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  1. Great job, this shows how well you can make an old airfix kit and with some effort make it look superb! Rich
  2. Well done mate, I literally just got bought the earlier version of this kit with the white and blue markings for my birthday and I'm having the same experiance as you, it's a fun kit to put together although clearly ancient! Rich
  3. A superb looking Hercules, I like the look of the longer fuselage versions and any RAF bird in wraparound camo gets my vote! Congrats on a job well done Rich
  4. You've done a great job on this, I really like this paint job on the spitfire too. Rich
  5. Really nice, I love the weathering and attention to detail like many others here, I also like the weapon loadout, the more you look into it the more you find out about these non-standard loadoats on S-3's, A-6's, F/A-18's etc. Rich
  6. If there was ever one perfect model to test your weathering skills on a Skyraider is it! It's a superb looking model, congratulations on the end result I think you've done a great job. Rich
  7. Great Job Wolfhound, that is deffinately a big beast of a kit and technically looks like a challenge to build, I like the camo option too! Rich
  8. That is some epic work, the end result is jaw droppingly perfect! Rich
  9. Superb work, the extra detail in the engine bay is spot on! Rich
  10. That's a really nice looking camo mustang, congratulations! Rich
  11. Really nice, the diorama is superb! Rich
  12. Great looking Fullback, I think you've done a perfect job on this one! Rich
  13. Ok, count me in, I have a few modern and WW2 kits to make on this subject. Rich
  14. What a superbly stunning model, such fine work! Rich
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