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  1. Absolutely excellent build. Love the old Asia-Minor camo. Saw exactly that BuNo / Serial in feb. 2019 at Mehrabat overhaul fascility, albeit in blue grey IRIAF camo. Apparently she is due to get out of overhaul / pot. AM-upgrade around 2022. Oh and as the question arose: Yes, they do still fly them. My last count was at least 57 serials active as documented by images and clips dating between 2002 and 2020. The last serial that is known to hve left the overhaul fascilities was 3-6050 in Feb. 2020. They would have had at least 59 active serials but lost one in jan. 2012 due to friend
  2. I confess I can relate. Not that I ever was a big fan of Bond movies or agent movies in general but I have to say the "same old, same old" is getting rather obvious with this sort of movie,even more so than in other genres, or at least it does appear to me as more obvious in the genre of agent movies. .... Let's face it, there is only one true super duper agent and one true super villain that would have deserved and endless row of sequels and who incidently just have had far too few movies going for them ....
  3. What a gorgeous rendition for sure! I love the paintjob and the nice presentation. Truly a beautiful eyecatcher on the shelf. Cudos and respect to your modelling work. It does indeed spur my ambition to eventually start a Persian Cat myself. I truly enjoeyed that roll out thread and spent quite some time watching your nice shots of this great model.
  4. Hey nasos, please excuse my once again late reply and many thanks for the kind getback. I am always happy to help out if I can. Your build looks absolutely superb. Congrats to such an exquisite rendition! I know it is already too late but since you were concerned about the too darkwar head of the AIM-7s, I'm afraid I have to confirm your sentiments. Here are two reference shots of the typical armament, once again I'm afraid I can only provide more detailed images of the blue-grey modern iterations carrying the loadout but I would suspect that no changes have been done to the armament itse
  5. That does sound about right. Here's a close up:
  6. As a German I would add quite frankly, that it will most like boil down to a purely political decision, at least halfway regardless of what the actual military requirement / preference might be. Luftwaffe inspector general getting fired over publicly advocating for the F-35, us ending up with Super (most likely not even duper) Hornets (for carrying freefall nukes??? bwuuuaaahahahaha!!!) ...... first units probably arriving not before 2025 ...... anyone?!!!! (They could at least have opted for chiming into the F-15EX but hey, we would have run danger of actually being taken seriously with that
  7. I can't access my close ups right now but it is definitely a red. I do not have a RAL but I would describe it as a slightly toned down flatt red. In my previous post I boasted it as a "proper and bright" red but better take that "bright" not too literal. What might come close in tone would be the red of a fire fighter truck just not gloss but flatt. Another suggestion. You might want to look at the many field refuel panels on external fuel tanks. That would be the same color. BTW, the Typhoon has three of these field refuel latches also on the port side top fuselage. The panel on the port inta
  8. I'm a member of the "Bavarian Tigers" association of Fighter Wing 74 and did the "Ghost Tiger"-livery on GAF Typhon 31+00, thus have been around and up close to the original at Neuburg airbase frequently. The panel is definitely by no means any kind of orange but a proper and bright RED.
  9. Hello Nasos, please excuse my late reply. Life has it, that I am sadly only able to look inti the forum every few weeks, please excuse. Your work is exemplary and I applaud your effort. She looks breathtaking. There really is no need to chastice yourself. You are doing great and she will be a real stunner in the end. To answer your question. I would personally believe that the issue with the color differences would be the same regarding the old Asia minor scheme. Yes, that color scheme was the one they were delivered with so the chances are very good that at that point the colors w
  10. Excellent choice altogether! I wouldn't be too strict about the color codes though. As I wrote elsewhere in this forum. I saw several of them just a short while ago and each of them had a different color tone so you are pretty free to roam on that end. Just scroll down a bit for reference pics: Happy modelling!
  11. Pretty simple to me: if you go for the Delta as a fighter go for VF-2, if you want to depict her as multi role / Bombcat go for the Lions. The Lion scheme in the kit may be pre-Phoenix retirement but it still represents a Delte of the very late 90s, i.e. mainly mud mover missions / load out, while the VF-2 markings depicts the birds some time around early to mid 90's where pure air/air loads would be more common due to LANTIRN integration not before late '95 the absolute earliest. VF-103 where the first to trial the LANTIRN with VF-31 being one of the first Delta equipped units receiving
  12. Isn't the Academy kit the one with the too fat nose and the too smal windshield?! I would refrain from the Academy.
  13. Many thanks once again for the kind feedback. Much appreciated.
  14. Please excuse my lte reply. Life at the moment has it, that i can access the forum only every few weeks or even months so a lot sadly passes past me without noticing. any thanks once again for the kind feedback. I am happy it is so well received. I am currently in preparations for the 1/32 version. Since Phone Phixer mentioned the Tiger Tonka above in the shelf; here's the WIP/Rollout for that again:
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