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  1. Hello! So after some time I show you my JU 88 G6 from Dragon/Cyber Hobby- Orange Box in 1/48. Pretty old kit and because of the many re-edtions the moulding suffered from that. The construction was a real challenge. I've tried to avoid filler. So dry fitting is a "must do". I have replaced all MG 151 with brass rods. The FUGs are from Mastermodel. Another challenge, because I tried the solder them. In the end it wasn't that hard, as I've thought. I made a template that helped me a lot.The rear antenna holder is also a brass construction soldered togehter. I've rescribed the fuel hatches on the top of the fuseage. Soon as the construction was finished, the painting started using Vallejo RLM 76 and Gunze RLM75. I really liked the paint scheme done by Chris Wauchop from Hyperscale. That black tail fin really got me! After all I'm happy this project is done. Greetings
  2. Hello! I have question about the Lancaster´s antenna wires. I have seen photos with and without wires. So is it true that some Lancasters flew with out antenna wires? Thanks for your help.
  3. Hello! Thanks for your comments. The mottling was done by using a mix of a Micro Brush and a shortened bristle brush. I just touched the surface lightly with a small amount of RLM 71 on the brush.
  4. Hello! I just wanted to share my Bf 109 E4 flown by Helmut Wick. I spent the Tamiya kit some Eduard photo etched parts for the cockpit. The kit itself was a real joy to build, but the painting required some patience, especially the mottling. I only have two photos for now but I will add some later.. Feel free to comment!
  5. Nice looking Zerstörer! But is the scale really 1/72 ?
  6. Hello! Your Bf 110 has an amazing camo! Very fine weathering. But the angle of the landing gear looks very strange(or is it only because of the photos?) and only the 4 upper antennas were painted with stripes, not every single one. Great work!
  7. Thats also my opinion! I am also planning to back date her to 1941 during Rheinübung. Take a look at these links http://www.admiral-hipper-class.dk/prinz_eugen/paint_schemes/prinz_eugen_paint_schemes_1941.html Here is a 3D model: http://3dhistory.de/wordpress/3d-models/dkm-prinz-eugen and compare with this: http://www.admiral-hipper-class.dk/prinz_eugen/paint_schemes/pictures/1945/01_eugen_january_45_starboard_big.jpg You will see that you have to change all AA guns to 2cm or 3,7cm or replace some with searchlights. Also change the forward FuMo to a type 27 and remove the Fumo 25 antenna on the mainmast platform. The forward(beneath the bridge)"Wackeltürme" werent covered during 1941. That was not everything, but these are the biggest changes. I hoped it helped you a little bit.
  8. Hello! Finally someone made a destroyer, which took part of the battle of Narvik 1940! Not from Trumpeter, but from Zvezda: http://www.zvezda.org.ru/?lng=1&nav=&cat=7&set=9043 Lets hope this will be a good kit and also hope for Type 1934s. A must have for Kriegsmarine lovers! Edit: Diether (not Dieter) von Roeder
  9. Try these decals: www.owl.cz/en/decal-sets/--1_72 Look for OWLD72011 Junkers Ju 88 Nachtjäger They are already sold out but maybe you find one set!
  10. Thanks for your help!
  11. Hello folks! I am building a Tamiya Lancaster 1/48 and I want to add the Monica tail warning radar, but I have not found any scheme of it only sketches(www.gmtgames.com/t-BCCardNotes2.aspx). So my question is, have you ever built one or seen any plans of it? Greetings
  12. Hello! Outstanding Junkers! But one question: Did your replaced the canopy from Zvezda with an aftermarkt canopy? Cause Zvezda added one canopy frame too much, but I dont see this frame on yours. Once again great work!
  13. Great Dornier! I think I have to build one......
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