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  1. 1/72 only. For all that is mine [boats, submarines, tanks, trucks, vehicles, helicopters & aircraft]. OK, I have some ships in 1/600 (Airfix) and 1/5xx (Revell), and 1/76 tanks (Matchbox & Airfix). Sometimes some friends ask me to build something in other scales for them, on occasion a 1/35 tank, a 1/144 airliner, a 1/32 or 1/48 helicopter or aircraft. That's when I kill the will for these alien scales.
  2. Me too, sometimes. However, I realized that if the talc used does not have extremely fine particles ("coarse talc"), and/or if air is trapped in the mixture, after sanding, small micro-holes may appear on the sanded surface. But in general this is a good cyano-putty. I also use stretched sprue, especially when the seams to be filled are large (very wide and/or deep). I glue the piece of sprue in place (i.e., over the seam) using any glue (not too dense, not too liquid) suitable for polystyrene. After drying well, just sand until the surface is even. If neccessary (visual inspect
  3. Oh no, phantoms in the bathroom! Nice collection, the F-4 is my favourite jet. Congratulations!
  4. Nice effect of metal sheets. I want to try it on a next model of mine.
  5. Congratulations. A very well done model. The internal structures (particularly the bomb-bay) are difficult to fit, the fuselage halves don't close without effort, the gaps between wings and fuselage are huge, and the canopies fit "more or less" (I built one of these Roden He-111s once...). Epic.
  6. Very nice model, I remembered the other "Starize". Congratulations!
  7. Very nice model, but I think you forgot to paint the bare resin nose (just kidding ).
  8. Hi Nicolas, the website https://www.vintage-airfix.com/instructions.php allows you to download several old Airfix instruction sheets in PDF format. The instructions for the B-25 are in the letter "B", just click on "B-25 Mitchell".
  9. Very nice and psychedelic. I felt in the 60s.
  10. Very well built and painted model. And what an evil face!
  11. Hey, the Russian Martin Mariner. It's a nice Be-6 model, congratulations!
  12. Convair

    C-124 lift

    Thank you guys, I appreciate very much your attention. I already have (in paper) this C-124 book. Believe me, for a good (or at least acceptable) representation of the lift "in plastic", even in 1/72 scale, the photos/drawings of the lift mechanism need to be more detailed. It would be ideal the "erection and maintenance instructions" of the C-124 (just as there are the "erection and maintenance" manuals of the B-17, C-47, etc.), at least showing the part relating to the lift.
  13. Yes, but it would be nice a new 1/72 scale tooling (the original was 1/76).
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