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  1. Great job, and another great addition to your Vietnam collection! The heat treatment to the paint job is really good, looks very reallistic, intersting technique using an eraser, I might have to try that myself! Rich
  2. Not that much really, I went on a camp to RAF Akrotiri when I was 17, I believe it was the Wessex HAR2 operated by 84 Sqn at the time in an all over grey camo scheme with the blue band. Because they were operationally active we didn't get a chance to fly in them but we did get a tour of the officers mess and crew ready room. I know they operated several types of Wessex over the years HU5 and HC2 if I remember, they went onto using the Bell griffin more recently. Rich
  3. Nice to see an 84 Sqn bird, having been a member of 84 Sqn Air Cadets, I've seen plenty of memorbilia about the mother squadron and actually got to see them at RAF Akrotiri when they were still operating the Wessex in 1998. Awesome job on the weathering and detailing, it looks spot on! Rich
  4. A very unique looking aircraft, it certainly catches the eye! Great work Rich
  5. Shame to hear you had issues with Stynlrez, I heard it was good stuff. Nice to see everything turned out well in the end, it's a beauty. Rich
  6. Really nice, I've always liked the look of the He219, you've done a superb job with this one, the base gives it a nice setting too. Rich
  7. Great work, the chipping effects and weathering, ageing of the paintjob is really good! Rich
  8. Awesome work, especially on the scratchbuilt ladder! Rich
  9. Impressive work, it looks spectacular. I've seen one of these at Telford last year and it certainly takes up some shelf space! Rich
  10. Stunning work, it looks amazing, every attention to detail possible! Well done. Rich
  11. Seriously amazing work, congratulations on a job well done! It's a shame we don't have a living example to see today but this model is so good it gives you a good idea of her sheer size and power! Rich
  12. So much better than what I managed, I feel like making one again!!! Rich
  13. Brilliant, the little drop ship just makes the scene perfect! Rich
  14. Simply stunning work, the attention to detail is outstanding! Rich
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