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  1. First of all, thanks for an excellent review! Being a Viggen fanatic, having done my military service on the Viggen, I'd like to clarify a few things.. First of all, the lack of weapons isn't that odd. We barely ever flew with missiles! Occassionally a blind Sidewinder on the left air intake pylon, but apart from that, the planes were almost never armed. During scramble missions, only the internal gun was used. Second, DO NOT WEIGHT THE WHEELS!! It was said that what packed the most punch on the Viggen was the tires, as they were inflated with extremely high pressures (due to the high sink r
  2. Having climbed around the intakes of JA 37s during my military service I can tell you that there was no paint inside at all, natural metal finish all the way!
  3. Tarangus has just announced that they have been awarded Model of the Year Award in the category Aircraft - Short run. More info here: http://www.tarangus.se/2014/02/14/tarangus-tunnan-wins-model-of-the-year-award/
  4. I'm sorry.. I just have to pick up my jaw from where it dropped to the floor.. I can't believe this build. You're a genius and you must be mad at the same time!! This is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. That looks very cool! This particular Draken flew to all air wings during the disbandment of the third squadron at F10 wing in Ängelholm and I still remember the factory fresh look on it.. On the outside anyway. Last time I saw it, it had had its wings dismantled for storage.. I think it later was transferred to one of the Baltic states, to go in a museum.
  6. I can only agree with everyone else.. I can hardly believe my eyes! This is truly outstanding workmanship! Keep up the good work!
  7. When the Viggen is released, I will add a list of ALL 149 JA 37 individuals and a reference gallery to the Tarangus website (which already contains a reference gallery for the Lansens). About half of the fighter Viggens had splinter camo and the remainder had grey camo. However, some individuals received trial camouflage during the 80's and some of them kept that paint scheme until scrapping (for instance 37328, F16-68, called "White Lady", painted in very light grey overall). I hope this will be appreciated!
  8. Most likely, MPM will scale up their 1/72 kits.
  9. I think you can count on 1/72 scale versions of the Lansen and Viggen eventually. The CAD is already done so.. About the Tunnan, that kit will only come in 1/72 scale, as AZ will release a J 29A/B in 1/48 in a year or two. When it comes to the Sk60, Saab 105, we can only hope that Pilot Replicas will be able to release their kit eventually. The design is beautiful but I understand that they've hit a snag with the intended mould maker..
  10. There are no words to describe this.. I must say that following this build has been a true joy and the end result.. Unbelievable!! It's simply stunning!! I bow to thee, master!
  11. Hmm.. The J 29F is HORRIBLE!!! In order to do a J 29A/B they need to make a new fuselage anyway, along with new wings.. Let's hope they get it right this time..
  12. Still hard to see overall shape.. Can't wait to get mine!
  13. Does anyone know if the 9-12 will be re-released..? I was hoping to get hold of it, but I was too late..
  14. Looking forward to this thread! I have two in the stash..
  15. According to my brief internet research, the only country outside of Russia that has operated the 9.13 is North Korea. All other exported aircraft have been of the 9-12 variant. Is this correct?
  16. Apparently there has been some minor improvements from the first release. However, the updated bits have found their way into the latest boxes of the 9-12 as well, or so I've heard. Very impressive of GWH! So, which one to buy seems to be about which operator's marking you want. I'm definetly buying the 9-12 (if I'm able to find it anywhere, seems to be sold out) and marking it up as a Hungarian bird!
  17. I think those pictures are way too bright. Having seen the aircraft IRL I believe Humbrol 14 would be a pretty good match actually. You might want to add just a little bit of white, but not much. Right now, she's standing outside at the Gotland Air Museum, which means that any recent pix will probably show an even more faded paint job.
  18. I'm not sure if Mr. Song is reading this, but if he is I would just like to correct the box before going to print.. The plane is called JAS 39C Gripen and NOT Jas-39C!! JAS is short for Jakt Attack Spaning (Fighter Attack Reconnaissance). I'll buy the kit anyway, but if it's not too late to fix..
  19. It sure is! I certainly hope this will be a good kit, my wallet is already hurting..
  20. For your info- the decal sheet will contain one aircraft in metal finish, one in green camo and one in gray. I hope that will at least be somewhat satisfactory!
  21. I'¨ve been promised delivery of the boxart today, will post it on our Facebook page and send out a newsmail. I'm hoping that the images will end up on this site as well!
  22. If you want our newsletter, send an e-mail to sales@tarangus.com and I will sign you up! Or "like" our Facebook page www.facebook.com/tarangus. I have been trying to find some decent freeware in order to publish the very nice CAD models I have received from our designer, but as of yet to no avail.. So, instead we will publish the boxart when it's finished and then show you the real stuff!
  23. Z Aviator

    Saab 39 test

    First of all, THANK YOU Kittyhawk and Mr. Song for taking on this subject!! I personally love the Gripen. However, one thing that seems to be amiss with the kit is the attitude of the airplane.. If you look at the picture of the South African jet above, you'll see that she has a straight to a very slight nose down attitude. The test shot (as well as the Italeri, Revell and all other kits of the Gripen) have a nose up attitude that in my opinion destroys the general impression of the aircraft. It's quite easy to fix as a modeller, but it would be nice to get it right straight from the box.. D
  24. Looks like you've had to use a bucket of filler.. I hate sanding, so I don't envy you! It is looking good though. I wonder what the new 105 from Pilot-Replicas is going to be like..
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