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  1. Had a check: In 1/32 the MLG wheels should have a diameter of about 2.42 cm. Revell's wheels are 2.65 cm and the ResKit wheels are 2.4 cm. hence Reskit it is! Thanks again for the input gentlemen.
  2. Ha ha, that! .... I can agree with. They are nice technology and an improvement over flat PE pieces but would I use them all the time? Nope!
  3. An excellent rendition indeed. The weathering looks superb. May I ask, why the redfox cockpit was such a disappointment for you?
  4. Many thanks for the replies, it is much appreciated! @dove: Will be 31+00 i.e. tranche 2. There's a lot more to correct and add than just the GPS. @DeepSea: Good hint. It might very well be that they are based on the horrid Trumpet pos. @drake122: Not helping. I'm doing this model for me and not for others. The particular serial and livery I want to do is very near and dear to me and I just want this to be as accurate as possible. I couldn't care less what others might say about it. @MVW: THANK YOU! Awesome info. I just converted the meassures and will have a check once I get back home and to the modelling desk. Will report back as soon as I have made a comparison. Thanks a lot again chaps.
  5. G'day gentlemen, the title says it all ... I just realized that the RESKIT wheels for the Revell eurofighter are of a smaller diameter than the kit's wheels. I'm working on a 1/32 rendition but I suppose it is about the same in 1/48 and 1/72 maybe. Wondering which size is correct. Any opinons and input would be appreciated.
  6. No drones or the like. Was used as a hypersonic testbed by NASA: https://www.nasa.gov/centers/dryden/history/pastprojects/Phoenix/phoenixmissile.html
  7. Quite frankly, that thread just shows again how boring and dull these stealth jets really are (except for the gorgeous Nighthawk). No raised panels, everything smooth, all grey .... from a modelling standbpoint ..... meeeeh
  8. No, there is nothing prohibited by law and it has even less to do with any sovereignity questions. The higher Luftwaffe command being ..... "obliged" by a political class that has next to no interest in anything that flies or military just doesn't want to dish out the money for it and yes some in the political class just think that everyone else on the planet has their negative stance towards the German military. But that negative self view slowly seems to ease a bit lately. A good ten years ago it would have been a major no no for the Luftwaffe to put up a display team at all. Not because it was forbidden by law but rather because it would be considered politically incorrect by the mostly liberal "colored" modern society. For a few years now the Luftwaffe has installed something like a display service for the Typhoon wandering from squadron to squadron every two years. Heck, a few years back it would have been seen as an audacity to have a Typhoon display with some hooraah behind it but after someone just risked to play some decent hard rock to the baby blue Luftwaffe 60 anniv. jet in 2016 it was a cool thing to have AC DC's "Thunder Struck" play to "my" Ghost Tiger Typhoons display in 2018. And yes they can do displays outside of Germany but leadership is just not very willing to go the extra mile. For instance a few years back the Germans flew a display with the Typhoon at the Radom airshow in Poland for their centenniary or they flew a display at the Ziger Meet in Switzerland etc.. It's definitely not prohibited by law or anything the like.
  9. With the reunification and the 2+4 treaties Germany regained full sovereignity ... in 1990. Any .... "occupying powers" ... are looooooong gone.
  10. As a non-British member I have no right in judging any design based on the Union Flag but I confess, as an aviation enthusiast and photographer I am really disappointed that they chose that awesome looking aggressor Typhoon. It looked absolutely menacing in flat black with some lighter bits and that glaring Greenbats logo made it shine eventually. I so hoped it would last until next year so I would be given the chance to see it live hoping to make my way back to the merry island again, so this is really unfortunate for me. Babbling out my opinion about the flag design in public is not my right but I confess I would have rather liked it if the RAF had chosen another line bird for the flag markings and had left the "black menace" in that gorgeous subtle black a while longer. She just looked striking the way she was. Pity.
  11. Well ... at least regarding the Strike Eagle I'd have to say I wouldn't need anything new from them. I am more than satisfied with what Revell has issued in terms of shape and accuracy. Regarding a Charly ... hmmmmm.....
  12. Absolutely excellent build. Love the old Asia-Minor camo. Saw exactly that BuNo / Serial in feb. 2019 at Mehrabat overhaul fascility, albeit in blue grey IRIAF camo. Apparently she is due to get out of overhaul / pot. AM-upgrade around 2022. Oh and as the question arose: Yes, they do still fly them. My last count was at least 57 serials active as documented by images and clips dating between 2002 and 2020. The last serial that is known to hve left the overhaul fascilities was 3-6050 in Feb. 2020. They would have had at least 59 active serials but lost one in jan. 2012 due to friendly fire from a IRGC Tor M1 and lost another one upon landing in Isfahan last May due to assymetric engine failure. So yes, they do still fly.
  13. I confess I can relate. Not that I ever was a big fan of Bond movies or agent movies in general but I have to say the "same old, same old" is getting rather obvious with this sort of movie,even more so than in other genres, or at least it does appear to me as more obvious in the genre of agent movies. .... Let's face it, there is only one true super duper agent and one true super villain that would have deserved and endless row of sequels and who incidently just have had far too few movies going for them ....
  14. What a gorgeous rendition for sure! I love the paintjob and the nice presentation. Truly a beautiful eyecatcher on the shelf. Cudos and respect to your modelling work. It does indeed spur my ambition to eventually start a Persian Cat myself. I truly enjoeyed that roll out thread and spent quite some time watching your nice shots of this great model.
  15. Hey nasos, please excuse my once again late reply and many thanks for the kind getback. I am always happy to help out if I can. Your build looks absolutely superb. Congrats to such an exquisite rendition! I know it is already too late but since you were concerned about the too darkwar head of the AIM-7s, I'm afraid I have to confirm your sentiments. Here are two reference shots of the typical armament, once again I'm afraid I can only provide more detailed images of the blue-grey modern iterations carrying the loadout but I would suspect that no changes have been done to the armament itself though. As you can see, the warhead is rather an off-white than a light grey: But just so you are on the safe side; here are some older press shots of 3-6079 carrying the loadout that you did: 3-6079 served as shadow with a standard load for 3-6060 which was one of the project SkyHawk demonstrators.
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