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  1. The two downward facing cameras on PX216 can be seen here.
  2. Almost unwittingly I've managed to paint my last three Spitfires in colour schemes that have appeared on the UK Airshow circuit, at one time or another. This 1/48 Airfix Seafire XVII has been marked as SX336 owned by Kennet aviation.
  3. Lord Riot, Your Vampire is excellent. A Squadron from my local airfield too!
  4. Superb work Christer, I've followed your build over the months. With all the corrections you've made to the CA kit to the length and undercarriage position, it provides the correct stance when on the ground. My NF.21 Sea Hornet had the same.
  5. Hi Christer, Great to see you are nearly complete. You have built a superb Hornet.
  6. Also, referring to the photo in the link. The white parts underneath the fuselage must be part of the nav/radio fit. Maybe someone with more knowledge on this will be able to say what they are? https://images.app.goo.gl/UDTY589HEcZqMwdH6/ If it helps, I used spare cannon shrouds from a 1/48 Eduard Mk.VIII kit.
  7. The visible fuselage and head armour brace underneath the canopy are red, rather than black or cockpit green. Also referring to the image on this link, there doesn't appear to be a fuel filler neck under the canopy either: https://images.app.goo.gl/2AjDVym7kSeXqLkE8/ Question: Airfix supply two types of exhaust stub. Which is correct: Flared or round? (I chose round for mine, as they looked closer to the online reference photos).
  8. Yes, it's a lovely kit. This is the previous build of the same.
  9. This was an enjoyable build running up to Christmas 2020. This is the second one of these I've put together, joining the IIAC aluminium finished example from last year. The kit went together well. Only modifications are the extra gun shrouds seen on the original display aircraft and the camera apertures have been filled over. I've used all of the kit decals with the exception of the spinner. This was masked and painted instead.
  10. The hatch is the other logical proven position. However, it could also be just ahead of bulkhead 3. The Hornet has two opening panels beneath the wing. Maybe the rear one housed the camera?
  11. Hi Les, Bulkhead 3 separates the rear fuselage from the front. It's inline with the rear spar. It has a removable section to access the radio equipment. Above the wing can be found bulkhead 2, sometimes known as the draft bulkhead.
  12. Hi Les, If you look at images of GF-GUO/TT193 you will see the side camera ports in the rear fuselage. Without the service cameras fitted, the observer can see out of these.
  13. Hi Les, That's a good observation you've made on civilian photos depicting CF-GUO. The pilots armour plate is absent. It is likely that this was cut off level with the canopy rails, as the pilots seat attaches to it. Failing that, if it is removed completely then you would have to make new top attachments for the seat. Depending on how the camera operator got into the aircraft too, then with the armour removed this would give them access from the front.
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