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  1. Leaf blowers. Are they the most pointless, noisy, expensive pieces of outdoor machinery ever devised? "Let's blow some leaves around the garden. They'll land here and then get blown back by the wind to where they were. Meanwhile look at me with my big, noisy phallic extension. It's cool."
  2. Check your aircraft recognition. You may find it was a Bandeirante rather than a Jetstream.
  3. I think it is fair to say that any C-130H kit can be made into an early C. Mk.1 without too much difficulty. A C-130K does not have to be a separate kit, though the IFR probe and wingtip ECM pods would be a pleasant addition to the parts total.
  4. In the latter years of the Cold War most squadron markings were self adhesive and would have been peeled off. Code letters would probably have remained.
  5. When you see how much it costs to have a pitch at SMW you may understand why.
  6. I went to Filton last year and this was the review I left on their Facebook page. I had to write as I saw.
  7. I suspect -if it is indeed real and not a hoax- that it is an honest mistake and the person who did so is feeling pretty bad about it. They will likely be on the wrong end of a little chat with their line manager at the very least, so perhaps we can balance the fanboy glee with the thought that somebody is probably having a very bad evening thinking about tomorrow when they arrive for work. If, on the other hand, it is a hoax, then they certainly do deserve a medal, and I would be first in the queue to pin it on their tail (633 Squadron fans will understand the reference).
  8. I know that I have always said that the Hunter looks good in anything, but HHA are doing their best to push it to the limit. The ATAC ones are the mutt's nuts, in my opinion: https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/9089890
  9. I would agree also. Furthermore, how many of these types mentioned do you see on display at model shows?
  10. Is there anyone among us who thinks for one second that our respective other halves actually still believe our raffle prize stories? Indeed, did they ever believe us?
  11. The Fleet Air Arm had two basic colour schemes (EDSG/sky and EDSG/white) with a variety of colourful squadron markings and Suez variations, and there were also the green/white Admiral's Barges, black FRU aircraft and the all-red aerobatic team colours. Not too shabby, and no worse than the Gnat, and that's before you look at overseas users.
  12. FOR SALE: Two unopened crates of champagne. Contact the All Blacks, New Zealand. Even Leicester City scored more than New Zealand.
  13. Doctor Doolittle, if you are reading this, could you pop round to my house and tell my neighbour's dog to shut up?
  14. Absolutely. Airfix has run full page adverts in the likes of the BBC History Magazine and even the Radio Times at various times. They aim themselves as much at the casual buyer as the likes of us, hence I have seen their starter sets in Waterstones and Tesco among others. Why else do they produce starter sets and gift sets?
  15. Airfix did LIDAR an operational Sea King HC.4 at RNAS Yeovilton.
  16. Wonder if they might do the version with the radar aerials. The RAF flew one for evaluation after the war.
  17. Indeed. Roy Chadwick's heavies... what you might call the Trigger's broom of the aviation world.
  18. So if you don't have a particular subscription then too bad. Wait forever for the DVD.
  19. Gosh, I remember seeing this one parked out in the open at Rochester in summer 1988 in its Thunderbirds colours.
  20. ZP801 ZP802 ZP803 etc All logic has gone out of the system, that's for sure. On the subject of aircraft produced for overseas nations, they are allocated military serials to facilitate flight testing in the UK. Similarly, a number of ex-DHFS Squirrels and Griffins are in use at Newquay with Cobham Flight Academy for training overseas military helicopter crew. Owned by Cobham, they retain military serials to allow them to undertake flight profiles civilian helicopters cannot.
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