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  1. £69....... ??? I take it for the price, Z.M has made a typing error and the F-4 they are shipping is indeed a 1/32 kit.... If not, and no matter how good, sweet, cousy this model may be, there is no reason whatsoever to look beyond the Academy kit. Hell you can make the Hasegawa kit a totall knocker with a.m parts for way less than £69,, The price policy at Z.M is totally ridiculous.... I will continue placing my cash in South Korea... And Showtime 100 again.... The creativity of choosing scheme(s) sure was not on any priority list..
  2. I first thought you were on Tamiya's payroll but they would never be that stupid hiring you to demoralize the competition....... The intake trunks are not a right angle to the ground.... You have drawn a straight line in 2d..... Do the math....
  3. So how will you then take care of each thin silver frame around each single window if you skip out on decals ?
  4. Some stores have received the Viggen already. https://scontent-a-ams.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xfa1/v/t1.0-9/10703878_871738659502906_614257121327675273_n.jpg?oh=74cd2458f78535c61ff4d1812d51dbb9&oe=54EFE4E9
  5. Yeah, I´m sure it´ll be a blockbuster selling in tens of thousands.. Especially as modelers have gotten used to, fed up with Airfix new nice recent releases and are longing for raised panel-lines, rivets the size of teacups and molded-whole-engines-in the cowling....... Matt
  6. While we´re on Airfix new beauiful bombers..... Very nice to see these long overdue RAF heavies seeing their well deserved light of the day.. However: The Airfix announced Halifax Mk.III in autumn.... Is it the case that it´s NOT a new/re-tooled kit, but the old best-forgotten 60´s kit ? If yes, What´s the point ? I hope I´m wrong but this is what I heard. reg Matt
  7. £6 for a canopy !! For that price there´s got to be die-cut masks included..right ?
  8. Why aren´t there decals included anymore with the Monograph releases ?? Same price apparently, and even more expensive than previously, but no decals since long... Latest Monograph 49-54, NO DECALS Thanks Matt
  9. KITTYHAWK shoot themselves in the foot, yet again. Some time after K.H released the Jas-39 Gripen and word spread that the fit of the kit was bad to terrible here and there in the build, I wrote an e-mail to KittyHawk. I wanted to know how they justified their overpriced products in comparison to what the customer can expect and what one actually gets. I listed a number of gross errors and referred to known parts and places in various kits that have very poor fit. I mentioned Airfix, Revell etc and some of their good affordable recent kits. The reply I got back from them was very interesting.
  10. Awesome... really really nice. Care to comment about the quality of the kit ? Booby traps anywhere along in the buid ? `reg Matt
  11. Well... Which kit is it then ? Like your work. Nice.. .Very striking in red / nmf, them Tojos I take it 1/48 ? reg Matt
  12. HI, And I mean the seems inside the engine cowlings... Although an outer ring is there, there will be top/bottom seems running to the fan as part of the duct is in both engine halves... I have seen flawless intakes on these kits and I have seen ones where not tendeded to, ugly as they are starring you right in the face. As some painting is needed prior to assembly fans etc etc, I don´t see an easy solution .. I wouldn´t want to go in there trying to sand flush with half the inside painted. Is sawing a complete glued engine in half just infront of the fan, work on the seems and glue back
  13. I hope K-Hawk got their things together once and for all now with this kit. So far they have impressed next to nothing in terms of quality, severe illfitting parts and research in relation to what they are charching broke modellers.. The Jas 39 and Foxbat are sad examples with pricetags where one has the true right to demand a better fit of the parts. So far they've failed to do the homework. Cudos to them though that they actually take their time to reply back when e-mailed.
  14. I see the thread isn´t the freshest but I´ll give it a shot and see if someone has experienced what I´m after. For me the most important question would be: How much does the Aqua Gloss knock back the sheen and shine of NMF and silver finishes ? We all know Kleer puts the shine back a couple of steps over Alclad II... Wasn´t this product developed to maintain the same or a closer level of the shine as an uncoated Alclad II NMF sprayed area ? Would appretiate to hear if anyone has done this comparison. Thanks Matt
  15. Dead quiet about this release... Anyone have any info and who´s got the red courtesy phone to Xuntong anyway ? Waiting .......... reg Matt
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