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  1. I haven't got mine yet but according to a mate who's now got his, it does indeed come with the spares mentioned earlier.
  2. Looking good so far. I'm not sure how well the MPM fuselage will take the Heller wing as it's not one I've tried - the cutouts at the back are different, with the MPM having more of the lower fuselage. It definitely takes the CMR wings spare in several of their mk IX kits. Looking forward to seeing this progress. You will need to replace the Heller wheels though as they're a strange hybrid of wartime diameter with post war three spoke hubs. IIRC there's a spare set or two in with the AZ lowback.
  3. In the long run it's easier. If you're trying to do a nose/tail conversion from one fuselage to another, what happens if you botch the cuts or the fuselages are different sizes? My method means that if you botch it, you've only ruined one fuselage and it's fixable with filler/more plastic card.
  4. That's the second version and the fuselage is a warmed over Fujimi one. It's not a bad 19 as it goes and builds quite nicely, but the vacform canopies have a nasty tendency to turn gold - I've quite a few salted away and they've done that. If you're intent on the conversion, I'd go with the far easier option of cutting down the spine on the 19 and use laminated card and sanding to get the low back. Then you can either scribe the wing for the guns or just do a wing transplant from the AZ kit or even better a Heller 16, as the radiators are the right depth for Griffon Spits, remembering to shorten the ailerons (or you can cheat by stealing them from an Eduard mk IX - steal the better u/c doors from there too). This means you still have the rather nice AZ fuselage.
  5. It depends on which MPM 19 you have as they did two - one based on a Czech resin kit and a later one with the wing from their PRXI and a warmed over Fujimi Griffon Spit fuselage. The latter is quite workable, the former has some shape issues. TBH, whilst the onversion work is fairly straightforward and easy enough, I personally wouldn't bother due to the availability of the Sword 14 lowback.
  6. If they're straight reboxes of the original Sword plastic, the Seafire III came with a spare Vc wing and the Seafire 17 with a spare Seafire 15 fuselage - you're halfway there. Add in the Quickboost resin top cowl for the Fujimi Griffon Spits (will need surgery), spare tailplanes from an AZ mk IX, larger oil cooler from the Airfix Spitfire IIa/Va, rudder, guns, u/c, doors, wheels tailwheel and doors from the Eduard kits. You've pretty much got all you need largely from spares. I think you just have to source a radiator, canopy and prop from somewhere else. Despite having multiples of the originals in the stash, I've got one on order for completist reasons.
  7. The Dutch requested a licene to build Spitfires. Say it was granted and they tooled for production and were about to about to start/had just started when the country was over-run. The Germans now have a production line for Spitfires.
  8. The raised lines on the Frog wings are intended to represent the spar caps. Some thin plastic stip is very useful, but it's still too thick, so some judicious sanding will help there. The inlets outboard of the engines will need filling - there's a blanking plate that closes when the engines are at rest. Check as many reference photos as you can. That's one thing about a Frog kit I've yet to tackle. May be worth filling them and then carefully rescribing the outline. It's a fantastic piece of work so far, better than any I've yet attempted - TBH, the next Frog one I do will be a retro nostalgia build straight from an original box - and I'm really looking forward to seeing the thread progress.
  9. Some nice work there so far. Few tips DO NOT under any circumstances trust the Warpaint Ian Huntley plans. They've been drawn from inaccurate information and are chock full of errors. I'm sure David Collins will back me up on this and tell you what they are. The windscreen is one that springs to mind. A Hunter canopy might be a good replacement - Pavla do a detail set that includes a vacform one. It's certainly better than the kit one. Tempest wheels are good replacements for the Frog wheels, even though the latter are reasonable. A Vampire nosegear will replace the kit tailwheel. Looking forward to seeing the finial results.
  10. Not 02 - the scheme worn by that is too dark for 02.
  11. "The letter, yeah. With pleasure." Two photos from tonight's club meet featuring my latest two: Avro Lancaster B.VI "Special" and an Avro Shackleton AEW.3. The latter has yet to get it's aerials and the prop blade tip decals, but in my defence I've had zero energy when I've got in from work. Lancaster B.VI I've a feeling the major components (wings and fuselage) for this were from someone on the forum, either Herald Coupe or Wez, as they reckoned that they were unusable. The rest from my spares box and some illicit home cast resin. Shackleton AEW.3 I have a real dislike for the Shackleton as it fought me every step of the way during decalling and the Lancaster... It *still* isn't really talking to me. I'm not happy with the finish and TBH, it's a bit rushed. I just wanted it done and out of the way. Photos by Bob Towers
  12. Time to fess up! Complete fiction as usual. Kit base is the 1990s retool of the 1979 Airif Lancaster - the Dambuster issue had the mid upper deleted. Nose and tailcone are resin copies of an unknown resin conversion I got many years back.The wheels are copies of the Paragon Lincoln wheels. The engines are resin copies of the old DB Merlin 85s. The props are the kit ones - I know they should be either paddle blade or four bladers, but I haven't any of either spare that'll fit. There's another C6 on the go now and I'll bung that up in due course.
  13. Not quite finished - needs a few aerials, the wheels need touching up and the canopy needs the side blister panels - but here's a photo of the Lancastrian C.6 as she stands.
  14. I've a trio of unfinished Lancs that are going in Tiger Force, certainly SEAC markings, at some stage in the near future. The B.VI 'Special' is the first to be done - I'll need some Freightdog wheels for the others and he's out of stock... Just want to get a Shackleton or two finished first. The Beau? Oh yes, after an interminable wait of nigh on two months, Alleycat finally sent out the bits, so I can get on with the Griffon Beaufighter.
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