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  1. Anders


    The ESCI/Italeri F-5A is in fact an NF-5A. This is what I wrote on SMAKR (http://www.fortunecity.com/meltingpot/portland/971/Reviews/60s/f-5a_ital.htm) some years ago. "The plastic, as supplied in the box, is for a Dutch NF-5A. The Dutch NF-5A has small louvres (Venetian blinds) on the rear fuselage and tear drop shaped ECM fairings on the fin. ECM fairings with this shape are unique to the NF-5, while the louvres are present on Dutch NF-5s and Canadian CF-5s but no other F-5As. To build an early F-5 from the other countries in 'Aircraft History' these two items must be removed. Norwegian F-5s were the first to be fitted with a tailhook, though this was retrofitted to earlier F-5s. Those delivered, for example, to Libya did not have the tail hook, if they were retrofitted I do not know. Initially all F-5 were visually identical, with the exceptions noted above. Later many were updated both externally and internally. Norwegian F-5, for example, got a new F-16 like cockpit, they were used as lead in trainers for the F-16. They got flare pods, like the ones in the kit. ECM fairings were added to the fin, though of a different shape from the Dutch, while the nose ECM fairings were also different, and different on the one and two seaters respectively. Building updated F-5As requires close reading of ones references as most of the users had their own unique projects for updating their F-5s." Anders
  2. Anders

    Valego Air Paint

    I usually thin Vallejo Air with 10 to 20 percent plain tap water. Anders
  3. Where can I find the Marauder photos? Anders
  4. Anders


    *Extra* dark sea grey, slate grey (not Light slate grey) and sky undersurfaces. Anders
  5. Anders

    Best 1/72 kits again.......

    FW 190 D-9- beat kit is the Hasegawa, somewhat finer moulded and better outline than the Tamiya. Academy really no good. Me-109E- For outline accuracy the ICM, for buildability the Tamiya. Me 262- Three choices. Hasegawa, less detailed, strange cockpit, best outline, finest moulding. Toss up between the Revell and Academy. Both well and correctly detailed. Both suffer from outline faults, the Academy has an incorrect canopy and 'humped' fuselage, the Revell nose is off, possibly the rear fuselage too. Me 410- if you can afford it get the Finemolds, or the re-issue by Eduard. Leagues ahead of the Revell/Italeri. He-177- I'm guessing the Revell kit is the only game in town.... Yes He-219- Was very close to buying a Dragon kit at Telford, but £16.50 seemed a bit steep. Is it worth it though? Good question, in my opinion no, it's has very bad fit. He-111- Hasgawa the only serious opinion, though some of the others aren't bad. Ju-88- Hasegawa make a fanatastic series of Ju-88s. Zvezda make an excellent night-fighter Ju-88G-6 at less than half the price of a Hasegawa. The Zvezda tail is off, you can live with it or buy the replacement Quickboost (still cost you less than a Hasegawa.) Ju-87- Fujimi are the best. There is a new Academy Ju-87B which looks very good, closer to the Fujimi than the Revell/Italeri. Dornier Do 335- only choice is the Dragon, which has been reboxed by Revell. Me-110 - for early version the Fujimis, for a late night-fighter the Hi-Planes - short run, difficult to build, brilliant end result and shows up all the outline faults in the Italeri. Anders