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  1. Hi Maurice, Regarding which Tamiya paint to use, I'd seek out an opinion from the many folk on here, I've seen building the Airfix Sea Fury. Personally I haven't used the Tamiya colours yet, as I found the Humbrol ones a great match. Sorry I couldn't be of help in this case.
  2. Hi Mark, The PR2 didn't have any armament fitted. There were two vertical cameras fitted underneath. The front camera took the position where the cannon breaches would have been. The rear camera was located just behind the ventral door. The underside nose fairing was smooth.
  3. Hi Larry, Apologies for such a late response! To confirm what others have stated, the PR.22 and NF21 Sea Hornets both wore the EDSG on top and "sky" underneath. Humbrol 90 Beige Green is a good colour match in my view.
  4. It looks excellent from these photos. I look forward to getting my hands on one
  5. Hi Mike, I don't mind at all. It's all free to use.
  6. Hi, This colour image showing the slightly longer RH nacelle extension originated from me.
  7. Looks promising. There's no doubt about it, de Havilland knew how to design a pretty aeroplane.
  8. This is great news. I'm always happy to build a new Hornet kit First I've heard of it. Lets hope they've done their research. Sorry, not heard of it before today.
  9. Hi Christer, Nice to see your Hornet is progressing well. As an alternative to the Tempest tail wheel if it's too different in size, the correct anti-shimmy tail wheel for a Hornet is actually the same tyre and wheel fitted to the DH Vampire and Venom nose wheel.
  10. The Vampire and Venom were essentially aluminium aircraft with a laminated wooden cockpit for the pilot. The wooden laminated cockpit did have a number of aluminium parts mounted onto it: Nose cone; side ammo bay doors; underside cannon fairing; and nose gear doors. Rivets on the wings would not have been as prominent as they were flush rivetted, but this kit looks pretty good to me. The ones on the cannon fairings are shown raised which is correct.
  11. Very nice Mike. Quite possibly the best Frog Hornet in town with all those mods! Excellent windscreen too
  12. Hi Martin, This looks superb. Sorry to have missed your thread so far but looking back I'm really impressed with what you have done with this Frog kit. Good job on the windscreen assembly too! :-)
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