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  1. It's been speculated that drones could take over their missions.
  2. Oh certainly. AC-130's are fiendishly expensive. But they have come in handy over the decades.
  3. Gunships have intervened and saved more than a few lives over the decades.
  4. I think that you could probably call fixed-wing gunships a niche role. The USAF has had the lead in this capability since Vietnam.
  5. And I'm sure it has uber-countermeasures to outwit MANPADS and other unpleasant things.
  6. Can't say that I'm very familiar with this particular aircraft. I thought Super Tucano would be the preferred choice: https://www.l3harris.com/newsroom/press-release/2022/08/l3harris-and-air-tractor-sky-warden-team-selected-ussocom-armed
  7. I have this particular kit on order. The hull appears to be a two-tone affair, so before it arrives what would be the correct colours for this application? http://
  8. Germany has (or used to have, anyway) a Tornado training unit at Holloman AFB, in New Mexico. I wonder if that sort of arrangement would apply to the F-35?
  9. I note that AIM-9X Block II was part of the request. Will IRIS-T eventually be integrated?
  10. Was 35 aircraft the expected quantity? https://www.dsca.mil/sites/default/files/mas/Press Release - Germany 22-53 CN.pdf
  11. A Youtube video of the CM-34: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JB0U1dmW3Q
  12. Can anyone guess what the approximate hobby paint colors are for this particular camo? http://
  13. So what European weapons are being integrated? https://www.dsca.mil/sites/default/files/mas/Press Release - Kuwait 22-01 CN.pdf
  14. How much longer does Belgium intend to maintain their F-16 fleet? https://www.dsca.mil/sites/default/files/mas/Press Release - Belgium 22-39 CN.pdf
  15. At one point in the 1960's thought was even given to putting the A-1 back in production. The Skyraider did quite well until the SA-7 Grail made it's appearance. With no real countermeasures, the A-1's were quite vulnerable.
  16. The latest configuration of this FARA competitor replaces the "fan in fin" tail rotor with a more conventional arrangement, supposedly to save weight. Don't know if it will be successful in the end, but it looks quite shark-like: https://www.bellflight.com/products/bell-360
  17. This vehicle has been tested by US Army personnel, and from those tests came some recommended improvements. Haven't heard that noise and vibration was a concern, though. Maybe GDLS took some lessons from Ajax?
  18. As far as training rounds: "...nine thousand one hundred sixty-eight (9,168) 120mm M865 Target Practice, Cone Stabilized, Discarding Sabot - Tracer (TPCSDS-T) cartridges; four thousand five hundred ninety-two (4,592) 120mm M1002 Target Practice Multipurpose Tracer (TPMP-T) projectiles." I'm not sure how far that will go as far as training proficiency.
  19. According to the attached document, Poland will receive: "...thirteen thousand nine hundred twenty (13,920) 120mm M830A1 High Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT) TP-T cartridges; and six thousand nine hundred sixty (6,960) 120mm XM1147 High Explosive multipurpose tracers."
  20. I have this Trumpeter kit on order as I thought the Ariete was a little-noticed and fairly interesting topic. Anyone familiar with this particular kit? This evidently depicts an uparmoured configuration: http://
  21. From today's (1 July 22) US DoD contract announcements. Evidently 22 ex-Swiss aircraft are being added to the total: "Tactical Air Support Inc., Jacksonville, Florida, is awarded a $265,300,000 firm-fixed-price, cost reimbursable, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract. This contract provides non-recurring engineering, inspection, modification, and block upgrade efforts for 16 F-5E and six F-5F Tiger II aircraft from a Swiss Confederation configuration to a Navy/Marine Corps N+/F+ configuration. Additionally, this contract procures eight block upgrade retrofits to existing fleet aircraft. Work will be performed in Jacksonville, Florida (32%); Emen, Switzerland (16%); Carlsbad, California (8%); Clarksburg, Maryland (7%); Grand Rapids, Michigan (6%); Woodland Hills, California (5%); Olathe, Kansas (5%); Stead, Nevada (5%); Salt Lake City, Utah (3%); Minneapolis, Minnesota (2%); Waco, Texas (2%); Auburn, Alabama (1%); Deerfield, Illinois (1%); Fairborn, Ohio (1%); Avenel, New Jersey (1%); Jupiter, Florida (1%); Camarillo, California (1%); Warner Robbins, Georgia (1%); Franklin, North Carolina (1%); and Nashville, Tennessee (1%), and is expected to be completed in June 2027. No funds will be obligated at the time of award; funds will be obligated on individual orders as they are issued. This contract was not competitively procured pursuant to U.S. Code 2304(c)(1). The Naval Air Warfare Aviation Division, Patuxent River, Maryland, is the contracting activity (N0042122D0095)."
  22. Interesting that an aircraft of this vintage is still considered a capable adversary threat trainer. Looks like an array of upgrades are in use: https://tacticalairsupport.com/airplanes/northrop-f-5/
  23. ...Assuming that it makes it through the budgetary process and into the field: https://www.defensenews.com/land/2022/06/28/us-army-unveils-contract-to-build-new-light-tank-for-infantry-forces/
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