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  1. Hi my friend, You always do such wonderful work on your models. The craftsmanship is brilliant, your lines are gorgeous, your paintwork is so spot on and your creativity is always so outstanding. Congratulations... Regards, Karen
  2. Really good work here, beautiful attention to detail and your figures always look so spot on. Regards, Karen
  3. What a beautiful build… Gorgeous lines and magnificent paintwork Another stunning piece. Regards, Karen
  4. Well ...your model has beautiful lines and very realistic paintwork. Congrats to you. Regards, Karen
  5. I think your model is fabulous it really looks really realistic And your paintwork is spot on and nicely done. Congrats and good work here. All the best, Karen
  6. A beautiful specimen… Great work Ro...:-) Your airbrush work...your attention to detail ...everything looks so good here... Congrats to you my dear friend. Regards, Kay
  7. Really exceptional work. Regards, Karen
  8. Great work Really nice finish and attention to detail. Karen
  9. oops...yes I did send you the wrong photo sorry about that. Your build does look dapper though Congrats.
  10. I like sport cars and race cars too. Looks really great. Congrats to you. Karen
  11. I really like your Routemaster. It looks really Great. Here is a linky https://www.facebook.com/coffeenmotion#!/photo.php?fbid=362838930424522&set=a.141708265870924.21749.117132328328518&type=1&theater from my favorite local coffee hub with an imported Routemaster. You do have such a great eye for details. Congrats to you. Cheers. Karen
  12. Hey Mac, Stunning, Beautiful, Gorgeous and Insane. You have such craftmanship with detail. Your Lotus 49 is a true masterpiece. Congrats to you. All the best, Karen
  13. Hey Oz! Great work on your Panther. Welcome to the forums. I especially like your color scheme. Congrats.
  14. Stunning builds as I agree with Luis. I remember this Airfix Spit IX from my stash several years ago. Although, I didn't paint mine in the traditional color scheme. Congrats. Thank you for sharing and for all of the memories. Karen
  15. Hi Pip, Wow that is Stunning !! Great work. Nice lines and paintwork too. Congrats to you. Karen
  16. Looks real good. I like your paintwork. Congrats to you. Karen
  17. Looks Stunning. Thank you for sharing. Karen
  18. Belle

    Ilan's 2012

    Outstanding Builds. Congrats to you. Karen
  19. Outstanding Vitor!!! Every build is beautiful. You always do such stunning work. Happy New Year 2013. All the Best, Karen
  20. Great looking Panzer with wonderful figures. Congrats to you. Karen
  21. Your build looks massive. I like all of your attention to detail. Great work again. Karen
  22. Stunning example Rather lovely paintwork and spot on weathering. Congrats to you. Karen
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