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  1. Great work, very inspired for some of my future projects. I will be watching your progress. Udo.
  2. Nice model of the G10, but what is with the undercarriage doors? It is possible that sometimes they where removed, but than the brake lines would be go to the rim and don`t end at the leg. Sorry, but that is one minus point from ten. Udo.
  3. Hi Mario! One of my favourite a/c, remember when they come over our house in the early years of 1970. Your 104 looks very impressive in this scale. Udo.
  4. Great work and the Hase is a little bit more accurate than the Airfix Kit. i like your paint job, looks realistic to me. Please more of this little Japs. Udo.
  5. You shrink the original, that`s not fair. Absolut stuning model, I like your weathering technics. What I say, I like the whole model and if it is a Navy F-4 that will give you a extra Star. Regards, Udo.
  6. I`m always wondering if this Russian cigar can fly, but your model don`t have to fly, I hope so. Excelent work and like Darby says, not the norm scheme. Great work. Udo.
  7. Hat up mate, very impresive Spit in this scheme. I like it. Udo.
  8. Hello!The German Army used some of the M4 High Speed Tractors to tow the American build field cannon Long Tom and others, but in the typical olive drab dress. Udo.
  9. Hello! Interesting and easy solution with the suspension. I think I will do the same at this point of building and it gives you more clearance for the underground. I will follow this project. Regards, Udo.
  10. Many thanks to both of you and if I understand it right, the flat plate is the kick plate. That will my decision and the result come`s in the gallery. Regards, Udo.
  11. Hello everybody! I bought a Airfix HC4 model and before I started with, I take a look on the whole parts, so like every one of us do this. My eyes stopped at the perforated part under the slide door. Sorry, my English is not good enough to knows all the specific names and parts of the reel one. Fact is, I drill the holes out and after that, so it`s murphys law, I broke the part. (step to the entrance) I wrote a mail to hornby and yes, they send me a spare part for 5 pounds include posting. That is a fair price, but they only accept money checks or credit cards, all what I haven't. OK what`s doing? Now I see some pictures of HC 4 Sea Kings, where is installed another device, see some of the pictures in the link. It looks like a plate with three holes in it. Anybody knows what that is and for what it is and how is it installed. This part is easy to make and replaced my broken part. Many thanks in advance. Udo. You must scroll down, the third photo shows what I mean. http://www.copybook.com/military/fact-files/westland-sea-king-hc4-commando-helicopter
  12. OK, start with the bad comment. There is nothing, only the two little sink marks on the boarding ladder. All in one, that is a superb looking Commando. I`m impressed with the beautiful fine paint job you did on this Helo. 10 from 10 points. Regards, Udo.
  13. Hi Russ! Weehhh, that looks like a big storm coming over Nam Phong. I hope the maintenance crew close the cockpit right in time. Absolute outstanding model, or is it reel? That is what I like here on Britmodeler, fantastic models from fantastic members, Congrats for another great F-4. Regards, Udo.
  14. Wow, what an outstanding model. That makes my decision easier to built a Navy F-4. Udo.
  15. Thanks to all to make my decision simply easy. I go with the darker roundels from the PR9 sheet. Thanks again. Udo.
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