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    'Tis the Season...to Grump

    aone, atwo, aone two three four..... P.S. I do have Goldfish yes, no Hamsters but loads of Pidgeons in the back yard Oh I forgot, ohhhh I'm scared

    'Tis the Season...to Grump

    OOOOOOOOOOH! Go on then.... I dare you MADSTEVE

    'Tis the Season...to Grump

    Ahhhh Gorb's me old fruit I remember a heady time in the mid to late 90's, I was back in the UK, everyone just got on with everything. There were gay folks, people of different colours and religions and when they all went down to Coventry Market on a Sat'd morning, we were all just people, getting along and doing peopley things. If someone tripped and fell over, you helped them up (not whip out your phone and video it), your social media was your newspapers, magazines or the pub, and if your were offended by something, you usually went home and complained for a few days to the wife,dog,budgie etc and that was basically about it. If you wanted to have a flag up in your own property, you did so, and no one complained (unless it was a Swastika or something) Its not gay people, its not any creed, race, colour or religions fault and not even the Philipino's against Flip Charts movement.... Its Social Media.... Therein lies the devil of the offended Mad Steve

    'Tis the Season...to Grump

    Hands up if you remember the time when everyone just got on, did their own thing, believed what they wanted to believe in and we all had just a smashing time... Mad Steve

    'Tis the Season...to Grump

    We was robbed I tell you..... I would like to place on record that I have officially been branded a Christmas Grump by my lovely dear wife and daughters ,because I would get all googly eyed over some overpriced baubles that will hang from a dead tree for a couple of weeks that I will then have to put away. I would also like to place on record that they are totally right Being a daddy of daughters, I will obviously be bent around little fingers and spoil then absoluetly rotten (obviously with the obligatory grumping, moaning and sighing)... but i see one Boney M song or CD cover, and I'm getting me Postman Pat wellies... And I haven't seen this yet here, and know you all just love it, so..... MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!
  6. Morning Chaps (Dusting off my opinion that's been sitting in the corner since last years Thread) .... More 32nd scale Cars, More 48th Scale Armour Eye thenk ewwwe... Returning opinion to corner until next year Mad Steve
  7. Good Afternoon Chaps Onward's and upwards Couple of things I remember from the last one of these I built, was that the interior frame was too tall and the round object on the rear deck was too far forward So rather than go thru all that crap again, I've cut down the top of the supports and that should do for that, plus I sliced off the round fitting off the rear deck Deck taped off and the white bits sprayed Flat White. I really hate hand painting white, so it was worth the effort of an hours masking for 5 minutes of spraying . It was at this point that I realised that I made a bit of a doosh move on the deck. I sprayed the side sections blue and then all the associated masking when in fact it doesn't need painting as the cabin sides extend that far down Most of the interior parts have now been base coated and ready for paint. Just an observation. I don't build many Airfix kits, 32nd cars and 48th armour being basically it, but I'm not a big fan of how Airfix do the runners. Its like a treasure hunt every time you need to look for a piece. I like the idea of numbered or lettered runners, with parts 1-xxx on them, and marked as such in the instructions. It just makes things a little easier. Just my opinion. Right then, waiting for stuff to dry.... (bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy) Mad Steve
  8. Morning Chaps Right then, I've sprayed the Red (X7), the Blue (X3), That's all come out nicely and thankfully I didn't have any paint creeping over onto the white waterline. I think the line is a tad wide maybe a mm or two? That line is very frustrating because it appears to bend because of the shape of the hull (well that's my excuse) A coat of Clear was sprayed over it and when dry, I masked off the top of the hull to spray the black bits At the same time, the deck was first sprayed Blue (X3) And then the same process was followed with Clear, after which it was taped off and the deck was sprayed with Dark Sea Grey (XF54), its about the closest I could get to Humbrol 27. While all that was drying, I painted the bits for the rear of the boat (I'm assuming they are some kind of trim vanes?) That's it for now, time to move onto the interior (yay!) all the bits have been cleaned up and ready for spraying Cheers
  9. Afternoon Chaps Some new ones to squuueeeeeeeeeeze into the cupboard Toyota 86. Like the car, just haven't gotten to buying the kit, found one at a nice price Beemax Toyota 240RS BS110 + Detail up Set I recently got the Volvo 240 Turbo from Beemax and thought it might be lonely boarding in the cupboard all by itself Next we have the BMW 2002 Turbo from Hasegawa.... You just cant not buy a 2002 Turbo, I mean, it'd just be rude not too And finally, quite a big moment for me really... I have been after one of these kits for nigh on 15 years. Its been floating around the top of the wants list for an age, and Round 2 has just released them. I know its not much of a kit, but it represents a win by knocking one of the impossible list That's it, now off to do some creative packing in the cupboard... Mad Steve
  10. Afternoon Chaps Well I can honestly say that I have never ventured into these waters before (see what I did there ) Yes, I know, my complete ignorance of all things nautical probably wont make me a good ship Modeler, but there is method behind my floaty thing madness (Its not actually the first ship I've built. As a kid I built the Airfix HMS Fearless, Matchbox HMS Tiger, and one of the Novo Ships but cant remember which one, but basically they were all Saturday afternoon stick togethers and weren't painted.) When the Severn Class Lifeboat was released ,I literally was the first person in the shop to buy one (buying one, turns out, was a mistake) My Late Grandfather was big into building large scale RC Lifeboats that you may have seen at a couple of shows years ago, and I thought, Id love to build one in memory of him. This was the time before I had an airbrush and, well honesty, I made a complete pigs ear of it, not finishing it and eventually throwing it away in a very unhappy state. No problem I though, I'll just get another one and try again (Riiiiight). Well its been a good couple of years since that day, and I actually got one yesterday from a good friend I fully intend not to make a pigs ear of this one. Since the wife has been away at a Spa all today with No1 daughter, I've had a good few hours to play with it. Yesterday afternoon I assembled the hull and was mildly not amused with the joint between the lower and upper hulls. So out came the Tamiya Putty and that was filled and left to dry over night. First thing this morning I sanded that off and got some primer on and this afternoon I got some paint on. Used some Tamiya bendy tape to create the white line and sprayed the bottom of the hull X-7 Gloss Red. Ill be using Tamiya acrylics throughout as I gave up on Humbrol paints years ago. One thing I've noticed on a lot of these models is that they are finished very SHINY!. Whilst there is nothing wrong with that, I prefer to do this in a semi gloss finish, with maybe a bit of mild weathering. I shall be displaying this full hull as I seriously suck at making sea Righto then, there will be more soon and any comments and helps will be greatly appreciated
  11. Afternoon Chaperinos Well I'm calling the H2R done. I think this is the longest I have ever worked on a Bike, just over a year. I think the reason for that is basically my fretting too much over the Carbon Fibre decals... (too much fretting and not enough doing!) Anyway, The kit is amazing, probably Tamiya's best bike kit, close call between the Panigale and the new Yamaha. Final colour decided upon was TS 52 Candy Lime Green. I'm not totally sold on the original black chrome colour and I'd probably have stuffed it up anyway, but I'm glad that I did it in the Lime Green. Looking at pictures of the real bike, just about the whole thing is black and I think adding a bit of colour actually brings out the evil lines of the bike. Righto, here's the pictures... There aren't really any bad points about the kit, except maybe that the wings are extremely fragile, so probably best to use superglue on those bits. Absolutely no reason why you couldn't finish this without the CF decals, but they do add a certain something. I'm already plotting to build another one, but this time with the HobbyDesign detail set and a completely off the wall finish... I have absolutely loved building this bike and I hope you enjoy the pictures Cheers Mad Steve

    Ideal Modelling Room

    My ideal hobby room Oh my.... that's quite something. I have a nice hobby room at the mo, bit bigger would be nicer. I shan't hold back, because by this time I shall have won the lotto and bought a very nice large house. I definately want one wall to have floor to ceiling display cases, not these naff poncy wooden things, just plain glass with wooden shelves (too much glare) Biiiig worktop next to the window with enough space to swing a couple of dogs, and enough room to put in a small railway layout in one corner Plenty of shelves and cupboards and drawers for all the crap and a Nespresso coffee station ( I don't drink so I'm allowed In the centre tho a couple of nice couches for when the chaps visit. This could be a loooooong thread


    I think I read somewhere Spoly that that was one of their influences
  14. Afternoon Chaps First time I saw a H2R i thought, that is the evilest looking bike I have ever seen... As soon as Tamiya announced they were releasing one, It was over the moon and I had to have one... (ok, its now three, but who's counting ) I've actually been building this over the last couple of months, so this is sort of a catch up post This is a monster of a kit! It is extremely well detailed, goes together like a dream. The original comes in a polished chrome black finish, which to be honest I don't like and more than likely, a finish like that I would stuff up and it would go back in the box. Okay then, first off while you are sitting having a coffee, drill out the disc brakes. (you will notice all the parts are primed on the runners, just the way I do it) Once that was out of the way time to start building. Frame and engine together I know it doesn't look like it from my photos, but I have used 5 types of black on the engine & frame for a bit of variety, Gloss, Matt, Semi Gloss, Rubber and Nato Black. Frame has been done in Tamiya TS 94 Metallic Grey, covered with Semi Gloss Clear. Next up, rear wheel on and exhaust getting test fitted I also added a couple of tensioners to the exhaust for giggles And that is basically where things came to a heaching scralt in the works because I was waiting for this to arrive... So things were quiet for about two months until the decals arrived.... Now, decals are not my strong point, and I didn't really quite realise what I was getting into here... The whole cowling, air intake and intake pipe to the super charger are CF decals, with 48 decals going on the cowling alone... Once that was done I took a bit of a breather. I wasn't 100% sure on the colour I wanted to do, because i didn't think it would suit the bike, but in reality it could really be only one colour... And all together... The day finally arrived where I had to put my big boy pants on, and start on the cowling. I took it slow and steady, no rush at all and it eventually took 3 weeks of decalling... I made a boob on the right wing, but managed to fix it and everything has been coated in 2 coats of Tamiya Clear. And this is where I am at the moment. I fitted the cowling just to see what it looks like, and noticed that you don't need to do the CF decals inside the cowling because you cant see them, just the ones underneath the windscreen surround. Be very careful when decaling the wings on the side fairing, they are extremely fragile. The little metal Yamaha badge on the front didn't want to stick either so I just used a dab of clear to stick it down and hope the clear varnish holds it Still a bit to go, but on we plod

    Stories from the courts.

    Good Morning Chaps Not really a funny story, but a 'funny' story... In my youthful days of stupidity in which my motorcycle was fueled by alcohol, the dastardly rotters caught me going just a smidge over the speed limit at about 2 in the morning on a main road (that lovely feeling in the pitch black when the camera goes off ) This was a big deal because it was a court appearance and I was likely to get a very large fine or license suspension. In the intervening couple of months I had consciously decided that enough was enough, I needed to change my life or I was going to die... Well, big day comes, attorney tells me what I need to say, case gets called and after we enter the court there's a bit of a flap... It appears it is my case, but the name, address and everything on the case is not mine. The judge, clerk and attorney spend a few minutes discussing this until the judge says the court papers are not in order and this case will be struck off and gives the prosecutor a piece of her mind for wasting courts time I then get a jolly good telling off of note from the judge about speeding and told basically that if she ever saw me there again she'd send me to Australia..... I don't know who, or what was watching over me that day, but it worked, I've been a non yahoo, and sober, ever since