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  1. Tremendous! One of the best models I've ever seen!
  2. Outstanding! A Mosquito is next for me and having just read your WIP and seen your end result here it's bookmarked for reference.
  3. Seeing stuff like this always makes me think about just what exactly it is I'm trying to accomplish in the world of model making...... Put another way, I'm playing for my local boozer on a Sunday and this man is Messi!! Truly inspirational Frank! Now let's see some more snaps.
  4. Frank, send me your address via a PM and I'll send you a nice bundle. You'd probably shed a small tear if you knew how much of this wood goes in our wood burner! I think the largest size is 90mm square. Certainly I have three 800mm lengths of that under my desk as supports. It's from a mate that works at a bespoke kitchen makers, (they did Cheryl Cole's mums not long back for 60k+!!) only use it myself to make nice bases with, comes up a treat under a few coats of shellac Sticking bits of plastic together is one thing... This is something else entirely and I'd be dreaming if I thought I could do it! Nice to see though. I look forward to seeing your Flying Scotsman. Dan
  5. Magnificent! Beautiful models to look at. I could probably get you some chunky pieces of american black walnut if you want? or Oak? Might be useful for your next project being hardwoods? PM me if interested
  6. Here, something I forgot to mention - http://www.battle-of-britain-75.co.uk/?utm_source=Webshop&utm_medium=Homepage&utm_campaign=92008950 Claim your free BoB 75th Anniversary commemorative medal. I have mine and it's a lovely piece. Just pay postage of £2.50 or slightly more if you want a nice presentation folder and booklet.
  7. Congratulations to all who finished! I did finish my own entries too but have spent the last month sat on the naughty step (read banned!)..... Teach me for opening my big mouth! One clear winner for me but have voted for loads to make the cut
  8. Have a look on Google Earth. There's a function that allows you to look back in time at pieced together photo reconnaissance. Here's a couple screens off what looks to be 4 parked Hurricanes. Biggin Hill 1940
  9. Thanks chaps. Progress has slowed a bit over the last few days... Both my 1/48 and 1/72 models are near to being finished. It's just the attachment of small parts and weathering that they need to finish. Hopefully I'll get that done over the coming weekend Mottlemaster, no plans now for any of that now, tbh I've really not done the best of jobs with them so my aim now is to just get them done with and move onto something new. I'm treating this as a trial run for something more grand in the near future.
  10. As good a reason as any! I'm no rivet counter by a long stretch bet might you perhaps add a pilot so it looks as though he's checking his controls? Or ground crew having a tinker??
  11. Looking good. Why the positioning of the ailerons like that? Are they to be in-flight?
  12. Phenomenal workmanship!! You make it look so easy... I can only imagine the skill and patience required for such modifications........ I'll give myself another 20 years to reach this level
  13. Looks great. Very well done. Regards to matt coat... Have you tried Winsor & Newton Galeria matt varnish? It's without doubt the best I've ever used. Before that I always used citadel 'purity seal' and had many a model ruined by it fogging up / crazing
  14. I look forward to your next update Rob. This is fine work indeed.
  15. Fantastic Greg! I love the weathered look. It's an area I'm trying to improve upon with my own models. Agreed on all the little bits... They take a while don't they.
  16. Thanks again Cheers Rob, as far as I can tell they're only available on that Airfix sheet... I have contacted Airfix for the sheet but they want £6, I'm not buying it on principle! How they can expect £6 for a sheet of decals I don't know when the kit itself only cost that much! Maybe I'm being a bit cheap IDK... If I had made the models themselves perfectly I might stump up the cash but again they're far from well made so I think I'll leave it and go with the kit supplied and imagine he had a tangle with 610 squadron at some point in time before the day he met Stapme and was shot down. For the base I plan on shamelessly copying Kalisti's idea of a satelite image from google earth... I bought a single sheet of decal paper for a couple quid and will print out the scene and apply it over a bit of textured filler. I'll then make it a bit more 3D with some clump foliage to represent trees and such. Since it's not entirely accurate I may now stick with the idea of the white cliffs of Dover, half sea, half land. Playing around with Google earth last night I got this image to use. And a bit mor playing about I went back in time to 1940 Biggin Hill and found a very interesting shot... What looks to be 4 Hurricanes parked and ready. On with the models and I think I have a new favorite primer... Mr hobby 1500... Sprays wonderfully using automotive cellulose thinner and levels very well indeed. I primed this morning and have just given them both a quick and rough pre-shade which I'll no doubt obliterate with the top coat!
  17. Just having a play about with the base today and have come up with this. I think it looks alright
  18. Thanks again chaps Now... Ever feel like bringing down a hammer fist on any of your builds? I do... With almost every one I make! These two little 72nd ones especially, oh how they have tried my patience. I'll not go on and whinge about them, I'll just say this... They were hard work! At last they're almost fully together! Now to the enjoyable bit... The painting
  19. Thanks Ozzy, it was in the bin! Glad I got it back out Not much progress to report other than Airfix is again testing my patience... The 72nd spit is banana shaped and liked fitting together less than its bigger brother... It is together but it ain't pretty. I'll post pictures once all the filler and thumb prints have been smoothed away.
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