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  1. Really nice, I like the dynamic nature of the display, it looks perfect! Rich
  2. Amazing, the attention to detail and crispness of the finish you achieve is simply amazing! Well done, Rich
  3. Really nice, I always liked this camo scheme, and the Viggen is an impressive looking aircraft in any scale! Don't keep it parked on the double yellows too long though, you might get a ticket! Rich
  4. Rich G

    Airfix P-40C Warhawk

    Nice work, it looks superb! I don;t know if you are aware of the history of that particular marking scheme. It is the mount of 2nd Lt. G Welch who was credited with 4 kills and a probable I believe during the pearl harbour raid. I also made one of these recently but I chose '155' which was the mount of 2nd Lt K Taylor who also got 4 kills during the pearl harbour raid, using decals from a starfighter decals 'pearl harbour defenders' set. I have always liked the olive drab over neutral grey scheme P-40's ever since I watched the film Tora,Tora,Tora, which featured the exploits of those two pilots. Rich
  5. Amazing work as always Fuad, simply the best! Rich
  6. Superb work, the attention to detail is sublime, well done! Rich
  7. Rich G

    1/72 F-22 Raptor

    You can Airbrush the inside with tamiya X-19 Smoke in thin layers building up the colour. If you want to add a colour tint, mix in some clear orange, blue, green or red and spray thin layers building up the oppacity to a level you like. When I did an F-117 I used a mix of smoke and clear orange to get the right colour, I've just done an F-22 myself, the Revell boxing where the clear part is in a clear yellow, so I just used smoke to add a thin layer and darken it a little. There are bespoke clear colours made by some manufacturers for armoured glass and tinted glass etc as well if you want to go that route. Rich
  8. I was excited to see the 1/72 Buccaneer, I'm hoping now they complete the 1970's air wing with a 1/72 AEW gannet. Surprised to see the move towards 1/35 armour, they've never traditionally done that but if they follow the business model of other successful brands like Revell, Hasegawa, Eduard etc then they could easily rebox kits from companies like Academy as already stated, would be nice to see the decal/camo options they go for! Oh and congrats on the award, I got distracted by the background! Rich
  9. I've got a few different decal options for 111 Squadron schemes, I like the 1986 scheme with the black spine and tail with yellow tail flash, but the best trembler squadron scheme is undoubtedly Black Mike! Having said that the new FGR2 boxing has a nice OOB schemes, the 1435 flt and 92 squadron schemes are rather fetching! Really great job on this phantom though, nice crisp lines on the chrome intake edges and the paint work is all round great! Rich
  10. I think I'm going to have to get a few of these Arma hobby kits, they look really good, great work on these two, they look fantastic Rich
  11. Rich G

    Airfix Typhoon 1/72

    Great looking Tiffie, good Job! Rich
  12. Rich G

    Retired, AV-8A

    It looks like you've gone for a whole new genre of modelling, mothballed models! Rich
  13. Rich G

    F-16AM Hasegawa 1/72

    Realy nice work, the painting and weathering is superb, looks really good! Rich
  14. Nice work, I've been tempted to do a few of these recently given the injection of new kits and decals on the market from Polar Lights. Your's has turned out superbly, great job! Rich
  15. Rich G

    `Repeat Please`

    Blackhawk Leader to "A" flight. Turn to port and steer 2-3-0. REPEAT PLEASE Loved this scene, nice execution looks awesome! Rich