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  1. I`,ve seen this over on F1m , stunning display , have a look on John`s website it will blow you away. Richy
  2. Lovely build , great photography also .
  3. Having started this kit a while back ( about 2 years ago ) and getting most parts off the sprues and cleaned up , I would recommend starting the seats and frames first , put a good film on or some music get a few beers in and crack on , with each seat mark up on the underneath with a permanent marker what it is via the instructions , this part of the prep work is brain numbing , well it was for me ! saying that I`m not knocking it , I paid £28 for this kit and for the size of the box and the amount of sprues you get its fantastic value . Richy
  4. Very nice indeed , the JB figure looks great , 1st class build.
  5. I`m loving this build ,fantastic start Roy , I`m watching this with great interest as I also have the mp4/6 and full top studio set , the set looks amazing although a little daunting as a lot of the parts are tiny , a quality magnifying glass is a must have . Cheers Richy
  6. Grandprix models (UK) , Spotmodel (Spain) , Mediamix Hobby (Hong Kong) , all take paypal , I`ve used them many times and always had good service . Red 5
  7. google bestbalsakits , based in Belgium , not cheap but great when needing hard to find stuff , they also sell on ebay , I`ve used them a few times and the service is very good. Richy
  8. Scale motorsport do a clear carbon fibre , paint base colour you want apply decals , but not sure how correct the weave would be ? Richy
  9. Agree with Borez , hobby/craft sections on ebay are perfect for all sorts of different scale and coloured wire , and cheap . another tip - for race harnesses/ belts is wedding ribbon - 3mm-4mm wide should work on 1/24 1/20 scale Richy
  10. From Hiroboy ordered and payed for 1/12 Top studio McLaren mp4/6 - engine set , brake set , drive shaft set , antenna set , and from Grand Prix models - cockpit set , already got the top studio velocity stacks and tray from ebay , I will post photos when arrived. I`m about £180 in so far and Top studio are yet to release the detail set for the front end of the car which they are from photos I`ve seen from the guys on F1M who have already got the engine detail sets. its getting expensive and already having the kit , full Senna Acustion set , various sm cf decals , 300+ nuts bolts rivits etc and other top studio bits I`m getting very close to what you would pay for a 1/12 MFH kit , but hey over 2-3 years getting these bits together the finances don't count ( well the wife only see`s the last credit card bill ) I`ve left feedback with Hiroboy asking Steve if Top Studio have any plans for detail sets for the 1/12 Tamiya FW14B and 641/2 . Red 5
  11. Fantastic build , for your next commission build you could double up and keep one for yourself , a lot of extra work and expense but hey the customer will be happy and above all so will you . Red 5
  12. Tamiya 1/12 Ferrari 641/2 perfect condition from the well known auction site , new MSM decals for the kit , various 1/20 1/12 scale motorsport cf decals , MFH harness set , MFH beige adhesive cloth and various MFH adhesive metal sheets , detail bits from HK and Japan . all got over a month ago but sadly all put away until Christmas day - a present from my wife and boys . Happy days Red 5
  13. Amazing build , everything looks so real . Cheers Red 5
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