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  1. Excellent choice altogether! I wouldn't be too strict about the color codes though. As I wrote elsewhere in this forum. I saw several of them just a short while ago and each of them had a different color tone so you are pretty free to roam on that end. Just scroll down a bit for reference pics: Happy modelling!
  2. Pretty simple to me: if you go for the Delta as a fighter go for VF-2, if you want to depict her as multi role / Bombcat go for the Lions. The Lion scheme in the kit may be pre-Phoenix retirement but it still represents a Delte of the very late 90s, i.e. mainly mud mover missions / load out, while the VF-2 markings depicts the birds some time around early to mid 90's where pure air/air loads would be more common due to LANTIRN integration not before late '95 the absolute earliest. VF-103 where the first to trial the LANTIRN with VF-31 being one of the first Delta equipped units receiving LANTIRN around mid '97.
  3. Isn't the Academy kit the one with the too fat nose and the too smal windshield?! I would refrain from the Academy.
  4. Many thanks once again for the kind feedback. Much appreciated.
  5. Please excuse my lte reply. Life at the moment has it, that i can access the forum only every few weeks or even months so a lot sadly passes past me without noticing. any thanks once again for the kind feedback. I am happy it is so well received. I am currently in preparations for the 1/32 version. Since Phone Phixer mentioned the Tiger Tonka above in the shelf; here's the WIP/Rollout for that again:
  6. Thank you. Well, to be honest, I don't think that LV has never been anybodies intention when it comes to Tigermeet schemes.
  7. Already finished last year, I didn't make it any sooner, but before a new Bavarian Tiger will hopefully soon see the light of day, here again the Ghost Tiger on his flight into the witching hour (all normal paint and brush on extra strong cardboard, Format Euro A2 / 33/47):
  8. And off and away with it onto the shelf. Thanks for the interest and for holding out until here. On to the next project!
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