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  1. Not really, but someone will have the solution. It would be interesting if the wire is installed.
  2. I really like the little Spitfire, very nicely painted and built. What about the antenna wire? Did you lose your temper there? I know not a nice job to fiddle with.Udo.
  3. The rest of the time should be a little thing. What you always conjure up is insanity. Udo.
  4. To all my dear British model building colleagues! I hope you will survive the crisis, in which we are all currently, healthy and safe. It takes a lot of discipline to contain the virus, but we in Europe will do it. Our beautiful hobby helps us a little more to overcome the crisis, even if I personally, or thank God, can still work and have little time and desire for model building. Stay healthy my friends.
  5. Hello, thank you very much for your help. I have three decal sheets with a few choices. When I'm home I can say more. It is a sheet from Model Alliance, see picture. I can live very well with the SEA scheme and I think it will also be my choice. For the other two sheets I must see my stash. from: 1001 hobbies
  6. Hello everybody! I hope anyone can help me. The instructions say that I must cut the wing tips for the clipped wing. What version I got, if I don't cut the wing tips? Is there a other reccon version with the bubble hood? Help would be great. Thanks in advance, Udo.
  7. An absolutely brilliant model, or was the original photographed? Very nicely staged and really well photographed. Udo.
  8. As always an absolute highlight, even if in some places the weathering is a little too much for me. Japanese machines in particular are very well maintained and rarely show signs of aging. Nevertheless, the model looks great and can only congratulate.
  9. Ohh, come on. That's a real one. Impessive built of the Scooter. Udo.
  10. Hello Martin! Unfortunately I am not with you. I saw pictures where the TF-104 had installed a pylon and this was also equipped with a travel pod. Furthermore, I read in a book that the German TF-104 G can carry and use the same range of weapons as the single-seater. Source: 916 Starfighter
  11. Hello everybody! Are there specialists here in the forum who are familiar with the F-104? I have now seen a few pictures in some booklets and books, where the TF-104 G also installed a Center Line Pylon with a travel pod. I wonder if this pylon is the same as the one-seater, although it is more straight in the pictures than the one with the one-seater incline. At the weekend I can scan a picture so you can see what I mean. Thanks for now. Greetings, Udo.
  12. Very nice cat, but I'm blind or you forget the position lights. Always a great model.
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