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  1. Not quite finished - needs a few aerials, the wheels need touching up and the canopy needs the side blister panels - but here's a photo of the Lancastrian C.6 as she stands.
  2. The Wooksta!

    Hybrid - Finished Symphony

    I've a trio of unfinished Lancs that are going in Tiger Force, certainly SEAC markings, at some stage in the near future. The B.VI 'Special' is the first to be done - I'll need some Freightdog wheels for the others and he's out of stock... Just want to get a Shackleton or two finished first. The Beau? Oh yes, after an interminable wait of nigh on two months, Alleycat finally sent out the bits, so I can get on with the Griffon Beaufighter.
  3. The Wooksta!

    Hybrid - Finished Symphony

    Time to 'fess up, I guess! It caught out quite a few when it was unveiled at my club on Monday gone. The idea was for a developed 'Special' capable of carrying the larger bombs - particularly 'Grand Slam' - over longer distances with more power and with better armament. So has the deeper bomb doors as standard, it's up engined with Griffons complete with contraprops, the RAE designed nose used by the Lincoln (a similar nose is on one of the wind tunnel models for the Windsor and the drawings for the Vickers 1000 tone Scheme C on the front of the first edition of Tony Buttler's BSP: Vol 3), and the rest of the late Lancaster mods - Lincoln rudders and wheels, Martin mid upper, Village Inn and the FN82 tail turret. It's a real mish mash of a model bits wise. Base Revell B.I/III, Paragon Lincoln nose, Martin turret from an Airfix B26, Village Inn from the Hasegawa Lancaster (all of them have that part as a standard piece on the sprues), nacelles, props and engines from the Frog/Novo Shackleton (probably a Revell boxing as I got a load of them really cheap years ago) and the FN82 tail turret from the current Airfix Lancaster. That really needs some frame lines. The bomb doors are from the old Matchbox Lancaster - none of the bulged ones I had at the time fitted but I can explain that away - along with the anomalous H2S radome - when I write up the back story properly. The scheme is post war but was to have been used operationally had the war continued. 617 Sqn is an ideal choice for a user, but I tend not to go for the more obvious squadrons these days - I prefer subtlety over the more obvious front line users - so if it was being done now, I'd go for something like 44 (Rhodesia) Sqn just to be awkward. There was another two started at the same time. One was to be a post war test drop ship with a shape of a Blue Danube underneath, possibly with Centaurus engines and the mid upper from an Airfix Shackleton. Not sure about the other, possibly 9 Sqn in the far east dropping Grand Slams on hydro electric plants in Korea against the Japanese.
  4. Finally, after being in my mind since 2009 and in build since mid 2013, The Hybrid is *finally* done. I'll try to get some better photos taken soon. Photo by Rob Sullivan IPMS Tyneside. Thread named after a track by Welsh Nu skool Breaks band Hybrid. Finished Symphony was released in 1999 after several years in development. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuWAO9QSG2Y
  5. The Wooksta!

    Best PRU Blue Paint?

    Personally, I'm sticking with Xtracrylix. Looks good to me, although I do miss the old Aeromaster stuff. IIRC, I used my last bottle on a Tamiya PR.IV I picked up at the Mosquito Museum - it was one of the first bomber nose kits in 72 Tamiya released to the UK.
  6. The Wooksta!

    Postwar lancaster kit advice needed.

    It should be fine - the Freightdog set has the relevant late Lancaster bits you need - Lincoln rudder and wheels, plus the tropical filters for the engines and the rear fuselage camera fairing. All you need to do is cut the requisite windows in the rear fuselage. Don't rule out the Hasewgawa kit if you can get one cheap, try that instead - it comes with the tropical filters and rear fuselage camera fairing on the sprues anyway, plus the glazing for the later rear fuselage windows is also included. The build is much easier than the Airfix kit but less detailed whilst the outer engines may need some shims to get them to hang correctly.
  7. The Wooksta!

    Frog/Airfix Bristol Beaufort

    Having followed the build thread with interest, I can honestky say that it's some of the best modelling I've seen. Quite simply, exceptional!
  8. The Wooksta!

    Spitfire XIV Best Kits 1/72 (STICKY PLEASE MODS)

    Have modellers gone soft? Yeah, the Sword kits are a bit challenging, but no more so than the Ventura ones - what with their MASSIVE sprue gates and dead hard plastic, and that's before you have to add all the detail yourself. For Cliff's sake, even the Fujimi ones are horrors to build, with their overengineered approach to get as many versions as possible out of the moulds. I've built quite a few of both manufacturer's kits and really dislike the Fujimi kit. There's something wrong about the dimensions, especially the highbacks, but I can't quite figure out what it is. It just looks wrong somehow whereas the few mk XIVs I've built by mating a new wing with the Airfix XIX fuselage - which I know is short somewhere between the firewall and the cockpit - look right.
  9. The Wooksta!

    Spitfire Mk XII

    Troy mentioned me upthread so I'm a bit later for the party! Simplest and cheapest way to a mk XII in 72nd is a Sword Seafire XVII double pack - hear me out! - and a Sword mk V. The XVII comes with a free Seafire XV fuselage, so use that to replace the mk V fuselage and source the retractable tailwheel from the spares left in an Eduard mk IX. You may have to copy the XV/XVII cowling upper in rubber and resin. Or play about with a Quiickboost one intended for the Fujimi XIV (and it's too short for that anyway!)
  10. The Wooksta!

    Any ideas for a Seafury to Fury conversion?

    It's a conversion I attempted a decade back. IIRC, I started with a PM Sea Fury as they're cheap and basic, plus some Aeroclub bits (canopy and u/c), a Matchbox Tempest Sabre cowling and some copies of the LF resin Tempest I conversion. The depth of the cowling isn't the problem everyone seems to think it is - I chopped the cowling below the exhausts and fitted the resin piece. This comes with the exhausts integral and you're meant to cut away the cowling to the line above. I just fitted it a tad lower and sanded the exhausts back. I don't have any photos of the finished model - I lost them during technical difficulties a few months back, but here's something similar I did with a whiffed Tempest. If you look carefully, you cabn just make out the deeper cowling on the last photo.
  11. The Wooksta!

    Anyone built a 1/72 Ventura Spitfire?

    Justin, there's one more route you may like to try. See if you can locate the second tooling MPM did of the PR19 - it was boxed as part of the BBMF Millenium set and many found their way onto the market as bagged kits for a relative pittance . They seem to be a remastered Fujimi fuselage with the wing sprue from their PR.XI. I've built a fair few and quite enjoyed them, although the vacform canopies will need replacing in the kit with a Falcon one as they tend to have yellowed badly. The cockpit is a bit sparse compared to a Sword 14 but the wings from the MPM kit may well fit the Sword fuselage, so you could get an early unpressurised XIX from the cross kit. Helps to keep the costs down if you use the spare highback fuselage in with the lowback.
  12. The Wooksta!

    Mosquito windscreen bulge - what is it?

    It's the bulge around a strike camera. Some of the Banff wing aircraft had them. There's a shot from the front of FBIV PZ202 on p.30 of the Franks DataFile on the Mosquito. That one has it centrally whereas the others had it offset.
  13. The Wooksta!

    Best way to make a Spitfire VI in 1/72

    I think it depends on the aircraft as to which screen it has, because I've just found a pair of photos in the Aircam on the Merlin Spitfires of two different aircraft with the internal armour glass. AB534 is one, supposedly with 616 Sqn but no codes and t'other being ON-H of 124 Sqn (serial obscured).
  14. The Wooksta!

    Best way to make a Spitfire VI in 1/72

    There many ways, but I'd go with Giorgio's suggestion and try to source an older tool AZ Vb* as all boxings included the same plastic. All the mk VI bits are in the kit - extended wingtips, the pressurisation intake is moulded on the starboard fuselage half and you get the four blade prop. Only thing you'll have to scratch is the pressure bulkhead aft of the cockpit, but the one in the Airfix PR19 is a dead ringer and an ideal template. Internal armour screen. *The older AZ boxings are not too hard to find, but not that easy either. There are two mk VIs on ebay, both in Germany and the same price but the postage to the UK is extortionate. One alternate route would be the Brengun Spitfire Vb Floatplane. Use the Vb for a VI and the floats to convert an Airfix IX into a floatplane. No waste and if you find one of the Airfix IXs in the desert boxing with the Cartograph decals, it should give you a spare canopy. Alternatively, PM me your address. I'm sure I have the relevant bits in me vast collection of Spitfire spares. Jure, try finding a Sword Seafire in the UK these days! Not easy when you try hunting them down and they command stupid money on ebay.
  15. The Wooksta!

    Airfix - 2018 Release schedule

    Under no circumstances whatsoever should Airfix rerelease the Halifax. That tool is far too old to see the light of day again - I've quite literally binned the one I had - and given the price Airfix would charge for that fossil, a few extra quid would get you a shiny Revell one which is vastly superior. Yes please to a new tool Tempest, preferably a II. Would sit nicely with their Firedog Beaufighter.