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  1. The Vampire and Venom were essentially aluminium aircraft with a laminated wooden cockpit for the pilot. The wooden laminated cockpit did have a number of aluminium parts mounted onto it: Nose cone; side ammo bay doors; underside cannon fairing; and nose gear doors. Rivets on the wings would not have been as prominent as they were flush rivetted, but this kit looks pretty good to me. The ones on the cannon fairings are shown raised which is correct.
  2. Very nice Mike. Quite possibly the best Frog Hornet in town with all those mods! Excellent windscreen too
  3. Hi Martin, This looks superb. Sorry to have missed your thread so far but looking back I'm really impressed with what you have done with this Frog kit. Good job on the windscreen assembly too! :-)
  4. Hi Worms, The Hornet tail wheel was castoring, not steerable. The twin ridge tyre design (same part as Vampire nose wheel) was an anti-shimmy.
  5. Hi Worms, The nicest looking Mk1 in my opinion was PX252. This is the only known photo. Sorry its in Aluminium dope. It has type C and C1 roundels with red spinners and the squadron badge on the fin. More famously there are artist impressions of this aircraft covered in 65 squadrons red chevrons, but the only "photo" ever produced of this as evidence, was actually a re-touched example of the grey/blue PX217.
  6. Hi Worms, The insides of the wings/flaps had aluminium finish. Also the MK1 did not carry rockets or bombs. It was a pure fighter armed with the four 20mm cannon under the nose.
  7. Sacrilege!!! However, are you looking to do a WHIF scheme?? Or just a different scheme for a MK1? There are a few options.
  8. That's basically 1/72 Swordfish at arms length...
  9. Please please please AIRFIX can I have a 1/24 scale Sea Hornet F.20 for Christmas please
  10. Hi Christer A, You can see these underwing vents on the sixth and seventh images in my RFI thread: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234989551-dh-sea-hornet-nf21-vw957/ Once you know where they are, take a closer look at underside photographs and you can spot them.
  11. Good job on the undercarriage and bays. Referring to your last image, remember there is a slatted vent in the underside of the wing between the leading edge intake and the engine nacelle (in both outer wings). When on the ground this is opens and provides air for the Merlin through the air filter. Only when the aircraft is flying and the undercarriage is raised will this vent close and the leading edge intake will rotate open.
  12. Good update Christer, I'm looking forward to seeing the colour on this.
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