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  1. I saw this abomination live at the Nuremburg fair and I'll definitely pass on this one. It has so eclatant shape issues in so prominent places like for instance a far far far too flat and broad spine and too narrow and squared off engine trunks at the back end that leave a quite huge gap not visible on the original, that I decided that it would not be worth the money. The gear is also flawed. The biggest problem is for me that a correction particularly of the spine and the engine trunks would be extremely work intensive in my eyes at least, if at all possible?! Thesy did report that Revell pusshed the release date back due to corrections but as long as I don't see a significant change of what I saw at the Nuremburg fair that thing is a definitive no-go for me.
  2. bushande

    F-117 was offered to the RAF

    One should never give up hope too early 'cuz we all know: It ain't over 'til it's over. http://www.airforcemag.com/DRArchive/Pages/2016/November 2016/November 18 2016/Could-Nighthawks-be-Used-for-Red-Air.aspx
  3. Meeeehhhhh ..... Certainly a nice kit but, let's face it, of the most boring version of a bffff-aircraft. Unless they pop out a C-version at some point I'll invest my meager budget in something nicer. (Only way I'll ever go for this one is if ..... well actually when! the Luftwaffe is getting the F-35. Which will ultimately happen once they realice how futile their current project outlook for a European Tonka replacement will be. As the saying goes: The last one is the one to get bitten. A Luftwaffe F-35 .... yeah o.k. might really get me to get this kit)
  4. bushande

    If Carlsberg made cars?

    Nasty little carts. We used to call them cardboard box because that's all they actually were; a pile of old paper and wooden remains pressed into form. The moment you were born your parents would go and "order" (rather apply for) one in order to eventually get one right on time when you turned 18 i.e. got your drivers license. No kidding! They always made puns about the model 601. 600 are waiting for it, one finally gets it. I remember traveling to the Baltic sea with my parents in one of those things back when I was a little kid before the curtain came down. Horridly cold in there with not even the most rudimentary heating. The fastest you could go would be something about 55 or 60 mph or so and then that god-aweful stench out of the exhaust and the almost blue bloomes. Aaaaaand not to forget the unmistakable sound: Wraaaang da dang da dang dada dang da dang. God how I miss those little boxes. Hihi.
  5. Hello gentlemen, just like most, if not all of you I'm anxiously waiting for the AMK release. I hope I won't be too much of a nagg but could I ask any of those in the know if there is also a set of CLOSED GE110 burner cans planned or if we are going to be stuck with the open ones again? Just asking because the open position is mainly only selected during idle mode or in full blower but if anyone intents to build a launch dio or portray the kitty in flight the nozzle position to go with would be a full dry military power mode, i.e. nozzles fully or at least partially closed. It certainly wouldn't be a big issue or a turn off if there wasn't such an option but I for once think I wouldn't be the only one being happy about such an option. Cheers
  6. Being a German native speaker, I can confirm "Pause beendet, zurück an die Arbeit" ist spot on for what you are up to. Very interesting project. Will follow the build with interest!
  7. bushande

    How to replicate the effect on EA-18G canopy

    No worries there about any blurring or milking. That is just my crappy camera and some stupid light effects. Both canopies are absolutely clear apart maybe some stains from my fatty fingers that I could polish away if I only wasn't so lazy. About applying the foil: I cut seperate pieces for each section of the canopy and the windscreen, i.e. three in case of a Foxtrott or a Golf Hornet. Each part was slightly bigger than what would be needed to cover the respective piece. You fizzle up one little corner and put that on the outer most part of the section you want to cover and then you slowly but firmly rubb it up on the clear part and gradually work your way all over the piece. When you are done with one section, you carefully cut the excess foil with a sharp knife along the corners and repeat the whole procedure for the next section. Regarding the method of soap in Future I would not recommend airbrushing or soaking it as whatever is too much will run off the canopy. With future alone that is no problem as it is colorless but once you've added the soap you run danger that the soap will gather only in one place while the Future is running off the part and you end up havingthe rainow effect only along the frame. I carefully brushed it using a very soft and broad brush. I applied two thin layers. The Future usually dries off so fast that it wont run off towards the edges like it might happen in case of soaking or airbrushing. Only thing you have to take care offf is going over with the brush in very slow and soft strokes in order to avoid little bubbles. Thats basically all there is to it.
  8. bushande

    How to replicate the effect on EA-18G canopy

    Actually this foil works pretty well. A few years back I tried it on my CONA Digital Super Hornet. If you scroll down and sweep through the actual "fly out" pics you can see the holo effect on the canopy. At that time the syhart decals hadn't been out and I had to do my own decals and colorings for the bird according to the original. Applying the foil is somewhat tricky but manageable. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234926703-148-centennial-of-naval-aviation-vfa-122-fa-18f-digital-super-hornet/?hl=digital Another way to go would be to add a drop of liquid soap to the FUTURE solution and carefully apply it to the canopy. I tried that when I did my 1/32 interpretation of the final Bavarian Tiger Tornado. Once again, if you scroll down to the actuall roll out pics (waaaaaayyyy down) you can see it some of the detail shots. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234961885-132-tornado-ecr-tiger-meet-2011-the-last-one/page-2 In both cases it's only visible from certain angles and under certain light conditions. It's very subtle but looks quite neat in the end. Hope that helps.
  9. Many thanks for the info Mike. I appreciate it. That pretty much confirms my concerns. It would indeed be interesting to know if your friend had any addition steps done, because I am thinking about going the same route. Many folks seem to use the teknics set but that has some accuracy issues in my eyes.
  10. Hey gents, I'm currently turning my circles around the modelling forum world again, just trying to gather some intel and some impressions. I'm currently working on converting the Tamiya 1/32 Alpha Tomcat into a Delta and just fit the Aires Burners (please note, the ones explicitly for the Tamiya kit!!!) to the airframe and flamin' rod do I have to spend some proper load of putty to straighten everything out. Did I just hit a screwed kit or can it really be that the Aires cowls are somewhat too small? As said, I'm using the set specifically tailored for the Tamiya kit, at least that is stated on the set but it kind of feels like having to fit the stuff to a Revell kit. Anyone who has used the Aires stuff on the Tamiya kit before willing to share his or her two cents? Would help me out a great lot. Thanks in advance everyone.
  11. @Ben: The missile's exhaust blume is actually not a too big deal to do. I used a colored clear acrylic rod that I sanded off for a pointy end, drilled a little hole in the end to fit into the thin metal rod of the display and after the coloring I used some flat coat. I then applied some padding around it, formed it so it would look at least remotely realistic and color sprayed it a little after that. That's it already.
  12. THANK YOU for the nice feedback. I just love swing wings and to me the Tomcat was just the most awesome and most beautiful aircraft ever! I know its all just a matter of taste but she was a gorgeous lady and I dearly miss the big fighter. I have some fond memories of the times I was able to see and touch them. my goal is to have at least one 1/32 model of every BuNo that was particularly special to me. 158627 and 164604 were the first ones. My next project is to depict 164341 during a bombing dive. This buNo was the first Tomcat I could see live and in person and I have some fond memories of her too when I was on military exchange in 2000.
  13. What I absolutely despice are those nasty holes you have between the wingseal bags and the wingbox when the wings are swept forward. Tamiya has provided two separate parts for the seal bags but that also means you have to decide whether you want the wings stay movable or fix them in the forward position. Trumpeter has tried to supply a rubber bag but that is just not working properly. When I finished this bird the first time in late '08 / early '09 I already thought about that and gave it some flexible seal bags made of foam but wasn't satisfied with it anymore as of late and also replaced them with self made parts where I covered the foam with rubber from an old bicycle hose. This way the wings stay movable and I stilldon't have to endure these ugly holes. I also gave the kit some retractable glove vanes made of styrene plastic. The fuel tanks received scratched tails with winglets. There is not much documentation of early VF-1 birds with fuel tanks on as these were only used if absolutely necessary due to the problems caused by these winglet ends but I have at least ten nice ref pics showing Wichita - 101 and here sisters with these tanks on. Aaaaand off she goes back on the shelf ..... welll until the nest rework.
  14. I did quite some scratchwork on the kit to depict an early block Tomcat including extensive rescribing and adding the diverse rivets. The nozzles and turbine are unused parts from the Tamiya kit but reworked to early TF-30-412 standard. I sanded off the stiffener plates from the tail, gave it an old style six grill gun vent, reworked the cockpit including pilots with old style HGU-33 helmets and those nice wolfpack markings on it. The tail was completele reworked with scratch parts to depict the early wide boat tail. since I wanted to present her during the workups for the first Tomcat cruise, i.e. in late '73 / early '74 I hence kept the dialectic panels on as these were only removed during and after cruise. The windshield of the Tomcat was apparently differently hardened and layered which created an effect of some sort of different visibility when the light came from a certain angle. I tried to replicate that effect by using two sheets of clear foil which received the slightly greenish tint of the hardened glass and than coated them separately with future. this way I at least recreated a remotely similar effect on the windscreen. Eventually Wichita-101 received a reworked early nosepod that still has the old IRST-sensor which proved ineffective and was removed only short time later on on the originals and was only revided on the double chin pod of the Delta-model. It might have been innefective but it looked great.
  15. The basis for this Wichita-101 was also Revell. 158627 was the first operational fleet Tomcat. I have some fond memories of this ship when I was on military exchange in early 2000 which was also the last year of her service life before she got scrapped. I gathered quite some intel on the early years of this bird when I got in touch with the pilot who flew her from the grumman factories in Calverton to Miramar in 1973. At that time there were no decals for this bird and I also did all the markings mself. Now there are some nice decals available for this BuNo from Fightertown, albeit in 1/48.