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  1. Airwaves did a Seafire III converversion which did all the fishplates in brass, so you could use them as templates and do them in really thin plastic card,
  2. This may be of some use: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VAC-Vacuum-Forming-machine-220volts-Vacuum-Former-for-all-thermoplastic-102510/173440202187?hash=item2861d775cb:g:txsAAOSwIh1edLe2 Possibly a tad on the pricey side and that's before postage, HMRC's extortion and the Royal Mail's protection monies too.
  3. Can I suggest an Anson C19 in 72nd as your next project? Smaller, so less cost, no available kit, so no competition and a ready market. Plenty of scope for different schemes too.
  4. Not quite applicable to the new tool, but ideal for anyone wanting better exhausts for the old tool they have in the stash and actually want to build: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-72nd-Avro-Vulcan-Jet-Pipe-Upgrade-Set-For-Airfix-kits/324267029596?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 I've a ouple of sets of these and they really are beautiful.
  5. Not entirely sure yet, but a Valiant K,1A in an early 80s Hemp/LAG scheme was what I'd planned originall for the Mach Poo one, until I got the thing together and realised a darker scheme would hide some of the flaws better. That'll be one of the Airfix ones. Possibly an early in service Vulcan Skybolt carrier in antiflash rather than the camo one I already have. Definitely XM594 from a piece of fiction but in it's WWIII camouflage, rather than what it's wearing at Newark. Exportwise, Australia wanted Vulcans to fill the gap after the Canberra left service and the replacement. T
  6. Thnks guys, couldn't see them on the laptop screen!
  7. Adam, stick me down for some V bomber whatiffery. TBH, I've a mini GB here on my own, with a Vulcan ready to spray, more priming needed doing on a Matchbox Victor, and a modium of tidy up of a Mach Poo Valiant before a final prime. And a massive thank you for the photos of XM594, although mine will look a bit different!
  8. Has anyone else spotted that it comes with Olympus 300 series exhausts? I can't see either the 201 or 202 jetpipes on the sprues, so again, we're locked into doing 300 series aircraft. Personally, I'd have liked the bomb bay overload fuel tanks, as I want to do XM594 in a WE177 armed configuration from this chilling piece of alternate history; https://www.alternatehistory.com/forum/threads/the-last-flight-of-xm594-a-p-s-spin-off.216859/
  9. Thanks, Ross, most appreciated. IIRC, isn't the one at Cosford one of the survivors of the filming of 633 Squadron, or am I getting it confused? It's the latter. The TT35 atSalisbury Hall did fly dur the filming of MOsquito Squadron thought.
  10. Same as the PR34 but with a Rushton winch underneath - AFAIK, only Aeroclub did those in 72nd. There's some mods needed to the rear of the bulged bay, but I've yet to see a photo of that area. May be easier to get a Corgi diecast for that, it's actually pretty decent.
  11. I'm doing the new tool Brick as a WE177 armed one as part of a small Cold War Hot scenario in the mid 80s. I have my squadron chosen (16 Sqn, at Laarbruken in 1984), it's all together and ready for paint, but what colour should the weapon bay be in the WE177 armed onfiguration? I'm leaning towards white but as the other bays seem to be some sort of grey is it likely that the weapon bay was this colour too? Secondly, does anyone do a set of tanks for the new tool kit? The ones supplied seem a tad slim.
  12. Ahh! Right up one of my particular fields of expertise this is... Firstly, both variants are two stage Merlins. Go exclusively for the Brengun two stage Merlins as they are the best currently available. There are the Blackbird ones, which are a complete engine/nacelle and direct replacements for the engines in the Tamiya kit, but I have a set and frankly, they're rubbish - the engines themselves are basically the original Paragon ones (geared to go with the Hasegawa kit and with a square panel aft of the exhausts that's none existent on two stage engines) grafted to a Tamiya nac
  13. Isn't there some new deal with Japan with regards to custpms?
  14. The Mirage wing isn't quite big enough - I checked it against a Kfir (close enough - just) and ideally, a wing spilt properly top and bottom (rather than a complete trailing edge on one half and the lower split at the flap line) so a plastic card template sandwiched (mmmm, sandwich!) between the two would give a core to build on. In addition, the wheel well bays appear to be further from the intakes on the delta compared to the original Hunter wing. It's certainly doable, but there's a lot of filling and sanding involved.
  15. I have to be honest, I'm seriously considering the same manufacturer's Saro Princess, although I doubt I have anywhere to store it once assembled...
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