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  1. The Mirage wing isn't quite big enough - I checked it against a Kfir (close enough - just) and ideally, a wing spilt properly top and bottom (rather than a complete trailing edge on one half and the lower split at the flap line) so a plastic card template sandwiched (mmmm, sandwich!) between the two would give a core to build on. In addition, the wheel well bays appear to be further from the intakes on the delta compared to the original Hunter wing. It's certainly doable, but there's a lot of filling and sanding involved.
  2. I have to be honest, I'm seriously considering the same manufacturer's Saro Princess, although I doubt I have anywhere to store it once assembled...
  3. Basically, BIN the matchbox Hunter, because it's utterly inaccurate. I've blown a set of drawings to 72nd (the top set as it has a handy scale) and intend using a Revell Hunter and a Mirage III wing - it's a 60 degree sweep and the Mirage looks to be right, although will need some work (I'd initially thought TSR2 but that's way too big). The intakes move forward and the fuselage appears to be shorter with a reheated engine. I'm using the Revell one due to the nice wheel well detail and the intakes are integral with the wing, not the fuselage (basically any single seat hunter bar Revell).
  4. IIRC the resin kit was by a Czech outfit called Alliance. They may have had some connection to CMK in the mid 90s. I picked up a bagged one for a relative pittance but never quite finished it. Basic but a nice build.
  5. You're partially right, but given that they already have a Vc out, all they need do is one sprue for the fuselage and other bits (two fuselage halves, 2 tailwheel doors, tailwheel, spinner, prop, backplate, 2 exhausts, rudder, intake, tailplanes), about a dozen parts. Not a lot to do. And if they can do a sprue to go with their MB5 to do a COMPLETELY FICTIONAL version for a niche market* yet ignore a gap in the Spitfire market, then I'd say their priorities are definitely wrong. *I'm probably one of the most committed die hard what if modellers on this board and that release really incensed me.
  6. Jays rereleased one of the Venture XVs - I don't have one as the former are easy to find at a relatively cheap price. It's not the basis I'd recommend, although Ventura's Spitfires were very accurate in outline, largely due to the very limited rub nature of the moulds and the lack of detail parts.
  7. The AZ VII is pretty decent, still a bit flashy like the older Spits but almost as good as the IX they did. The wheels however are vile. As for the AZ PR,IG. Other than the canopy, it's just the plastic of their early mk I/II/Va kits with a vacform canopy and specific decals. Worth getting one of the early ones as it has the bulged camera hatch as standard on the sprues.
  8. Can't see why they won't do it considering that there isn't a mk XII available and there is a demand for a kit, so a limited run of 500 or so would sell, I'd have a couple and I've a *VERY* good stash of Spitfires! Given that stash, I don't need to try my recipe above, although I'll give it a spin when I go back to Spitfires. Beard, I'd ditch that Model News mk XII as it's nigh on unbuildable - I know at least two guys who've binned it. Mine went ages ago. Didn't know about Warrior had done one but I do have what I think is a Czech resin one but the breakdown is weird - the wings and tailplane are moulded with the fuselage but it's split vertically like any normal kit. Brigade's fuselage will take other wings - I took one look at the suggestion to use Italeri and said several thing that would be likely to get me banned. I used an Airfix Ia wing and did a speculative IVa. Brigade's conversion isn't that cheap either and it's really an (incorrect) Seafire XV as all the fishplates are moulded on as recessed lines (see also Czechmaster Seafires). I've picked up various conversions over the years. The aforemention Aeroclub vacform fuselage whih is quite probably the best you'll get if you can find one. Canovac did an engine and spinner in a weird black resin. I was gifted a home copied mould. A bag of bits picked up at a show yielded two resin noses and a master in primer. The latter appeared to be identical to a white metal conversion set I'd been gifted a few years earlier and there was no brand name on the instructions. Asking around, it appeared that some guy was selling them at Donnington in the early 90s and promtly vanished.
  9. That's easy. Easy peasy. That's right up my particular field of expertise that is. But it's not cheap, although you do get a lot of Seafires and spare bits. The Sword 5 seafire set? Nab it. Take the Seafire 15 stinger one and remove the rudder before denavalising it (ie get rid of all the fishplates) and build the fuselage as per the distructions. Then take the spare wing from the Seafire III in the same set and clip the tips and replace with the clipped tips from a Fujimi XIV or an AZ mk IX (The latter will also give you spare tailplanes. Others may know for sure but I don't know when, how many airframes or even if the mk XII had the later mk IX tailplanes with the larger horn balance and revised shape). It may need some sanding around the interface with the lower cowling to get it to fit better. An Airfix Ia/IIa kit should give you the larger oil cooler, whilst a Fujimi XIV should have the underwing blisters for the PRXIX they did which are about the right size and rough shape for the blister atop the mk XII upper cowling. Finally, either an AZ or Eduard mk IX will give you the pointed rudder. I did have a more involved recipe, using mainly spares and strategic use of aftermarket, but the above is the easiest route. Founhd it in the relevant thread on the Sword 5 in one Seafire set (worth having anyway) If they're straight reboxes of the original Sword plastic, the Seafire III came with a spare Vc wing and the Seafire 17 with a spare Seafire 15 fuselage - you're halfway there. Add in the Quickboost resin top cowl for the Fujimi Griffon Spits (will need surgery), spare tailplanes from an AZ mk IX, larger oil cooler from the Airfix Spitfire IIa/Va, rudder, guns, u/c, doors, wheels tailwheel and doors from the Eduard kits. You've pretty much got all you need largely from spares. I think you just have to source a radiator, canopy and prop from somewhere else.
  10. At least 2 of the PR2s served with the RAF - PX216 was the personal mount of Wing Commander 'Tiny' Neale and VA962 served with the PRDU at Benson. PR2 VA-962-VA966 built as PR2 with VA967-VA997, VB108-VB131 (55 a/c) cancelled. If they're doing an F3 and a PR2, that means there's an F1 TBA and possibly an F.4. Sea Hornet is unlikely unless they revise the wing mould, which Special Hobby couldn't be bothered with. Skybirds '86 Hornets came with the wingfold as standard, even on RAF Hornets - you just had to sand them off and fill the panel lines. Magna only did the wingfold mods on the NF21, his F20 was just the F3 with an arrestor hook and navy decals, but the Magna Hornets were basically a warmed oiver and tarted up Frog kit as a master, with some of the flaws and others built in. I'm currently fighting the Magna F1, which will end up in whiffed 2TAF markings.
  11. Over the moon but I'm cautious given the ill fitting and inaccurate parcel of dog turds that was the Special Hobby kit. We've waited years for an accurate representation of the Hornet and hopefully this is it. And hopefully they'll give us some different options from the ones in the Frog kit...
  12. I haven't got mine yet but according to a mate who's now got his, it does indeed come with the spares mentioned earlier.
  13. Looking good so far. I'm not sure how well the MPM fuselage will take the Heller wing as it's not one I've tried - the cutouts at the back are different, with the MPM having more of the lower fuselage. It definitely takes the CMR wings spare in several of their mk IX kits. Looking forward to seeing this progress. You will need to replace the Heller wheels though as they're a strange hybrid of wartime diameter with post war three spoke hubs. IIRC there's a spare set or two in with the AZ lowback.
  14. In the long run it's easier. If you're trying to do a nose/tail conversion from one fuselage to another, what happens if you botch the cuts or the fuselages are different sizes? My method means that if you botch it, you've only ruined one fuselage and it's fixable with filler/more plastic card.
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