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  1. The DHFS do not operate the Griffin or Squirrel any more and haven't for over two years they ate an independent company and nothing to do with the MOD.
  2. Hi All In the early 1960's BOAC & BEA used the runway at RAF Manson which at that time for circuit training with Viscounts, Vanguards, VC10 and Tridents. Manston was at that time also used as a master diversion's and emergency landing's and had runway foam laying equipment for both Military and Civil use for undercarriage malfunctions, Geoff Arnold
  3. On the new Hasagawa kit No 2306 of the F35b the side profile shows the weapon.s fitted to the wing,s and a centre line pod. Can anybody tell me what it is ( Buddy pod or Recce pod ) as I have not seen this before. Thx Geoff Arnold
  4. Hi Viscount There is a difference in the two colours the best golden yellow I have come across is from a company Called RAIL MATCH and is called Warning Panel Yellow and is the same colour match to BS381c 356 and is the colour spec that was used on all RAF Rescue Helicopters. Geoff Arnold World Helicopter SIG Leader IPMS
  5. Hi All Twenty five years or so (when I worked in a hobby shop) in the Hasagawa catalogue they pictured some of there love liner with British Airways colour scheme and BA threaten legal action against Hasagawa as they had the copyright on the colour scheme. this is the probable reason that only Japanese colours are made.
  6. Hi Peter Have a look through www.raf.in.combat you will see two photos of 789 one of them in camouflage green top surface it was relegated to a decoy aircraft after retirement after WFU. Geoff Arnold
  7. The B/W photo of the of the Hunter with the crushed nose could also belong to 43 (Fighting Cocks) Squadron as the background it could have been photo taken in either Aden / Libya as 43 served in the desert. Geoff Arnold
  8. As I own a copy of the Putnam's Gloster Aircraft since 1911 published in 1987 by Derick N James (ISBN 085118070) and in his text he states that the fuselage length was for the NF 11/13 48ft 6in NF 12 49ft 11in and NF 14 51ft 4in As this is a published account of the history of Gloster aircraft I would say that the book and Derick's are correct
  9. Hi all For anyone that wants to build this SB17G it is available in 72nd scale by Academy.
  10. Hi All May I make a point about the first two photo's the Shackleton is a mark 3 as it has a nose wheel undercarriage leg and in the second photo has wig tip tanks
  11. Hi Everyone Just to correct Kev's quote above, The Hunters were all in the Camo when they arrived at 4 FTS and paint during there next scheduled maintenance at Valley and all of them were painted in the then currant training colours of Post Office Red and Light Aircraft Gray not Aluminium and White. At this time, I was working in the next hangar to them at Valley attached to CFS(H) detachment in 1971/2 the spray bay was in the corner of the CFS(H) hangar.
  12. Hi Pete Thank you Pete I have found the decals on Fantasy Printshop site and will order them tomorrow. Thx again Geoff Arnold
  13. Hi Can any member of the forum Help me find a set of 72nd scale decals (any manufacture) in full colour help me. I'm trying to find a full colour set of decals for VA 34 Blue Blasters A6e Intruder when embarked on the USS John F Kennedy in the late seventies. Geoff Arnold
  14. Hi All Has anyone out their got any information about the release date for this model. I have tried contacting Kinetic to inquire through the email address but have not had no reply. Has Kinetic ceased trading as all I get from the web page is site unavailable. Geoff Arnold
  15. In message #4, Graham Boak stated the two books published by Harleyfords were written by Bruce Robertson Not Peter Lewis the titles were Aircraft Camouflage and Markings 1907-1954 ISBN-0-9168-6355-5 This book contains colour plates of fighter bars and squadron crests in black and white as well as colour plates of national markings Aircraft Markings of the World 1912-1967 no ISBN number in the book but this book has a US Library of Congress No 67-27310 both of these book contain a lot of information in black and white and colour. Geoff Arno
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