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  1. Which is why our export sales account for about 70%.
  2. A walk around the tables at Telford shows that to be the case. Several years ago at London Toy Fair I was in a meeting with the sales manager for one of the main UK kit importers. When we commented on the difficulty of getting a reliable supply of certain ranges, the response was "There is no market for model cars in the UK".
  3. There's a metal A7 kit in 1:24 by South Eastern Finecast.
  4. No, I didn't, thanks. Wrong scale but may be useful. This is what I have on file.
  5. Photos in Don McVicar's Mosquito Racer suggest the red do not step markings were on the wings of the WWA machine and from memory the tyres were original block treads as the plane had come straight out of surplus and we prepared on a shoestring. Colours for this one are described as Victoria Cream with Stinson Green trim, the latter I believe is a dark metallic. The only colour image I've found of it after a lot of searching is the painting on the book cover. The book's around here somewhere but can't find it at the moment.
  6. 1:48 racers are my thing (not that I've built anything for about 5 years). Filling in a few gaps, the first I bought was a Smer kit of the Macchi MC72, which wasn't the best reintroduction to modelling after 20 years away. I might even finish it one day. Testors did a Gee Bee and 1925 Curtis Schneider. Hasegawa's limited edition range has included the Kings Cup Hurricane and a dual option King Cobra, both of which just about have sufficient decals to make a second model if you have another donor. Renaissance in France have done decals for Voodoo (1:48 & 1:72) and have been threatening to release 'September Pops' Sea Fury for a good decade. I've got basic artwork for the Don McVicar Mosquito which I need to size correctly and Draw Decal said he would print it properly once I'd finalised it. That was the last thing I was doing and I really ought to get my backside in gear! Expensive, but Marsh Models Aerotech is a series of 1:32 resin & white metal kits. Latest there is a multi-option DH88 Comet and Supermarine S5 is due next.
  7. We've had quite a few of these over the years at work. Idiots who don't read a description and then get all shouty because they didn't get the moon on a stick. One a few months ago said that our attitude was completely unacceptable when invited to return the item for a full refund...
  8. Announced at Nurnberg, 1973 RAC winning Escort. Kit will include left & right hand drive interiors, so aftermarket potential is endless!
  9. Price will be around about £150, based on other releases.
  10. Looking good so far. Triumphfan Steve, Be aware that the blue on the Gulf car was a weird colour which was a mica with a slight flip in the top coat. The instructions in these kits are a bit vague where some of the colours are concerned.
  11. Just announced by Tamiya, ref TAM24333. http://t.co/7BgaCeJvqw
  12. There are four types. White or clear and then for either inkjet or laser printers. Their original papers were for laser only and if used with inkjet then the ink would just sit on the surface and 'glob' as you put it. Worth checking you have the right paper type.
  13. Oops, just realised I forgot to do a sprues pic. Bit late now. Over the last week or so I painted the various cockpit parts and then this evening when getting home from playing with honking great bits of real aeroplane, I decided to glue my fingers to some bits of plastic. Interior assembled, installed in fuselage, and fuselage buttoned up and the seams filled. Have also assembled and filled the main floats, rubbed the filler down on the main fuselage and applied a little paint with a hairy stick. Not sure how it will look when dried but I think I'll end up flatting back, masking and fitting the windows and getting the rattle cans out.
  14. I've been in discussion with Hornby about this this week as none of the usual wholesalers know anything about it. They are saying that there isn't enough margin in it (it's a Hornby Spain project) for a general release in the UK so it will be Hornby direct only over here. Not good.
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