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  1. bushande

    Bronze Tiger

    Thanks for the kind words. Much appreciated! Don't want to permanently highjack the Bronze Tiger thread though but just to answer your questions: Sadly the Ghost Tiger livery had to be removed prematurely already last September again. Originally it was planned to keep the livery till this April the least but sadly Luftwaffe command traded the schedule for the 3000 hrs inspection at Manching test centre with another machine that had only a few hours more left on the airframe before inspection and so it very suddenly had to enter the inspection cycle and hence had the stripes removed already last fall. Pity, but I am gratefull for the time it was on. Hence sadly no chance for an Airpower appeareance but there is a new Tiger in the works. This time it's just the tailfin though, i.e. a mini tiger if you will, because the airwing is skipping a full NTM participation in favor for Arctic Challenge and Frisian Flag. They do want to do a short weekend visit to the NTM though but this just justifies for a fin this year I'm afraid. Regarding decals: We have been in talks with Revell and they do a 1/72 version coming out in March this year. I am in talks with HaHen for the other scales. Harald showed interest in doing everything that Revell isn't doing from 1/32 down to 1/144 but we are ust not sure yet if Revell really only want's to settle for 1/72 or plans to do another scale as well for the end of the year similar to what they did with the Bronze Tiger. That is why it is taking so long this time but I'm on it. (I do need those other scales as well you see hihihi ;-D ) Regarding the grey canopy and the design in general. It was grey all the time right from the beginning but that was actually not intended this way. Not everything went right with applying my original design to the jet. Once I do a reference model I might as well do a WIP thread here at BM where I can explain a little more detailed for those that are interested. As said I don't want to highjack this thread anymore than I already did. Just that much: Originally it was intented to do a full airframe painting similar to the Bronze Tiger but Luftwaffe command has officially prohibited full scale paintings on their jets now. Hence foiling the jet is the only option left now and the Ghost Tiger was the biggest foiling attempt in the Luftwaffe so far. There are a lot of panels that are not to be foiled such as the panels before the canards or the canopy rail. The entire lower fuselage is an absolute nogo and the canards itself should not be foiled as well. They had some really bad experiences with that at Manching a few years back. Even the tanks are a sensitive issue with some examiners in the Luftwaffe. So I'm happy I actually got the entire upper half after all. The canards were intented completely different. I had design patterns for the entire canard plane but due to the lock on foiling the canards meant that they would have to be painted. I prompted that I would do it myself but a "professional" was called and the result was not very pleasing to put it mildly. As time was running out it was opted to paint the canards flat black and at least cut the eyes from my original design out and put them on as close to the prohibited edge on the canard as possible resulting in the infmous eye-sticker on the canards. I wanted to have the canopy at least partly sprayed black to match the shift in the layout on the airframe but sadly no chance by those people in power. Certainly not the ideal I planned but a weak save is better than none and it was all that was possible in what little time was left before public unveiling. Perfection is reserved for god's heaven I guess hihihi
  2. Thanks again for the repl and the clarification. much appreciated. I was aware of the missing / misplaced avionics bay for the 1/48 single seater. Seems as if the 1/32 edition doesn't have that flaw?! IRST and strobe light change won't be a big problem as I am planning to do a Luftwaffe bird so that'l be fine. I just don't want to cope with any shape issues as these are the hardest to rectify. The stiffener at the fin top is a good advice though. I just checked the kit and you are totally correct.
  3. bushande

    Bronze Tiger

    Thanks for the praise. I'm aware it steared quite some controversy. Some seem to like it and some seem to flat out hate it (which is o.k. might I add). I'm still happy it had been received rather well all ina ll. Pity we couldn't make it come to RIAT though.
  4. Hmmm ... interesting replies altogether. I don't mind a chellenging build however, I just don't want to tackle any prominent shape issues again. However that does not so much seem to be the case with this kit anyways as I figure after some reading. Not quite sure what to do in terms of after market stuf though. For such a prominent kit it seems there's way too little available. Anyways, after your posts I think I'll refrain from any resin stuff but the PE stuff might be worth a thought. Thank you all gentlemen for your effort and the valuable input. It has sure been of great help and much appreciated!
  5. Thanks again for the input. Yes I noticed that by now as well. Kind of puzzling to me, considering how popular he kit seems to be?! Even more so it is strange that none of the aftermarket providers ever attented to the intakes?! And eventually I don't quite follow aires' rationale not just downscaling their apparently quite neat 1/32 nozzles. I read from other WIP reports that the kit seats do seem to be rather o.k. though?
  6. Awesome! Thank you all very much for the intel and reassurance. I do already have the current 1/48 boxing. So I can rest assured that I at least have the most accurate kit currently available. So I guess it's now up to me to attend to whatever little flaws regarding the detailing the kit might still have. Let's see how that goes. Once again, thanks a ton for your input! Much appreciated.
  7. Hello everybody, first of all, let me wish you all a merry, blessed and peaceful Christmas eve and some hopefully quiet and relaxing holidays and tha yu all may get some of your heart’s desires under the tree. However, I still need to bother the Eurofighter experts among you: I am currently planning my first Eurofighter model projects in 1/48 and 1/32. I am focussing on the SINGLE SEATER! While I do not have any other option than the Revell Tiffy in 1/32 (no, the Trumpet is too far off the original and the flaws are too prominent to even be remotely consideed – that thing is a strict NONO for me), I am not too sure about 1/48. However, as far as I understand, the 1/48 and 1/32 Revell kits are basically the same mold just in different scales, is that correct? My actual question is, how accurate is the 1/48, respectively the 1/32 Revell kit shapewise? Mediocre detail is nothing I consider a too big problem and I can cope with suboptimal fit. The real turn off for me are shape issues. I usually like to spend time with the model researching the original and any possible deviations but for these projects my building time is sadly somewhat limited but I still do want to get the most accurate result possible. 1. So again, how close tot he original are the two Revell kits? 2. Are there any more accurate alternatives out there from other producers? 3. If the Revell kits in both scales are indeed the most accurate options out there, that doesn’t mean they don’t have flaws. Hence, what would I have to take into consideration during the build? Are there any inaccurate panel lines? Where would still be detail missing? Is there something that needs to be done to correct them shapewise? I’m well aware oft he terrible fit oft he speed brakes and also the not so well designed intakes. I do hope I can cope with these two. However, are there any other inaccuracies or shortcomings that I need to deal with? I’d be most grateful for any good advice and constructive information that would make things easier for me. Many many thanks in advance to anyone in advance fort he effort and time. Best wishes Alex
  8. bushande

    Bronze Tiger

    I've done the design for this year's Ghost Tiger 31+00 for the Bavarian Tigers and also had a chat with the designer of the Bronce Tiger at the airbase. I sadly can't tell you what model color you would have to use but according to the designer they used a color provided by Audi in Ingolstadt called "Pearl Orange Metallic" from Standox. Maybe that helps you a bit in your endeavour?
  9. Many thanks. I'll see what I can find in terms of detail shots and in-flight impressions in the days ahead and will try to post something hopefully useful in the reference and / or photography sections. Merry X-mas to everyone.
  10. Happy it's of some use to you guys. As soon as I found some time to rummage through the plethoria of pics I took, I can post some to the forum if it is liked. The Alicats did in fact appear to be in rather good shape doing some nice low level passes and climb outs. It really has been an absolutely amazing sight (and sound) to wittness, I confess that. How fit they are in terms of combat readiness is something I cannot say but I couldn't care less. All I need them to do is continue to fly; I don't need them to shoot something. However, it s claimed that the IRIAF still has well over 60 airframes to it's disposal with more than 40 of them "combat ready" and another few dubbed as "partially combat ready" having no active fire control system and being used as trainer or gunnery vehicle. However they do claim these could be beefed up to combat ready status in case of need. What is to such claims, I sure couldn't tell. However there is confirmation of more than 40 airframes being airworthy via undoctered images depicting these serials flying. I have to admit, my meager logic tells me there should actually be something to that claim as if they were really so much struggling to keep them airworthy they would use their funds to maintain the fleet they have. However if one only halfway keeps track of the Iranian airforce it shows that they seem to quite regularly move older airframes out of storage and revert them back into flying status. (There should be images around of 3-6039/160337 being delivered to Mehrabad overhaul centre in early 2017. This bird has been in storage since the late 80's early 90's and is proclaimed to be the last of the Alicats featuring the old Asia Minor camoflage with the difuse demarcation lines. However there is rumor that another one is around with the old camo pattern, supposedly 3-6067/160365 which is supposed to undergo overhaul as well but I wouldn't be able to tell for sure. I'm afraid however that as soon as they are overhauled / upgraded or whatever they all get the tactical blue / grey camo. I confess as much as I like the blue / grey pattern I indeed would love to see some of them retaining their old camos appart from the two splintered Tomcats that are known, i,e, 3-6045/160343 and 3-6049/160347) Why would anyone use their ressources on extra airframes if the others weren't mission capable of some sort? Certinly a quite expensive meassure if it was just to show the proverbial stinky finger to the US I would reckon?! There were at least three airframes at the overhaul and modernisation centre at Mehrabad however I was not allowed to take any pictures at that particular place, I'm afraid.
  11. Oh and another word on the cockpit. I was able to take a quick peek into the pit and in terms of color it is still the old standard pattern, i.e. black instruments and displays on grey boards.
  12. Just to revive an older thread; I recently had the opportunity to travel to Iran and see the big fighter flying around my nose and also have been able to take some close ups. What I can say at least for the modern age blue/grey camo is, my goodness these babies are plastered with subtle stencils (all in english mind you!). Even the early USN birds in their gullgrey/white hayday wouldn't have that much stenciling. I still need to sort through the ton of pictures I took but that was something that quite stunned me.
  13. Many thanks for the kind feedback and nice words. I'm amazed it still draws some attention after all that time. I'm happy you like it. A lot has happened in the meantime. This year I was fortunate enough to do the design for the Luftwaffe Fighterwing-74s by now rather "infamous" Ghost Tiger Eurofighter. I hoped the Tiger Tiffy would make it RIAT this year but unfortunately higher powers prevented that visit. The livery is sadly gone again already but I sure hope I will be able to do something similar like the Tiger Tonka again with the Tiger Tiffy. I'm still working on the decal patterns actually. Many thanks once again for the kind words. Very much appreciated.
  14. For me it's the Tomcat flat out! And no it's not a passion anymore it's an obsession as sick as it can be. Ever since I met her in the flash back in '97 when I was a lad I was literally hooked. Was lucky enough to be around them during my short Euro-US exchange stint while being with the forces and tried to follow up on the big lady's retirement till '06. However was stupid enough to not have had a decent camera or sufficient interest in photgraphy to really take enough presentable shots of the lady. Got over a hundred books on her (no kidding there are that many!), bits and pieces of the real deal like tailhooks, noseart panels, grips and data plates. Amassed a picture collection of more than 40K analogue and digital pics. I always liked the thing but just felt that obsessed after the USN phased them out and I suddenly realized that I never truly appreciated the severity of it. I watched her here and took some casual snapshots there and suddenly she was gone. Left quite some hole I confess. Heck I just made the way to Iran just to catch her properly and really savour the experience this time. It's just been two weeks and I already miss that thing again. Tomcat all the way for me till I barf and then some.
  15. I saw this abomination live at the Nuremburg fair and I'll definitely pass on this one. It has so eclatant shape issues in so prominent places like for instance a far far far too flat and broad spine and too narrow and squared off engine trunks at the back end that leave a quite huge gap not visible on the original, that I decided that it would not be worth the money. The gear is also flawed. The biggest problem is for me that a correction particularly of the spine and the engine trunks would be extremely work intensive in my eyes at least, if at all possible?! Thesy did report that Revell pusshed the release date back due to corrections but as long as I don't see a significant change of what I saw at the Nuremburg fair that thing is a definitive no-go for me.
  16. One should never give up hope too early 'cuz we all know: It ain't over 'til it's over. http://www.airforcemag.com/DRArchive/Pages/2016/November 2016/November 18 2016/Could-Nighthawks-be-Used-for-Red-Air.aspx
  17. Meeeehhhhh ..... Certainly a nice kit but, let's face it, of the most boring version of a bffff-aircraft. Unless they pop out a C-version at some point I'll invest my meager budget in something nicer. (Only way I'll ever go for this one is if ..... well actually when! the Luftwaffe is getting the F-35. Which will ultimately happen once they realice how futile their current project outlook for a European Tonka replacement will be. As the saying goes: The last one is the one to get bitten. A Luftwaffe F-35 .... yeah o.k. might really get me to get this kit)
  18. Nasty little carts. We used to call them cardboard box because that's all they actually were; a pile of old paper and wooden remains pressed into form. The moment you were born your parents would go and "order" (rather apply for) one in order to eventually get one right on time when you turned 18 i.e. got your drivers license. No kidding! They always made puns about the model 601. 600 are waiting for it, one finally gets it. I remember traveling to the Baltic sea with my parents in one of those things back when I was a little kid before the curtain came down. Horridly cold in there with not even the most rudimentary heating. The fastest you could go would be something about 55 or 60 mph or so and then that god-aweful stench out of the exhaust and the almost blue bloomes. Aaaaaand not to forget the unmistakable sound: Wraaaang da dang da dang dada dang da dang. God how I miss those little boxes. Hihi.
  19. Hello gentlemen, just like most, if not all of you I'm anxiously waiting for the AMK release. I hope I won't be too much of a nagg but could I ask any of those in the know if there is also a set of CLOSED GE110 burner cans planned or if we are going to be stuck with the open ones again? Just asking because the open position is mainly only selected during idle mode or in full blower but if anyone intents to build a launch dio or portray the kitty in flight the nozzle position to go with would be a full dry military power mode, i.e. nozzles fully or at least partially closed. It certainly wouldn't be a big issue or a turn off if there wasn't such an option but I for once think I wouldn't be the only one being happy about such an option. Cheers
  20. Being a German native speaker, I can confirm "Pause beendet, zurück an die Arbeit" ist spot on for what you are up to. Very interesting project. Will follow the build with interest!
  21. No worries there about any blurring or milking. That is just my crappy camera and some stupid light effects. Both canopies are absolutely clear apart maybe some stains from my fatty fingers that I could polish away if I only wasn't so lazy. About applying the foil: I cut seperate pieces for each section of the canopy and the windscreen, i.e. three in case of a Foxtrott or a Golf Hornet. Each part was slightly bigger than what would be needed to cover the respective piece. You fizzle up one little corner and put that on the outer most part of the section you want to cover and then you slowly but firmly rubb it up on the clear part and gradually work your way all over the piece. When you are done with one section, you carefully cut the excess foil with a sharp knife along the corners and repeat the whole procedure for the next section. Regarding the method of soap in Future I would not recommend airbrushing or soaking it as whatever is too much will run off the canopy. With future alone that is no problem as it is colorless but once you've added the soap you run danger that the soap will gather only in one place while the Future is running off the part and you end up havingthe rainow effect only along the frame. I carefully brushed it using a very soft and broad brush. I applied two thin layers. The Future usually dries off so fast that it wont run off towards the edges like it might happen in case of soaking or airbrushing. Only thing you have to take care offf is going over with the brush in very slow and soft strokes in order to avoid little bubbles. Thats basically all there is to it.
  22. Actually this foil works pretty well. A few years back I tried it on my CONA Digital Super Hornet. If you scroll down and sweep through the actual "fly out" pics you can see the holo effect on the canopy. At that time the syhart decals hadn't been out and I had to do my own decals and colorings for the bird according to the original. Applying the foil is somewhat tricky but manageable. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234926703-148-centennial-of-naval-aviation-vfa-122-fa-18f-digital-super-hornet/?hl=digital Another way to go would be to add a drop of liquid soap to the FUTURE solution and carefully apply it to the canopy. I tried that when I did my 1/32 interpretation of the final Bavarian Tiger Tornado. Once again, if you scroll down to the actuall roll out pics (waaaaaayyyy down) you can see it some of the detail shots. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234961885-132-tornado-ecr-tiger-meet-2011-the-last-one/page-2 In both cases it's only visible from certain angles and under certain light conditions. It's very subtle but looks quite neat in the end. Hope that helps.
  23. Many thanks for the info Mike. I appreciate it. That pretty much confirms my concerns. It would indeed be interesting to know if your friend had any addition steps done, because I am thinking about going the same route. Many folks seem to use the teknics set but that has some accuracy issues in my eyes.
  24. Hey gents, I'm currently turning my circles around the modelling forum world again, just trying to gather some intel and some impressions. I'm currently working on converting the Tamiya 1/32 Alpha Tomcat into a Delta and just fit the Aires Burners (please note, the ones explicitly for the Tamiya kit!!!) to the airframe and flamin' rod do I have to spend some proper load of putty to straighten everything out. Did I just hit a screwed kit or can it really be that the Aires cowls are somewhat too small? As said, I'm using the set specifically tailored for the Tamiya kit, at least that is stated on the set but it kind of feels like having to fit the stuff to a Revell kit. Anyone who has used the Aires stuff on the Tamiya kit before willing to share his or her two cents? Would help me out a great lot. Thanks in advance everyone.
  25. @Ben: The missile's exhaust blume is actually not a too big deal to do. I used a colored clear acrylic rod that I sanded off for a pointy end, drilled a little hole in the end to fit into the thin metal rod of the display and after the coloring I used some flat coat. I then applied some padding around it, formed it so it would look at least remotely realistic and color sprayed it a little after that. That's it already.
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