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  1. A bad bout of kidney stones has stopped me in my tracks. Will try and get some time on this at some point but the past few weeks have been hell. Kev
  2. A bad bout of kidney stones has stopped me in my tracks. Will try and get some time on this at some point but the past few weeks have been hell. Kev
  3. I have finished the wings. Not hugely happy with them but wrinkled around the cannons and tips. But for a first time practice they are not bad. The foil is definitely too thick. For 1/72 anyway. Done some more on the wing root too. Thanks for looking Kev
  4. If I like how this ends up I will invest in the proper stuff. Like I said this is the cheap foil tape from wickes. About three quid for a huge ten meter roll. It's probably a bit industrial for this purpose but it will stand me in good stead for later projects. I have used the stuff for masking canopys in the past and it was hanging around in my build box and i just thought hey Ho I will give it a go. Kev
  5. No. you are right... I am mad. Here's a bit more of the wing. All stuck together and foiled the leading edge and tips. Not to pretty in places and a few patches will need a touch up later. Kev
  6. I haven't used the humbrol but have tried the tamiya metalics and alclad. I just fancied trying this to see what its like really. Plus it cold out side and I don't want to spray smelly stuff inside the house!! Plus the wife moans when the compressor is chugging. This way I make some quiet, odorless progress without any "phwoor that stinks.." or "shhh. I can't hear what Ant and Dec are saying" Kev
  7. Tonight I have covered some more of the wings. And have been playing around with different finishes. In these pics i have rubbed the surface with a glass fibre pen. The pop up ones you see in most model shops and make you itch like crazy!!!!!. Still finding bits in my fingers! This to me looks a bit more natural than the smooth reflective look in the earlier pics.. but i am not 100% sure. It anyone thinks either is better please post an answer. It polishes right back up again in no time so no worries about changing it. It will take a coat of future so I will be able to weather it after its done. Look forward to your thoughts. Kev
  8. By the way. I have never done this before, so don't take my word on anything!!!
  9. Thanks for those Links. They are exactly what I was after. I have found that this foil I am using is quite robust. If you overlap it you can almost sand it thin enough not to notice. Awesome for complex surfaces where one sheet would tear. Also depending on what you use to buff it you can change its appearance completely. On the pics I posted I used the steel ARM of a bulldog clip. Which gives a highly polished effect. A eraser gives a slightly matt effect. Green pan scouring pad gives a brushed aluminium look. And a lead pencil makes it quite dark. Still playing. Kev
  10. This is not really intended to be a proper wip. It's a sort of trial run for a 1/32 kawasaki ki-61 that I want to foil. I have tried various metal effect paints in the past and wanted to try and get a little more of a realistic finish. I have started with the foiling straight away because it calls for a fair amount of man-handling to get it stuck and burnished. I am using cheap sticky foil tape from wickes. I have started with panels that don't overlap onto another piece as these will be done after I have stuck various others together. From what i have read, if you can, It's best to run a whole piece over leading edges, and joints to the next panel line on the other piece. If that makes sense? Started but cutting easily manageable pieces and applying them just over the panels I want to cover. Then trimming them carefully to fit with a very sharp scalpel. Polishing them with a piece of steel. The steel is a arm from a bulldog clip! Small, smooth and gives a really high shine. I am just experimenting at the moment as i don't want to ruin a fifty quid plus model. If anyone can give me any tips or help I would be very grateful. Kev
  11. Looks lovely. And glad you decided to weather it hard. I know one of the solution (don't ask me which) make the decals soft to conform to the contours and that's the one to use once in place to soften it. They will disintegrate if left too long. Luckily mine are two differt brands one to set one to soften and can't mix em up. Thank the lord for the charity of others. Look forward to seeing the finished article. Kev
  12. I would love to. But I have placed a strict rule to build more and buy less. I have got the 1/32 hasegawa kawasaki tony. I am going to foil it...... That's next. But may change.... Either way every time I go any where i think.."its only a little one". Yesterday in wells got a 1/72 new tool airfix mustang to practice foil application. And the pile grew again.. I should give all my cash to the misses?! Kev
  13. Finally got some time with it. After I was accustomed with my shiney new airbrush I masked everything in sight. The kit comes with a full canopy and a canopy in pieces to display open. So instead of masking it all I just tacked the full canopy in place and sacrificed it. I will mask and paint the open canopy at a later date and fit that at the end. I used a white undercoat and black preshading. Then a coat of rlm 65 from vallejo. It's lovely paint and the model air sprays straight from the bottle. I will let this fully dry for a few days then i will try to find some time for the splinter camo. And a different view in different lighting Thanks for looking. Any thoughts appreciated. Kev
  14. Well done Pete. Pics look great welcome to the forum. The mustang looks awesome. Keep wanting to build one since you showed me this one in the box. And looking forward to your x-1. Kev
  15. Hi Pete. It's Kev. I sent you an email showing you how to post using photobucket. Give it a try. Kev Heres a fee pics of yours you sent me yesterday.
  16. Got the canopy mask so some more progress soon. Kev
  17. I have finished off both wings complete with flaps etc. I decided to do them up as there is some nice detail in the radiator cowls. Also every one I have seen in period pics have the flaps up when at rest. Including the restored ones in various museums. Tail partly done too. Here it is so far none is stuck together but gives you a sense of its size and shape. Paint is looming!!! Cheers Kev.
  18. Time for some more pics. Engine is mounted on its mounts and squeezed into place in the wing. Not easy but it looks good. One wing down and one to go. Thanks for looking any comments welcome. Kevin
  19. Cracking on with this beauty! Looking good. It was the best bit for me the painting. Loved getting the weathering on it. Is she going to be dirty too? All around the air intake and wing roots was fun. Dirt dirt and more dirt. Looking forward to seeing more. Cheers Kev
  20. Cheers stu. Yep dirty fingers as always. Had a wee break and had a POP at a blohm and voss bv 141. which I posted on here somewhere. Nowhere near finished but needed my mojo back and decided a change as good as a rest. Kev
  21. Thanks kpc7676. Managed to get some time at last and built up the wheel wells and undercarriage. Once again oob. Haven't added anything as yet to the kit. In places it has so much detail and in others its a little lacking. The engine bulkhead is totally flat for one. But the struts and detail of the wells is great. Here it is in place after a lot of swearing. The instructions are not too great on this bit. And the other side. Also repainted the ignition wires a more subtle light grey. P.s. the ink wash is still drying on the picture. Once again thanks for looking. Kevin
  22. Just ordered a mask set. Think its needed. And cliff. Yes it does look wierder.. no more progress as yet. Will keep all posted. Kev
  23. Apart from the canopy its a simple build. And interesting too. Been good looking for reference pics of something I am unfamiliar with. It will certainly stand out from the others on the shelf. Kev
  24. The cockpit detail is minimal but the airfix canopy is so thick nothing will be seen.
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