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  1. Very well done. Invasion stripes are always interesting, as well as the "tree" launchers for the rockets.
  2. Very nice model. I like the old Airfix Phantom, it has the former nose cannon fairing (more rounded), correct for the first F-4Es.
  3. Very good! A scenery with plenty of life, I liked it a lot!
  4. Very cool model. I have the Heller F-86 with the same decals. Congrats!
  5. Amazing. I agree, the wavy-edged black paint is cool. I liked also the fuselage windows. All in all, a spectacular assembly and painting job.
  6. It would just need a new fuselage, wings, engine nacelles and props, tail surfaces, etc … Is the main cockpit greenhouse the same? Might be able to reuse that … Exactly. I, who am not even a kit manufacturer, did it. Imagine what a professional, established manufacturer like Revell or Airfix could do.
  7. A very good group of (10) astronauts. Only the goalkeeper was missing in this space soccer team I particularly liked the SR.71 Blackbird pilots.
  8. It doesn't seem very difficult to modify existing Lancaster tooling to make an Avro 694. Airfix or Revell could do it. Even a klunkz like me managed to adapt Revell's old Lancaster (1963 tooling) to become a Lincoln (without any aftermarket parts, just pieces of plastic).
  9. What an amazing model, congratulations. Thanks for using a mirror to show the underside of the kit. It's what I like to see!
  10. Great model, congratulations! It is much more beautiful than mine...
  11. Very nice camouflage. I really liked the model.
  12. IMHO, white or yellow. The color of the outline of the letters "damn yankee" & bombs can be compared to the color of the spinners ("domes").
  13. Thank you very much Wulfman, Walter and Bob. Muchas gracias Miguel. I'm glad you liked it!
  14. Hello gentleman, It's been a while since I built these models. I had an old semi-buit Pioneer Focke-Wulf TA-154 kit in the scrap box, and an equally old AMT (probably FROG) FW-190A kit, both 1/72 and far from accurate. I decided to combine them to form a "Mistel V". The name "Mistel V" can be somewhat confusing, because the combination of a Heinkel He 162 with an Arado E.377a is also called "mistel 5". All markings (insignia) are painted (I used paint masks) and represent "generic" aircraft, there are no decals on these models. All paints used were automotive ("DUCO", or nitro-cellulose paint), except for the tires, which were brush-painted with Humbrol dark grey. The TA-154's nose was cut off and replaced by the explosive charge, made with a piece of PVC pipe. A lot of weight (lead) was placed there. Scrap plastic (polystyrene, stretched sprue, etc.) was used for the nose landing gear. The support structure for the FW-190 on TA-154's wing was also made in the same way. The explosive charge trigger rod was made with a piece of (plastic) paintbrush handle. The wheels bay on the FW-190 comes originally closed in the AMT kit, I had to cut and open the plastic using a file (I made a wheels bay interior & covers, scratchbuilt). A new canopy was provided (I don't remember if I used one left over from an old Italeri kit, or if I home-made a "hot push-formed" canopy using a piece of clear PVC), as well as a slightly better scratchbuilt cockpit. I chose to build the 190 with landing gear down because I wanted the models to be "removable" one from the other. I didn't want to permanently couple (glue) the 190 onto the 154. It was an old school way I found to make something with two ancient kits that were on the "shelf of doom" for a long time. Sorry about the (bad) quality of the pictures, I need to get a better camera.
  15. Here are my new 1/72 models, an Italeri C-130 Hercules, an (old) Airfix Mirage III (both in Brazilian camouflage & insignia), and an (old) Revell F4F Wildcat in Royal Navy colours. The C-130 and Mirage are OOB, but the Wildcat (actually a Martlet) has been reworked with manually recessed panel lines, a new scratchbuilt cockpit, true belly windows, etc.. I preferred to represent "new planes" with minimal wear and tear. I'm not sure if I should have used the exact British (RN) colors for the Martlet, maybe I should have used the "equivalent" American colours. Hope you like it, and sorry about the (bad) quality of the pictures.
  16. The black paint gives a sinister look to the aircraft. A "lethal" (and very nice) model, congratulations!
  17. Very beautiful NMF paint, the orange colored tanks provided a very charming model. Congratulations!
  18. Remembering Al Superczynski. Please Hans excuse my curiosity, but sincerely I would like to see the pictures of your spanish mirage F.1. When I accessed the site they had already been deleted.
  19. I loved this FW200. I especially liked the camouflage in high contrast colors. Very good!
  20. Even without the wing pylons, it is a very nice model. Interesting position of the ventral tank.
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