came out to visit friends of ours from America. He bought his own milk (low fat), his own bread, and cereal (captain crunch) because he had heard that our shops were akin to the soviet union era shops in the 60's.... He did feel like a bit of a boob when we took him to a big hypermarket. We have mostly what you have over there... except Cape Fruit. Have to go to the UK, America or Australia to get that Badger vomit is similar to a mixture of warm sour milk and 3 day old vegetable curry. The trick is not about eating it and not throwing up, but rather making the badger throw up in the first place. true skill that, true skill


    Ahem... 3 upmanship.... Ours don't freeze over, our wine doesn't taste like donkey wee and our chocolate doesn't taste like badger vomit... Well you lot cant really play cricket anyway