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  1. And the second figure: Greyknight Terminator wit power sword and incinerator The base represents a small water reservoir, with an evacuation pipe, rusted (surprisingly, i love how the rust effect appears, but it's small and maybe just because of that it looks so great). Some mud and citadel's grass Thanks for looking!
  2. Some more updates, didn't really posted. So , here we go: Piping scratched for landing gear bay. Took some time but really enjoyed it. Also, cannons and gunbay doors and handels have been added. If you are waiting for a logic explanation for not having wings covers but having doors already...well, there's no such explanation... and
  3. So here we go... Not sure if I should post it to the WIP...but might be somehow considering this is only the first of a squad. Will add here photos of the others as i start/complete them. Greyknight Terminator with power sword and bolter Thanks for looking, Alex
  4. ciuncky

    Romanian Forces

    The 81 was about 8cm longer. Besides that, there were rumors about another with a much longer nose, however there's only a picture of it as evidence, and looks like i can't find it. Not sure about the mpm kit, however Radu B. is working on a 1/32 kit, hopefully will see the light someday...
  5. ciuncky

    Romanian Forces

    Well, not really much about this topic but some complaints. I really do hate that there are no 1/32 IAR 80s or 81s, as I'm pretty sure that modellers would enjoy such a beautiful bird. The only available one is in 1/72 and will take tons of work to make a decent model from it. There were rumors about a new one depicting the long-nose version, but apparently they died as rumors. Also, the romanian TR85-M1 battle tank codename "Bizonul" (a.k.a. "Buffalo") is quite interesting imho. As romanian armed forces used mainly german tanks during WWII, it wouldn't be impossible for modellers to get s
  6. New updates, guys. The rear section of the cockpit, including the battery and radio from Barracuda, some scratchbuild pipes and that tiny "whatever" i front of the battery, which appears to be on Tamiya's P but ZM ignored it. Also te Barracuda placards were used. Cockpit with left sidewall... ...and right one The IP will be glued after i get my hands on some new cans of gloss varnish, to seal everything in place. Next, front landing gear and proppeler decaled There are some decals for the yellow ends as well, but they appear to be about ~1mm wider, so will just paint them. A
  7. Updated, as promised after a great free day. Sidewalls, painted and sanded down in a couple of areas... ...instruments painted... ...etched... ...decaled... ...and with final touchups... Touchups meaning basically the oxygen hose, PE rails and filling the gaps between plastic and etched parts. Some of the decals are not visible from the front, so there's a 3D-ish pic - not representative, but there's still 3 decals that were't visible: And, once more, the IP after adding another set of decals from the Baracuda sheet - just 3, but the yellow demarcation line makes the best o
  8. Really small update this time, Rear section of fuselage support added, removed battery and radio waiting for the baracuda ones. Tail wheel strut done, tail wheel section as well. Apparently the top part of the tail section has to support both rudder and elevators, while resting on the landing gear; really looks tricky and risky, so one more reason to cast the internal structure in an attempt to reinforce it. Other parts are on hold, paint cans waiting to be delivered. Cockpit walls will be soon ready, just waiting for some finer tweezers. And the set of goodies:
  9. ciuncky

    Red Tails

    Well, readed again through the latest replies, and many of you seem to be angry for inacuracy of the planes etc. The answer is simple (after I read someone's reply, but can't find it anymore with this new forum design). Accurate designs means more research and more money spend. Sometimes it's cheaper just to find a 3d model online and buy the rights for it. Yet, the initial modeller did not made the plane with accuracy or a certain scope in mind. At least, that's how I do see the problem. Another thingy might be the possibility to be forced to pay for displaying certain names, brands, desi
  10. ciuncky

    Flaps and pinups

    Hello chaps, Well, I already feel a bit embarrassed for putting so many questions around. Yet, I might really need some help with aftermarket. First, I'm looking for a set of 1/32 P-51D Mustang flaps. While they're going to be fit on a ZM kit, I'm pretty sure that any of them would fit with a bit of work, especially if I don't make them dropped. And second, a set of pinup girls for the same 1/32 Mustang. I found quite a couple, but they are really expensive and each sheet offer 2 or 3 options, I only need a single one - not really in the mood to spend a lot (already over my shitty student
  11. Haha, good one, luckly I'm way ahead of that build Yet, the belts are already washed, maybe another layer will help even more I was thinking of Eduard's ammo belts, but they are quite too expensive and I do not really have that experience with PE to build such a work of art...
  12. Aaaaaand new weekend update. MG ammo belts... ...with some brass paint, masking for the bullet support belt... ...and a dryfit, after some balck weathering... (not really happy with the results) Meanwhile, i broke the pe doors so from the small pe set for ammo doors will only use the placards, instead of decals, as well as a tiny plate for each MG. Next, completed landing front landing gear And créme de la créme, the tailwing (will only use parts of it for this build). While taking the picture i was literally shaking the poo-poo out of if, it's a really solid fit, yet not the b
  13. Aaaaand some more updates! Bits and pieces. Might in the end paint the cowling frame lime green as well, instead of steel. Maybe just a little framing in steel color. A nice spinning test. Some space unfortunately and a bit noisy, but no one will stay and blow towards the propeller (i hope) And last but not least, the piping attached to the engine. Had some problems with the coolant air intake but finally fixed them. New stuff soon, just have to take the pics.
  14. Now, THAT'S exactly what i was looking for! Thanks a lot man...saved the day! It's really nice that the section of pipes that go next to the wing tanks are actually moulded on the tanks. Nice... Cheers everyone!
  15. Hello everybody (again!), Little update by now, as following: Main fuel tanks, painted and with decals (a tiny black one inside the steel-coloured valve The IP, completed with pedals, PE parts and a decal (the large red one at the bottom, between main IP and fuel switch And some more parts, cut from sprues and ready to paint (nearly as good as a picture with a girl with big...ahem, eyes...) And now, for everyone building or willing to build this kit, a few brotips (based mainly on dryfittings) 1. Attaching the coolant and oil pipes is easier starting from the engine, and FIRST
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