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  1. Convair

    C-124 lift

    Thank you guys, I appreciate very much your attention. I already have (in paper) this C-124 book. Believe me, for a good (or at least acceptable) representation of the lift "in plastic", even in 1/72 scale, the photos/drawings of the lift mechanism need to be more detailed. It would be ideal the "erection and maintenance instructions" of the C-124 (just as there are the "erection and maintenance" manuals of the B-17, C-47, etc.), at least showing the part relating to the lift.
  2. Yes, but it would be nice a new 1/72 scale tooling (the original was 1/76).
  3. Convair

    C-124 lift

    Thank you Dennis, it's a start. Cheers!
  4. Convair

    C-124 lift

    Does anyone have (schematic) pictures / drawings showing how the Douglas C-124 Globemaster II belly lift works? I have an Airmodel kit of this plane, and I would like to build it with the lift lowered (so the cables / rails / chains / mechanisms / whatever that moves the lift will be visible). It would be very pretense to want to build the elevator actually having movement, in 1/72 scale, but if I can ... . Searching on Google, I found some relevant information, but I need more images (for modeling purposes, showing the visible details, including the parts inside the fuselage). Please, can anyone help me?
  5. This could come back, in 1/72...
  6. Very nice, congratulations! The cut out step in the right inboard flap is a charm.
  7. Yes, now that you mentioned it, it looks like the BV 142 from Mach 2. The only other manufacturer of 1/72 BV 142 is Airmodel, but it is a vaccum-forming kit.
  8. I like movable parts. All my models have spinning propellers and movable gun turrets (obviously, those which are not jets ). When possible, I install rotating wheels and movable rudders. I do not mind retractable undercarriages and folding wings, (also) because I have no skills to assemble them so they work "forever", without breaking. So I glue them "hard" without movement. Old kits (and some new ones) have movable control surfaces, but the gap between the wing and said surfaces is too big and unrealistic, so I do not care about them either. Nowadays I glue them in place, without the gap.
  9. A great model, very inspirational. I have an old Heller T.4 that I would like to finish (some day... ).
  10. Very good quintet. Now it's just missing a Ki-100-II model ...
  11. Very nice model. Now I want one too, with this same painting scheme.
  12. An aircraft that is rarely modeled. In fact I had never seen a model of the Greyhound. Congratulations!
  13. Very cool pair of "Forgers". I liked the "79" (blue) more, but the "25" (grey and green) is spectacular too. The Kamov is also very nice.
  14. Ah, the QP-D with the red contoured nose, but the FT-L with that cool eagle... I can't decide (again) which model I like best. Very good!
  15. Interesting colours on the helo. Nice truck too. Good models for a nice sinister (just kidding) diorama.
  16. 1) I don't have photos of my first models in the 70's (my first model was a 1/32 Hurricane from Revell, and the first one actually completed and finished was a 1/64 Revell B-25B proudly displayed on top of the TV). My oldest picture is from this He-111 1/72 from Revell/Frog (I don't have the model anymore). A rainy day in the middle of the street provided the landscape for the analog photo at night. Luckily no cars passed. The date is in the corner. 2) My favourite is this Revell 1/72 B-26 Marauder (2009). It's my favourite twin engined bomber, especially in aluminum finish, and I like invasion stripes. 3) My finest model is the next (ha-ha). Meanwhile, I can think of one or two, like this 1/72 Execuform PB2Y Coronado and this 1/72 Mistel 7 (it was a scratchbuilt conversion from a Pioneer FW Ta-154 "Moskito" + Frog FW-190A, no aftermarket items). Cheers!
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