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  1. Just finished this one as a present for Dutch airforce
  2. thnx all, meanwhile I managed some better pics more here http://www.modelbrouwers.nl/albums/album/9886/
  3. very well done, can't hardly believe it's brush painted
  4. something strange is happening uploading pics. by entering the topic I did not get the buttons diagram, had to reply to the 1st posting to get all the options
  5. Finished this one recently after working on it off and on for over a year
  6. been a while, but her's where we are now exellent wash from Flory Models and after some fading with pasteldust reaching the end
  7. progress - gunze metal color aluminium, polished first painlayers and chipping
  8. some more progress engine, left = before - right = after dark wash build in nothing of the gun-installation will be seen anymore wash on seat and belts and fuselage closed up ( cowlings = dryfit )
  9. The thing has wings now, no problems on the wingroots, fits like a glove this needs some minor retouching by some sanding sticks and some extra work on the engines Always pays off
  10. you're probably right, but historical correctness my bottom long as I have fun I'll keep on gluing things together
  11. Let's try a Japanese thingie was the thougt progress so far attempt to scratch seatbelts...turned out quite nice, using Tamiya tape, very fine copperwire and staples before someone asks : aotake = 10 drops of Tamiya X25 & 12 drops of X13
  12. finally managed to finish this one, had to wait some time for a replacementpart from revell thnx for looking grtz Chris
  13. My book says about A-6 : none build, so I do have some artistic freedom Meanwhile some progress again pff...reaching finishline , bout time
  14. decals and wheellegs are on, followed by a coat of vallejo matt, next thing will be foolin' around with pastels and oilpaint
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